The Ladies’ Guide to Becoming An Unstoppable Female CEO…

One Friday night while staying at the hotel on my business trip,  I decided to watch a movie called “New In Town” with Renée Zellweger . In the movie, she was assigned to be a manager at a small city plant in Minnesota.  She was a very proper and classy lady who found herself in the middle of nowhere.   Her life and business would completely change in few short hours. She had to adjust  to a very provincial lifestyle… She was a city girl who learned to live in the country environment.

As I was watching this  movie, she reminded me of myself and how I found myself in the very small town in West TN at the age if 19.

The movie was very slow, but it brought great points about my personal life, my career and some understanding of what it REALLY took to start my own company, to become a woman – CEO in this business world ruled by men.

Let me ask you a question, “What does it take to be  the best female CEO? What mindset do we need to have to become the best we can be in our business?”

Here are top 10 things women should think about:

1.       Acceptance of who you are NOW.

You do not need to wait for years to make everything perfect in your life. The perfection is not up to you and will exhaust you!

2.        Your ability to adjust.

Women are talented at multitasking and they can adjust to changes in their business and their amily life.

3.        Women learn and try new things and see the beauty in the most simple things.

I believe we can create luxury moments in life without waiting for them to happen. I often buy flowers whenever I want and they do not have to cost a fortune! Today I stopped and got beautiful roses for less than 5 dollars a bouquet. Luxury lifestyle is not always expensive and simple things create this lifestyle!

4.       Being a boss.

Women can have role of a boss, be taken seriously and they do not have to perceived as “a B- word boss”.  The movie “The Proposal” comes to my mind when I think about a woman being a boss. She was portrayed as a selfish,  unkind, uncaring woman with  no emotions. But in reality women can be better CEOs because of their nurturing personality.

5.       Bravery.

Women have courage to take new tasks. They are accountable and loyal.

6.       Creativity and innovation.

Women get inspired by new ideas and take an immediate action.

7.       Taking a risk

Women are risk takers.  Are you willing to take a risk when you do not know outcome? Do you expect your success  to happen when things seem very dim?

8.       Understanding people.

Are you interested in mastering human relationships? Do you have patience to listen and learn about others?

9.       Believing in others and yourself.

Can you motivate yourself and others to see the best in them? Start focusing on yourself. Trust me…Without loving yourself and knowing what you want and believing in yourself you cannot totally and completely believe in others. Honor yourself and then you can honor other people skills and talents! You will see them more clear because you know who you are FINALLY!

10.   Enjoying what you do. 

Do your daily choices bring joy into your life? Do you consider your daily actions serving your highest purpose?

What I loved the most about the movie was the fact that women could do a lot of things. They could be trusted in the business world run by macho men. They can make great decisions. Women have patience.

One thing…to remember that women should not try to change themselves and try to be and act like men.   When they start doing it, they loose the essence of who they are, being a WOWman.  Women are born to create harmony, love and beauty at home and in the workplace. They can create and must have the financial abundance. Who says women should be only stay at home moms or leave their ambition in the walking closet! Women have the guts and they should use it!

God shows NO favoritism …So…you get the point!

I want to end my story with an amazing quote:  “Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity.” Mohandas Gandhi

If you are ready to work with me, grab your business consulting package TODAY and I look forward to serving you and your vision!

Have a great weekend!


Tatyana Gann

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2 thoughts on “The Ladies’ Guide to Becoming An Unstoppable Female CEO…

  1. Loved ALL 10 points Tatyana…

    But Numero Uno is my favorite!

    Not only do I accept myself for who I am NOW…

    I practice daily living in the NOW!

    Powerful… simply POWERFUL!

    See you around Russia:) xoxo

  2. WOW-man – I love this!!!!

    You essense is revealed in your writing and I see a beautiful, graceful woman that knows herself and has come through many experiences to get to where you are now – you have been OPEN to changes and you have even embraced them.

    You make amazing points about being in the business world – I own 2 companies and one of the companies I started 15 years ago with not even a dime – working strictly commission and trusting in GOD that HE had the perfect plan for me – never lost sleep when I didn’t collect a paycheck for over 6 months – trusting and trusting HIM some more – My faith kept me afloat.

    Thank you for your words of encouragement to so many,

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