Get Publicity That Works Like Magic -My Interview With Million Dollar Mindset Coach Marla Tabaka

“Publicity Hidden Secrets: How to Get Publicity That Works Like Magic for Your Business and Will Make You A Celebrity In Your Own Community!”

“A terrible thing happens with no publicity. Nothing.”
PT Barnum

Dear friend

Are you ready to discover the world of PR and get your name in the publicity spotlight?

I am not a PR guru and do not want to be one! All I have what I learned and applied to my business. I can share what my clients experienced. Nothing magic. No special flavors. All I have  is the simple formula for creating a publicity plan that brings results and is ready to bring you publicity tips, advice and PR services so you will gain raving fans for your business and create smokinhot publicity!

The publicity secret strategies can help you to tap into the markets you never thought possible and establish your online credibility – fast!

I believe that times have changed and business owners today use small communities and networks to make connections and build relationships.  As you know, relationships are the main thing for the big dawgs in the world of PR and marketing.  Without the right connections you will not be able to connect to media. It is a fact. Also if your goal is to get booked on TV shows, be publicized in the top magazines and constantly get the best PR you have two choices: hire a publicist or do yourself. Either way, relationships built on trust are the key. What is your relationship with media like?

Your journey to become well-known or famous does not need to be complicated. It starts with a very simple formula that can stir up interest and bring more attention to YOU.

On today’s show, The Million Dollar Mindset  Coach Marla Tabaka will be interviewing me at 1 PM CST 2 pm EST on the topic “Get The Publicity That Works Like Magic” is going to share few tips to help you to become clear how to start your smokin’ hot publicity campaigns.

Listen to The Million Dollar Mindset today and you will discover…

1. Who you are
2. What you do and whether or not you really love what you do
3. Why it is important to be a consumer first and a business owner second
4. How publicity can help you to grow your business
5. The mistakes many entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them
6. The common PR trap
7. Simple steps to start your publicity campaign and the importance of the 90 day plan!
8. How to have the right mindset to PR success…You will be surprised!

See you on the call…Listen in!!! Invite friends over! Love to have you in our circles!

Listen online on Million Dollar Mindset Live Internet Radio Show with my host Marla Tabaka today!

Have a fabulous day!

Tatyana Gann and Marla Tabaka

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