HOT INTERVIEW: Subconscious Mind Tapping- Your Secret Formula to Get What You Truly Want!



Let me ask you a question,

What if you had a secret formula to get what you truly want?

Imagine having the exact blueprint to achieve your goals with ease and joy.

Is it possible? Well the creator of Subconscious Mind Tapping, Darren Little believes so.

I have interviewed Darren about his brand new training and you are about to learn how to transform your life by doing the work on your subconscious mind. Pretty cool, right?

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I have asked Darren five important questions below and I want to make sure you check the training right here as well.

1. How do we know if we have limiting beliefs?

Just look at the money you have in your bank account.
If you are still struggling, you have limiting beliefs about
success, deserve-ability and worthiness and there are
emotional blockers between you and your dream.

Look at your relationships, your health, your communication,
your spiritual connection, your peace of mind, your career.

If any of them are off base. or out of line or not producing the
results you want, it’s usually connected to limiting beliefs.

These are all based upon past events, early programming
and our core beliefs about whatever the topic.

Example: If I go to the gym it will be painful. So why go?
If I speak up, people will laugh and judge me. So why speak up?
If I invest money, I will lose it. So why bother investing?
If I get into a relationship I will get hurt. So why bother being in one?

The human being moves away from,
or avoids pain and moves towards pleasure. As in the
examples above you can see why a person would be
stuck based on their limiting beliefs.

2. Where do limiting beliefs come from?

Early childhood programming that comes from our parents,
the school system and the media. They start before we
even understand the language. Right when we are curious
and innocent and reaching out to explore this new world
we are in. No. Don’t. Stop. Be careful.

They also come from past trauma and pain and then repeating
the scenario over and over and over in our minds.

The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between
a real event and a perceived event. Each time we replay an event
in our mind or think of a negative outcome the subconscious mind
believes that it actually happened.

3. How do limiting beliefs stop us from reaching our success?

They create a huge amount FEAR around the desired outcome.
Many times there is trauma and pain linked to a situation
based upon events that happened in the past. The subconscious
links taking action to pain. The human being moves away from,
or avoids pain and moves towards pleasure.

Example: “I tried an online business in the past and I lost
all of my money. I tried everything and it didn’t work.
So if I start another one, I will lose all of my money
again with that one too. Everyone I know has had the same
experience therefore, it won’t work, no matter what I do.

4. What has inspired you to create your product?

Over 25 years on the path of personal development and studying
with Tony Robbins, Dr. Lee Pulos and Dr. Dov Baron.

Success is more than just confidence, self esteem and personal power.
It is more than just understanding neurolinguistic programming,
mirroring and modelling, visualization, the subconscious mind
and our core beliefs about money. It is understanding how our
thoughts, words and emotions are creating our reality. The human
brain is programmed to self destruct and it takes daily effort and
understanding how all of these pieces of the puzzle fit together
to create optimum results.

5. How can this training help a person in achieving breakthroughs?

Once people learn the formula of Subconscious Mind Tapping, they
can take full control and ownership of their life path in all areas and
create total balance. Once they understand more about the two
worlds that exist simultaneously and how their body is communicating
with electrons, it becomes a lot easier to steer their success.

A few little tiny tweaks can make the world of difference.
Just like a radio that is slightly off the station. No matter how loud
you turn it up, all you will get is static. Just a little tiny adjustment
and a symphony of music begins to play.

Once a person understands how the Rubiks cube works, it’s very
easy to solve the puzzle and many people can do it with their
eyes closed.

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