12 Things You Can Write In Your Newsletter

Do you feel  lost, exhausted and have a creative block? ….Or may be even worse- asleep while thinking of all types of content you could write about?  I have spent many nights in my kitchen writing and putting all ideas down on the paper or in a note pad.  I would stay up very late and with a dear friend called COFFEE and I would research the hottest topics and what people were  complaining about.. ( PS ..shhh that is my husband totally asleep after he exhausted all his creative juices LOL)

Let’s talk about your business and what you can do to write a good interesting content:

If you have a service based business:

Be an expert in your reader’s eyes so they see they need your service

Everything you know about your topic makes your expert especially you lived it.

If you have a product based business:

Share highlights of your products. Share the simple how to tips and success stories. If you sell essential oils give tips on holistic living, personal growth and spiritual awareness.

If you market anti-aging skin care products give tips on how to choose the right skin care . It can be  educational videos or press releases with case studies and tips on  how to find the best skin care …

If you are selling a business opportunity:

Give success stories of people who worked this business, tips on getting started in any business and how to work the leads. In my new business project with Nerium International we constantly share success stories and show what people did to achieve that. It empowers them to make a move and reach out to you.

Now….your next step…

Write 10 bullet points at least so we can get your content arranged.

  1. Focus on the content to educate, entertain and serve THEM
  2. Use your expertise as the foundation for all your blog posts or videos.
  3. Share great stuff. Do not be stingy.
  4. Your magazine is not your text book or  manual but more of tips they can do themselves and then get to you for more coaching or consulting or buying your products

Remember three things

  • Some readers will love your ideas and share
  • Some readers will apply them
  • Some will do all above and then come to get your products

What should YOU write about?

  1. Share updates with them. What is newsworthy? That is why writing a little press story to sell your products will be better especially if it is a new product  or special sale
  2. Think of three areas you will would love clients to see you as a resourse
  3. Read industry publications to know and share ideas, opinions.
  4. In building your OWN brand leverage other people success, contribute, give opinion. They have started somewhere…Still you are the SOURCE.Always ask how you can help them and what they want to learn, what problems they want to solve. Use the answers for your content in blog, videos, even images and press releases.
  5. Write down 8 questions customers or clients asked in the past
  6. Offer top 5 or 10 tips on a subject of your choice
  7. Share real life examples. They work and add them to your newsletters
  8. If you go to conferences, events and workshops share what you learned and how it can help THEM.
  9. Invite authors – guests. Start with 3 to 5 ( even well known)
  10. Write three experts you would love to interview this fall.
  11. Share books, resources and write reviews
  12. Create rolodex of resources ( even affiliate links)


Look forward to serving you

Tatyana Gann



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