Get Seen In The Media: Top 10 Creative Publicity Strategies For StartUp Companies.


From the desk of Tatyana Gann

Nashville TN

I want to congratulate on your brand new company. It is a great start.  I know you have put a lot of hours, product development, web design and your marketing plans. You are NOW ready to spread the word about your company. But…You still are not quite sure where and how to start your public relations campaign. You have many ideas and do not know which ones to do first especially as a brand new startup.

Sad news some startups still expect that somebody will tell about them.

NOPE. It does not happen this way.

You can ask me now, “Tatyana, what does it take to get best media coverage for startups? ” My answer is you must do everything in your power to get heard, be seen and talked about. You must be the center of attention and your goal is to be in the spotlight from Day 1 of your online presence. It is your reputation we are talking about here. I will be sharing you the tips today that I give to my clients during my strategy sessions and it is up to you if you apply them right way or not. PR success is in your hands.  I do not chase my clients trying to explain them why they need PR.  They know it is their “online insurance”. It is what will give me leverage and more media coverage in the long term. They know it is not an overnight deal. I lead with a quote “Rome was not built in one day”.  Then do not think PR will make you famous in one day either!

Honest enough? Well good. I am a drill officer, a PR doctor, your coach whatever you can call me, but I will be upfront and honest with you because I am frustrated to see people suffer from the lack of PR  knowledge . They spend thousands of dollars on ads that bring them squat publicity. They sell, pitch without a personal story. Nothing. Amateur ways are gone my friends. Time to stand out and be professional in everything you do.

That is why I put together a list of proven public relations strategies for any start up company

1.  First write 3 press releases.

a. about your product- how your product can help your customers achieve their goals. Bring solutions to your  ideal readers.

b. about you as the expert- share your business  lessons and what you can do to help your clients with youAr new company

c. events such as FREE training, free event to spread the news

2. Submit press releases

Easiest ways to share them on,,,

Paid version of press release submission will give you more media coverage of course and better for SEO.

3.  Focus on media inquiries

Contributing writers, journalists are seeking the content.  Sign up with HARO. They will send you inquiry about the topics they are writing and if your product story is a match then win win for all!

4. Build relationships with established companies leaders

Form solid business partnerships because it is very important. They will give you access to their press coverage. I am sure you  have business connections that can take your business to a new level. I recommend to sit down with your publicist and create a PR plan how to make it work. Show your partners how it will benefit their clients.  Once you do that successfully you can have media coverage. It takes time but it is worthy!  Show them your intentions to establish long term presence and that you are here to build profitable relationships.

5. Be personal with your media contacts

Get on a phone. Call them. Build relationships in social media. attend local events. I often attend Chamber of commerce lunches, networking mixers. It is fun and I get to know local media and other entrepreneurs. Plus it feels good to get  out and meet like minded people.  Hint. Let them talk and say what they want from you..

6.  Charity events

Be a part of charity events. Participate in fundraisers, benefit dinners and show your support in the community. Talk about it in your social media circles. I have attended many events to support local and even international organizations. Often you might find if any celebrities are involved and what they plan to do. It is all about paying it forward! PS. then you can write a short story and send to your local media outlets.

7.  Speak. Speak.

Becoming a speaker is a journey but you can participate in workshops. Check they will send you quotes for speaking gigs.

Always keep in mind one thing- you are here to help your customers achieve their goals! Share your failures, share your life lessons and what you did to start your company.  Sharing is caring.

8. Local communities.

It is a great way to see what publications are writing about. I recommend to check your local communities sites

Find them on Instagram and Twitter. I love Instagram because I can send them a personal message.

If you think your clients could benefit from free publicity and be seen in the media I have a creative PR strategy that can give them FREE press release and free submission to TOP media networks.

Also connect with me today and I can show you how you can get your press release distributed for free to over 230 sites that include media networks, syndicated sites and much more and have media log that says SEEN ON….FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and etc.


Schedule 30 min call with me today.

Have an awesome week!


Your Coach Tatyana Gann


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