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Twitter Apps are almost as fun as tweeting, itself. As new apps are being developed almost daily, it is clear that this micro-blogging platform intends to be here for the long-term. Hence, using Twitter apps that help enhance it is a great way to engage your tweeting friends. It is also a great way to manage your day-to-day busy life.

Its initial use as a short message system has evolved into an all purpose and game-changing platform. Business, lead generation, non-profit, customer service, Twitter has something for everyone.

Here are 5 fun apps for it that you might not have heard of before. Not only are these Twitter Apps engaging, they are useful in managing your busy day- to- day life.

1. ASKch. An incredible healthcare resource, ASKch allows you to send a question about healthcare costs and options in your neighbourhood, and receive an automated response and information link within 60 seconds.

2. Twitter for Busy People. Need to know at a glance what your Tweeting friends are up to? Twitter for Busy People collates their images into sections and lets you hover over them for the latest update.

3. CheapTweet. Almost like a Digg for deals, CheapTweet collates all the best retail offers being tweeted, and allows folks to vote on the best ones so you can save the most.

4. Twitgift. The idea behind Twitgift is incredible. Want to send a gift to a fellow tweeter? Choose a gift and send a tweet to them, and if they accept it gets mailed out to them. You don’t even need to know their address, Twitgift takes care of this.

5. HootCourse. A fabulous idea, HootCourse takes educational tweets and builds online classes around them. Virtual classrooms are created and students and teachers meet to hold informal classes, complete with teaching materials and formats.

Can you imagine adding one or more of these Twitter Apps to your tweeting days. The idea behind them is to engage you in delegating your time just a little bit better. Plus, these are five Twitter apps that might add a bit of spark to your daily tweeting. How about you…do you have any other tweeting apps you’ve found worth sharing? The comments are yours.

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Lets us know what apps you use today that helped your business and we love to bring more helpful resources to you!

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Generate 19 New Leads Every Single Day Using these Twists with Twitter

What can Twitter Peeps learn from dating principles?

I recently posted note on Facebook about this subject and it got a lot of attention and I wanted write a blog post and share with you. I hope you can read and understand the meaning of it and apply to your business and improve your social media presence.  If you have Twitter and Facebook account,  what do you think what Twitter peep  learn from a dating principles.

How to get people to pay attention to you in Social Media and say WOW… even if…you are simply green, brand new and no knowledge and you may have not even uploaded a photo…Just a blank screen… sounds like something you have done before? Well there is a way out and it can actually be fun and simple and you do not need to pay “gurus” thousands of dollars to learn “their” secrets.. The secret is UNDERSTAND WHO YOU ARE and ADORE YOU…Then the right people will flock to you because of YOU and YOUR VALUE to the community..

Hey all I thought to do something fun.. Have you thought about the first date you ever had? Well. I remember the first date and first impression I wanted to make.. I remember how my future husband approached me.. He actually was too shy and invited me on the double date. If you ever had a double date it felt weird. I did not know what to say and what other person thinks of me..The same happens in social media.. We get intimidated by what others think of us.

If you are brand new on Twitter here are first steps you must take:

1. Find someone you really like and respect
Start with people you know in your business, your friends, and your colleagues from your job or any other business organization. If you do not know many people find people you believe you are going to really like and not just consider somewhat cool. There is a difference between being cool and really liking and respecting that individual

2. Take time to get to know them
Make sure to get to know them and see what they like before you ask them questions or for your small favors such as retweeting your posts, leaving comments on your blogs or videos

3. Pop question.
No, we are not talking about getting married right away.. Do you remember when you asked your girlfriend for a date and you so casually popped the question asking to go for a coffee or a movie or invited her to the concert or meet other people. Well same applies here. Do not be afraid to invite your new friends to facebook group, special event or even live event where you can meet face to face and get to know each other more.

4. Take it to the next level
After your first meeting or conversation take it to the next level and try to find more about person by asking more questions and learning more about them and let them ask you questions to get to know you. Remember in dating everyone is like “a marketing package” One thing we must remember is to stay authentic that way that “package” is going to have a true content and not just look good on the outside. It will help to establish a deeper connection.

5. Know your standards
The person will think of you as more attractive if they see that you have standards in your life and your career.  Set your values!

6. Give space to your friends
We all love to have space in our life.. When you ask too many questions or want to be included.
in their circle and you try too hard they can consider you as a stalker.. It is not what you want in your relationships with your potential customers, partners and even just friends.

7. Don’t try to be impressive
You do not have to impress people with all your knowledge. Just you should have the right energy and enthusiasm and be courteous as well. Just from my personal experience sometimes certain things I mentioned or brought to discussion on Twitter or facebook that I did not expect to get attention to actually brought more buzz and more discussion and even hot debates. It was awesome. It was real, authentic and beautiful and a great surprise!

8. Watch your tongue and behavior.
As you know tongue can be constructive or destructive. What you say leaves footprints and people may not say things to your first and tolerate your inappropriate behavior but they will never appreciate it. Best to be polite and respectful.

9. Be Nice and kind!
People notice the kind and nice people. Smile even you engage into conversations. You may think they do not see your smile but they feel it. I even made video about the power of smile in social media and it brings great points about we can use our smile and energy to connect with people.

10. Maintain Relationship.
Don’t just leave that person hanging and hoping you will come back and talk more. Keep relationship with people and stay in touch.. Make sure you compliment them, reassure them that you care about them and express interest in what they do and find new things about them you like most and discuss it with them. It will bring more topics for discussions..

I hope you can see the connection between psychology of dating and relationship building and social media and by understanding it and applying the principles you will be able easily to find great friends and build relationships and create flow of customers and clients for your business

Have a good week.

Tatyana Gann

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Is Twitter Your New Addiction or Just a Cool Friend?

Twitter is becoming  one of the hottest marketing tools  used around the world. It became the hottest online party where everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion, share news, make people laugh and even put together political campaign. Facebook and Twitter are responsible for president campaign, and its success made Twitter even more popular.

Personally for me, Twitter is a crazy and wild online party.  Nobody is left behind. Everyone is involved and has an oppotunity to meet celebrities, politicians, business owners and a little man can compete with a big corporation.

Why is Twitter so successful?  It allows everyone to interact, ask questions and repost favorite quotes or statements. It is a social virtual gathering spot where you can make new friends and connections. It allows anyone to learn from the best of the best in their field, and it gives an opportunity to prove themselves. It is an amazing tool for your personal list building.

Interesting fact that Twitter volume of subscribers tripled in just few months, and it is growing like a sourdour bread on a very fast yeast.

Now, lets talk about how we can generate the best leads for our business using the power of this little monster, Twitter.  The  key is to create as many as followers and follow people back because the volume of followers gives you leverage, more traffic and it is a social proof.

How much does it cost to market on Twitter? ZERO. NOTHING. It is absolutely free targeted advertising method.  Twitter is about influence on people lives, careers, their daily life event.  What we share and say, it can affect the outcome of their day. IF you say something funny, you might have put a smile on someone ‘ s face. If you give a good business tip it might give them idea of what to do. I promote my business blog Immigrant Success Coaching Blog to share with people what I do and how I can help them. My blog is about high income careers and assisting russian immigrants to obtain the freedom they have been hoping for when they came to America.

Twitter is VIRAL. People who love you and care about what you say will repost your comments and share with others. That is why it is so important to build relationships. You must treat twitter as a big birthday party and everyone is having fun and enjoying time and sharing what they do naturally without sales pitches.

Make sure your profile is fun to read. It is not a job application, so make it funny, easy to read and smile. Smile is the best advertising tool that cost nothing.  I often see people without faces who post on twitter. Common, imagine if you came in a mask to a birthday party hiding your face. What would people say? I would be scared to come up to a person in a mask without knowing who they are. Would you? Then stop using silly avatars and start being YOU.

How do you find friends on Twitter?

1. Follow people who follow the influential people you know.

2. Reply to people right way if they said something to you and they are not your friend yet. Follow them back. Establish rapport within minutes. Give something valueable to them to read and think about.

3. Make comment before even clicking follow button. Get to know people first.

4. Use search feature to find people in your niche.

5. Usually afternoon or late evenings after 7 pm are best time to get on twitter and weekends are always the best days to chat and share.

6. Share with people funny stories, news and not much of what your business is about. They will see it in your profile. Interact first then approach if you want to.

7. Do not forget to praise people, compliment them.  How do you feel when someone says to you that you look fabulous in that red dress? I am sure you would feel amazing. We love compliments and naturally we give them back to others. Pay it forward.

8. Questions, Questions and more questions. Ask and you will receive. People love questions. They are hungry for them. Ask and you w ill start conversation… Create dialogs first and make sure when they answer to you reply back to them. Courtesy is the best policy on twitter.

9. Invite friends from other social network. For example, I invite friends from Facebook to follow me on twitter. They love it and it is fun. Very simple.

10. Don’t forget to retweet or repost what others say if you like it and it makes sense to you.  At least try to find out what people do first before you retweet. Read their profile. it is a must if you want long term relationships.

That is all for now. More to come later. We will talk about technical tools to use to make twitter marketing more effective. For now,  enjoy your day. Create twitter account.  Connect with me on Twitter. Love to hear from you. Here is my twitter link :

Best to you

Tatyana Gann


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