Do you remember your first date?

How would you like to know the little secret to creating successful Facebook relationships with your friends and turn fans into loyal customers?”

A couple of days ago I was in the Pottery Barn store and I stopped by to check out new office accessories. A young lady was looking at the same chair and we started talking about it, its quality and how fun it would be to have one in the office. We discovered that we were both moms, business owners and our conversation lasted almost an hour. We really connected from the first time we opened our mouth.

Monica asked me what I did for living. I said,” I teach how to combine public relations, social media and bring you more online publicity, new connections and new buyers”.  She looked at me with a little bit of surprise and curiosity and said, “Do you use Facebook and how do you find clients with Facebook?” She also mentioned she did not want to start selling products from her gift shop to her Facebook friends. She was afraid to sound like a salesman.

How often do you feel this way? We start a business, we have products to sell, we create Facebook profile or a Facebook fan page, but we forget how to connect with our first customers.  We think we need to do something extraordinary to be successful. We hire the best expensive web designers, put fancy colors, widgets and then feel stuck. We forget to go back and learn about people!

What I discovered the store owner was a brilliant business woman. She was already using social media strategies in her store without using Facebook but we were able to see the power of Facebook marketing for her business to bring current clients and create the loyal customers community who will pay the premium price.

I asked her one FINAL question to help her to understand the power of social media: if she remembered her first date. She started laughing… I am sure it brought memories. I told her it worked the same  way on Facebook. You learn to connect with people first and show them how unique your service is to them! You find everything about THEM by being real and genuine.

(myself and my husband in San Diego, dating still, 14 years into our marriage)

Dating can teach you a lot about building Facebook relationships. Pay very close attention.

In my video above I am sharing Facebook marketing tips and mistakes people make on Facebook and Twitter.  I hope it can bring some clarity on how to become the best connector by using powerful social media and PR strategies that are simple, proven and fun!

Remember PR means PEOPLE RELATIONSHIPS. My friend, the author of the book “Putting People Back into Public Relations”, Deirdre Breakenridge, talks how social media and modern public relationships changed the way companies build business and how relationships with customers is #1 priority. It is a nice resource to help you to understand the world of PR and social media and how perfectly they intertwined.

Have an awesome day!

Tatyana Gann

Founder, PR 2.0 Mentor

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