Social Media Delicacy: A Simple Secret To Providing The Best Social Media Content

When it comes to delicacy I love to talk about it. I love great food. I love eating. I love great chocolate, good coffee and good cheese. I love to cook and bake… I think I should have been born in Paris France and have my own gourmet store or a restaurant. I love to invite people to my house and treat them right and bring the best food to them… I love to entertain and make my guests feel special…I love to be a hostess and see smiles on people faces and feeling of happiness.. I love to see the result of my cooking and baking and sometimes simply just entertaining.

I am sure you understand where I am going with that. Social Media Marketing is a like a gourmet food store. There are variety of foods and delicacies and some of us come and just take what we need and go home with it. Social media content is our our delicacy. What we put in front of our viewers is what we get back. Do we really put the best out to our viewers and get the feedback so we know what to do next? Do we really interact with people? Do we satisfy our hungry customers with good food or just something to throw to them just to keep them quite? How do we treat our customers?

Here is my video that explains the principle of Social Media Delicacy. Enjoy it and then read the rest

First, the content we put out there must be our delicacy. If we focus on giving the free valuable training, tips and just good stuff people want and need that offers change in their life, career, relationships, they will come back for more. They would not care about the price of your product because they know YOU are A REAL DEAL. It is like eating cheap cheese or buying real french brie that costs much more but the experience is divine. The rich social media content brings the feeling of pleasure and personal happiness as the best delicacy. YOU INC becomes that special stop for your audience to get the best and learn from the best.

Secondly, you must have fun with the delicacy. You must enjoy what you serve and what we eat too. You must enjoy being in social media arena and also being able to interact with your customers because they are your main judges but also your best helpers to make your business better. You must learn to listen to them and accept even constructive critisism.

Third, you must learn how to maintain the relationships. Do not just tease people with good stuff once.. Imagine, if you are a hostess and you invite people to your house and you serve a great dinner and nice china and your food is great and hospitality is outstanding. You may do it once or twice and then you get tired and forget about it. You serve out of the paper plates and cheap food for them to eat. You think they will take what comes their way. There is nothing wrong in serving on paper plates but it is about ATTITUDE toward your customers matters. Make sure you are consistent in your efforts. That is the key to successful marketing and getting results you truly want. Then, your viewers and your customers will know that you are planning to stay in business.

Fourth, make sure educate people properly. Provide truthful information without hype.. People will eventually taste it and see if it was a real thing or not, like that expensive cheese I talked to you about. They will know it fast. Once they taste the real stuff you offer they will never go back.. That is how you can stop pitching them your offers by serving what their heart desires and what they truly want. You will be able to to gain credibility and respect in your community and people will be attracted to you because they will love the experience working and learning from you and getting results from your education and service. It is all about attitude. Be authentic. Give the BEST! It will come back to you many times more!

In your service,

Tatyana Gann

“7 Ways to Use AUDIO to Increase Your Web and E-mail Sales” via Ali Brown

I have been a student of Ali Brown and have been studying several of her courses such as “Boost Business with Your Own Ezine” and “Online Success Blueprint System”. Ali Brown always provides great content and education that is easy to understand and apply to my business on a daily basis. Her tips are golden nuggets and I hope you will enjoy this article that I received from Ali Brown this week.

Enjoy this article:

“7 Ways to Use AUDIO to Increase Your Web and E-mail Sales”
by Ali Brown

Thought about adding audio to your Web site yet? You should. While great copy does a good job of selling your services and products, audio will amplify the effect of your words.

I love doing slick videos too, but audios are so easy and quick!

Audio gives you a personal connection with your Web visitors. Social psychologists tell us that humans are more likely to trust you if they can both see you and hear you. And prospects are more likely to buy from those whom they feel they know, like, and trust.

So let’s think about how you can build that instant rapport with your prospects (AND boost your subscribers and sales to boot)!

What Could YOU Do With Audio?

There are unlimited possibilities of what can be done with audio on Web sites and in e-mail, but here are seven simple ideas to get you started.

1. Greet Your Website Visitors. Welcome visitors to your Web site with your own voice. It’s a much warmer welcome than text alone.

IMPORTANT: Don’t just say “welcome” (yawn). Drive them to taking action, like signing up for your free ezine or special report.

2. Create an Audio Class or a Series of Audio Lessons. Audio learning is still hot! Teach your audience via your voice instead of just words on the page. Think about developing a series of mini-audio lessons for your prospects.

3. Share Your Interviews. If you don’t have an interview clip already, ask a friend or colleague to conduct a short, dynamic interview with you via phone. Record it and post it at your Web site. Or, do a series of interviews with other experts in your field and post them at your site to be listened to.

4. Samples of Teleseminars. Want more signups for your free and/or paid teleseminars? Then start recording them. Pull out the highlights and post free clips of them at your Web site. (I’m in the process of doing this myself.)

5. Pump Up Your Testimonials. You probably already have customer testimonials on your site. Now amplify their impact with audio. Have your customers record their testimonials in their own voices, and post them on your site along with their names and photos.

6. Make Your E-mails and E-zines Talk. Liven up your e-mails by making them talk to your prospects, subscribers, and customers. The members on your lists will feel like you are right there with them. (And remember, it will be that personal connection that encourages people to hire you or buy your products.) Be the first in your industry to do this, and watch your numbers rise!

7. Audio Postcards. Reach out to your best customers and prospects for holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions by sending them an e-mail “postcard” accompanied with a personally recorded message.

So What’s the EASIEST Way to Post Audio?

In the past, adding audio to your site wasn’t that easy. You had to either spend hours learning how to do it yourself, or pay someone else to record it and host it for you. That’s why I was never interested in audio before.

Here’s the good news: There’s a program we use that makes recording and posting audio ridiculously easy. It’s called Audio Acrobat.

Here’s an example of how easy it is: Say you want to add an audio greeting to your site this afternoon. Just call Audio Acrobat’s toll-free hot line and record your message. Then, as soon as you hang up the phone, go log into their site. Ta da … your message is ready and waiting, with a line of HTML code for you to copy and paste on your home page.

That’s it!

Even better, you can do this an unlimited number of times and have unlimited clips on your site (or multiple sites). You can also upload digital audio files up to a few hours in length, which I do now for all my teleseminars. This way people don’t have to download any MP3 files — they just click and listen right from the web page.

Get the full story, and see (and hear) my own audio testimonial at the Audio Acrobat site.

Remember, It’s That Personal Connection That Matters

Take some time today to think about what YOU could do with audio at your site and in your e-mails to increase rapport with your visitors. Then choose at least one tactic to implement this month. It could be the best addition you’ve made to your online marketing efforts this year!

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Are You Where You Want To Be In Life?

It is Sunday evening. It is quite in my house. Kids are asleep and I can write. Ahhh. Nice. Actually I made a video. May be it is cheesy for you, but I honestly do not care. Why? I  am authentic. I am REAL. I am sharing why I am here and how I got to where I am today. That is the foundation of success. It already exists in YOU and you try to look somewhere else.

You might be facing fear of making huge life transformations or may be you are feeling stuck in your business, career or even personal relationships, and you feel you have been placed in a capsule, and you do not know what to do and how to get out. Why am I sharing this with you? Because I know it. I have been there. I felt pain of being stuck, unsure and trying to be a cookie cutter business woman and create stereotype of what OTHERS WANTED ME TO BE.  What a mistake! I realize I want to be ME with my cute accent! Yes I finally accepted it. I love it and it is exotic. I love myself and I matter to myself the most. I learned to love ME and realize I am worthy of love, admiration, success and living life I dreamed of… Life of our dreams is not only in the  movies but it can be in a real life. My best friend Lily who passed away last year told one thing that was very special,  and it is a tribute to her.  She told me exactly a year ago, “Tatyana, never let anyone  or anything take away who you are. You are romantic, funny, witty, smart and a great mom!” It took me  a year to come to complete realization,  and I am very grateful to her for that.  She had a beatiful heart and I do miss her greatly. She would have been 34 today.

I want YOU to believe that you are worthy of a better life, an admiration and a success and that you have a unique set of skills that people want and need in this life.. Only you can make a change and I will share what IT is in few seconds. Enjoy my video and God Bless!



Tatyana Gann

Myths About CarbonCopy Pro, A High Ticket Business Opportunity, Revealed

I have been watching hot debates about CarbonCopy Pro, a high ticket business opportunity,  on many social media channels, and it is honestly the craziest thing I ever saw. It looks like a big political debate to prove which system is better.

Which one should we go for: CarbonCopy Pro, Global Resorts, My Internet Business or any other high dollar program available today? To me it is like trying to chase two birds at the same time.

In the end of debate only one bird will win and it will be YOUR decision. You must decide if CarbonCopy Pro is a good big ticket business for you.  I am here just to give clarity about Carbon Copy  based on 3 Pillars of Successful Business Model.



Is Traffic Manifesto 2.0 by Ross Goldberg A Real Deal?

My new friend Ross Goldberg, whom I met at marketing  event in Tampa few weeks ago just released a special $1 trial deal for his Traffic Manifesto 2.0. It reveals 79 different tactics you can use to drive all of the targeted traffic you could ever need to your website.  Ross shares all his secrets of how he went from being in coma to create seven figure income in three years.  Seriously he was in a coma for a month due to his medical condition at that time, and woke up wondering how he will feed his kids and wife and provide for them.  He was tired of making money on Ebay and he was very eager to learn traffic secrets and like many of us he spent money and time reading ebooks on traffic. He spent over 3000 hours to learn skills until he mastered what he needed to know. 

I am very careful what I write about and what I recommend, but Traffic Manifesto from Ross Goldberg is something you should have in your library if you want to learn real free marketing strategies. It is a real genuine blueprint that will guide you step by step with simple traffic tactics from blogging, forum marketing, article marketing and my new favorite method, Youtube marketing.

 Enjoy it..


Tatyana Gann

Personal Video: How To Overcome Fears In Your Online Business and Your Relationships

I wanted to share with you my first video. Yes, it is my first video baby. I learned to overcome fear of video marketing and mostly I overcame fear of my accent and how people perceive me. One lesson I learned and I hope you can learn from my video- You Can Never Please Every Single Person. Be Yourself. Be Real. Be Genuine. Be YOU. Love YOU first. Connect with yourself before you can connect with others. That is the main ingredient in your personal attraction marketing! Enjoy my video. Leave comments. Have a wonderful week!