Nashville Artist and Owner of O’Gallery Brings New Vibe To Nashville…

Nashville art is evolving thanks to trendsetters like my dear friend Olga Alexeeva, an amazing artist, an inspiration to Nashville business owners and a powerful female entrepreneur who built an incredible reputation in her business circles. I love to give a good publicity to biz owners through stories and her story is truly remarkable.  I believe every story we tell can bring light, inspiration and awareness of our OWN potential. People like Olga inspire me. Her dedication to change her life and bring joy to people through art is really magnificent.

She is a woman of action, commitment and integrity. Her  art is unique and nobody is like her. She stands out in the crowd of other artists because of her views on life.  Her wisdom is remarkable and her talent to paint is an example of what we can do..

Her work reflects her cry for beauty, her desire to nurture the eye, challenge the intellect, and provoke the subconscious…perhaps her stage background telling us stories.
“Color and forms were always in my life – on the stage, where I spent 13 years as a professional actress, or at home – I always felt mysterious meaning of shadows and movement of a body, strange order of average things around me. I had to follow the summon of nature to express and reflect. It excites me to pull colors together and create another entity. Now I live it and love it.
Nobody becomes an artist unless they have to.’ So, my ‘have to’ is now a reality and is available for you to experience. You are invited to visit my expressions on canvas and share my joy of co-creating. Reality is not only what we see, it’s also what we imagine. I invite the viewer to a Wonderland, where everything is possible.” – Olga Alexeeva

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