What if Facebook had a Dislike Button… would it matter? Part 1

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“Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.”  Abraham Lincoln

What if Facebook had a Dislike Button… would it matter?

What does it matter to you? Does it REALLY matter? I am talking about our reputation, our publicity…What do we care about the most?  Being Enchanting or simply being honest?

Recognition…How important is it to us? What does it matter? How can we get more recognition for what we do and build our name in the world where every brand is striving to be known and talked about. In a brand new book entitled, ” Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions”, author Guy Kawasaki talks about being enchanting, nice, authentic and REAL.

After I read this book I saw what the true purpose of a business should be…It is not being TOUGH and CRUEL. It is about being enchantic, nice and dimplomatic that brings recogntion!

Personally, I believe in having class, being humble and gentle with people, but also being soft spoken, with a serving heart.

How did it affect you when Facebook introduced the “like button” to help make blog posts more noticeable? Or better still, how were you affected when they replaced “become a fan” with “Like A Page”?

  • How did you view yourself?
  • Did it feel like a kick in the booty?
  • Did it affect your pride?
  • What difference did it make in the way you present yourself within social media circles?

For a lot of business owners, it became motivation to show off. I mean in a good way. They were encouraged to bring better content and more helpful information that could serve the audience. It finally became about giving, serving, entertaining and caring.

I think a “like” or a “dislike” button builds awareness  of who we are today and how our audience views us.  It makes us think twice before we post content or express ourselves.  Our thoughts can control our tongue. The Tongue can sometimes be like fire, causing negative publicity for our business or it can be the fire that warms people hearts, opening them up!  You can truly create Smokin’ Hot PR for your business!!

It does not mean we should do everything to please others, but being professional is going to make a difference in how we are perceived. Being enchanting, being polite. But imagine…what if we did have “dislike” button on Facebook… how would it affect your business? I just imagine that a scarcity mindset would kick in for some folks and they would act out of fear!!!

Facebook truly is about bringing positive publicity to people and their businesses, while providing you a chance to prove it! It is about your reputation! Thank goodness there is no “dislike button”! We would have a lot of critics snooping around and disliking what we do… a lot of friends would become our judges… and they would become our “enemies” not friends!

Are you ready for Facebook to give you recognition and build your business? Treat yourself as a business owner and VALUE yourself! Then, and only then will Facebook provide you with all you need: the right connections, the right presence. If you want to portray yourself as a serious business owner, avoid games like “Mafia Wars”, “Farmville”, etc. Of course be yourself, but know the boundaries. Be respectable by respecting others. Then you will never have to fear being “disliked”, because you will follow your true calling! When you love what you do, you learn to show it to people around you, creating a true following while being recognized in your own circles!

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Tatyana Gann

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