#1 Storytelling Tip To Launch Your Media Presence


photo1You have a vision. You want to be seen in the major media publications, TV, be interviewed by the influencers and the hottest talk in the town. You have so much passion buzzing in your veins that you are cannot stop You want to share your vision. ……here you go…

….You might have been told that in order to get media attention and have others talk about your product or business you need a story.. With so much marketing and content marketing advice you can get confused. It is quite easy!

Now I am going to show you why and how storytelling can help you launch your media presence, be the hottest success story and have fun in your professional life! PR can be sexy!

But… You need to know who YOU are first.

You might have heard storytelling is a new way to make connections, get new leads and get more sales. In every story you play a role. We call it a persona in the world of online publicity or public relations. Today storytelling is an amazing way to share your story right on your blog.

What is a persona? Persona is a role you play in your story…Your story comes from your professional and personal life experience. A persona is something you develop and build your story around it to support it Persona is NOT your brand but a part of your brand. It helps to showcase your brand. When I started my PR consulting in 2009 I was known as SmokinHotPR boutique owner. It was my starting point. My persona was Trendsetter and Superhero. I wanted to set new PR trends and serve people to use PR to create freedom with their business. Create BIG buzz with less work!

First important element is POSITIVE EMOTION.  It connects with people on emotional levels positively to inspire to motivate them to make new choices, new decisions and improve life.

Second important element is CONTROVERSIAL EMOTION. It does not have to be positive. It is often controversial. It makes people think. It often stirs us discussions, hot debates. Some controversy will do, but make sure it is not negative.

I will cover few types of persona I believe would be great for your stories in the media publications

1. The Adversary: The One who takes an opposing view of the most important matters. You  love to draw some attention. When they go left you go RIGHT.

2. The Superhero: you demonstrate some heroic effort what people remember. You show courage to serve people. You believe that you have the key to freedom.

3. The Trendsetter: You are interested in future trends and innovations. You love technology. You love social media. You share all the coolest things with your fans.

4. The Adventure lover: you love to share your life adventures. It is your lifestyle. People in the home business industry, musicians, writers who travel, love to share their lifestyle stories.

Love to hear about your persona. Leave a comment below. If you need help with your media attention, developing your online presence, become recognized and make you unforgettable apply for my private consulting and coaching.

To your success