Creme brulee, your image and your reputation…

Public Relations’ Advantage Over Marketing & Advertising — Image Is Everything

Yes, your reputation and what you represent creates a certain picture in your customer’s mind! Your image must be BEST like a delicious creme brulee your customers will remember and come back to get more. They will rave about it and share with friends, family and the world!  What do you prefer to be compared to – Creme brulee from a five star restaurant or a slice of low quality pie that everyone tried! ?

Advertising is an important part of our business growth but we must incorporate PR to create a safe, solid business.  PR is about people. People talk. People talk good things and bad things.. PR can help you to bring more good news to media and your buyers.

According to a recent research….

  • PR changes how world views you: it can be an incredible change-making business — and it is enjoying a well-deserved growth stage. Companies and people are beginning to recognize that the old way of building consumer or public equity is changing. IBIS World, a media research firm, says PR spending in 2010 was $9.73 billion and forecasts it will increase to $12.82 billion by 2015. The growth is in part due to PR’s ability to participate in a more nimble and flexible way with the new methods by which people consume media, including social media.


  •  Perception: PR is not for big names or celebrities. It is your opportunity to build credibility, reach buyers and get media…it is not an overnight deal.  You will NOT be successful overnight unless you have had success already.
  • PR is your authority builder not a money sucker.

Modern PR can help your brands innovate, market, and message well. My goal is to demonstrate that PR is for everyone. It helps entrepreneurs earn more, small brands become household names, Fortune 500 companies preserve and grow their positions  and personalities and politicians maintain and increase their credibility and relevance.

It helps all of the above rapidly increase YOUR brand value. If you have a great idea, product, or service, PR can do a lot to cut through the noise and let the world know you exist and you are ready to be known.

When you talk about your business what YOU say matters…Let’s talk about creating your mini presentation to give you best image:

  • Must Be Interesting, Short
  • Convince Your Readers, Listeners Why They Cannot Do Without Your Product
  • Show How Unique Your Product Is Comparing To Similar Products In The Market
  •  Think About What Makes Your Product Memorable
  •  What Is Special About You They Must Know. Build WOW factor.
  • Your Life Lessons Can Be A Great Part of Your Sound Bites (especially in Weight Loss Arena or Personal Growth as life coach)
  • Think what makes people get attracted to you and what questions they ask when they see you. It can be answer to your sound bite.
  •   Sound bites are important for media interviews
  • Write words that are bringing solutions not bragging Avoid amazing, fabulous, awesome in your PR pitch…too tacky.
  • You must speak it in 30 seconds after you wrote it.
  • Create few versions depending what media outlet you plan to approach..Remember media folks have A.D.D..


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