Why I decided to partner with Empower Network after I resisted this thing for a year…especially on 12/12/12


Tatyana is back…and it is December 12, 2012.

They say 12.12.12 it is a day of change and new beginnings. What we feel today will set the right mood for the rest of December and 2013. We can set our mood to feel more gratitude, attract more abundance, more love and more joy into our lives and empower lives of people around us.

Yes, I am filled with gratitude today…for everyone in my life. All life lessons, people I met and people who blessed my life, my children, my special friends, my loved ones and my true friends. As I feel gratitude more and more every day I see new doors opened! My faith has increased because of small steps I took.

Life can throw many surprises and you find yourself asking “What do I really want from my life NOW and in the next 90 days that can SIMPLIFY my life to focus on my family and finally finding time to be with them?”

First, I wanted CHANGE. I did not want glamorous solutions and rah rah stuff that polluted everyone’s mind. I wanted simple life, where I could focus on my priorities- my kids, my precious boys. Was I resisting doing EN thing? Yes…I did…until I heard David Wood video and I got goose bumps…

As I was sitting on the sofa one Sunday afternoon and listening to his message I realized I wanted CHANGE . But it was more than that…I knew I had a way to share with you a real business solution: from creating more profits to increasing YOUR budget, while learning marketing and biz skills from people who have created success!

Learn more about EN solution:

This simple solution was in front of me for over a year but I allowed many people influence my decision.  The reason I am telling you this story is to encourage you to simplify your life and focus on what matters most to you today! You  have NOW, this moment to make a change.. Do not wait until all gets perfect. There will always be something that keeps you busy…or distracted.

I am grateful to a friend and biz partner Alex said to me few times,“ Tatyana, do it for your kids !” When I heard the words “your kids” I knew I had to make a change.  I had to change my mindset and accept the fact I had something that worked!  I could not believe that something could be so simple and I am sure you probably wonder too.

I saw it was a real business system which incorporated all the elements of a successful business without adding extra stress! Let me tell you….I know a lot of about stressful work and admire people who can handle it…But do we really need a stressful career? That is the question. One day I learned my profession of a public relations professional was one of the most stressful jobs in the world…With EN I can eliminate a lot of stress related to running a business and create more time freedom.

Are you ready to let go of what causes you stress?

How often do we believe that it must be complicated in order to work? We let our ego speak very loud in our head and we think it is not going to work and we create a mental block. But we can change it all and create a new picture in our mind of what we really want in life. In the end of the day it is all about our family, kids and peace of mind that we receive from knowing prosperity is everywhere. Solutions are available. We must be open to receive and take action.

Are you ready to receive a simple way to improve life? Are you tired of spinning the wheels?

Secondly, Empower Network platform allows me to express my writing talent. As I am finishing my book and will be sharing my journey to America 18 years ago…all life lessons, all trials and great joys…I believed that I could empower YOU to find courage and move forward in life. I want you to believe that your life is only going to better and I believe you will experience increase if you focus on what matters most to you!

Would be cool if….you could share your life lessons, stories and passions to make a change in someone’s life?

The best part about EN…You can start for only $25

Join now.

Start NOW.

Talk to me…


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