Limitless Living Mastery: One Simple Tip In Achieving Your Goals

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Today I am giving you one simple tip that will create a shift and help you achieve goals and overcome challenges. It is called  the power of imagination.

The beautiful thing happen when your desire is aligned with your belief about yourself. All big goals start with a mental image. However you might have a big desire but you see yourself unable to achieve your goals because of your deep beliefs. According to Emile Coue, a french psychologist who referred to this as the law of reverse effect. “When your desires and imagination are in conflict your imagination gains the day

For example…”I will use my will power overcome the struggles and failures” you are reinforcing the failure and that only by willpower you can believe you can overcome it. You are showing you are powerless.

How many times have you set your goals and then nothing happened? You might have done everything you were supposed to do, but something has prevented you from achieving them. Quite often it is the power of our mind.  You are what you perceive and imagine yourself to be.

First, mental effort leads to your self-defeat and creates the opposite of what you desire.  The problem is you are trying TOO hard and that is where you are making a mistake.

Secondly, you are imagining the opposite which is the failure. Your focus is on obstacles and no longer on the ways to achieve or how you will feel once achieve your goals. In order to achieve something, the mental image of what you want should be aligned with your desire…If your mental image is filled with fear, obstacles, doubts your desire is not enough. Mental image builds the bridge and creates an agreement between your desire and imagination.

I hope it helps you in achieving your goals in life. If you liked you have read so far, make sure book ZERO cost Limitless Living Session today and I will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.

Love Coach Tatyana

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