Through the eyes of a child…

(our little son Daniel and his passion to draw is amazing)

Remember being a KID? Playtime was ALL the time!  You didn’t have to worry about going to work…the only things considered “work” were the chores you had to do, or the most dreaded task…CLEANING YOUR ROOM!!  And what about worrying??…well, if you were like me, the only “worrying” you had was about getting that next toy (action figures for me!) or when the next “play date” was going to be!  I know at the time, to me, being a kid was serious business!  All of these things REALLY WERE important to me!  But as we get older and all of the complicated adult “situations” set in, we tend to look at what a child thinks about as “ridiculous” and so minor compared to our lives as adults.

Kids are much smarter than we think!

That’s right!  Kid’s are smart and VERY creative!  They see the world from a whole different perspective that we lose a grasp on when we become adults.  A child can think and create without boundaries.  The sky really is the limit for them…and sometimes they even burst through the sky!!  Children are amazing when it comes to creativity!  Especially young children, when they are just beginning to understand a few things in this new world that they are constantly exploring.  It’s so inspiring to see a child pick up a crayon to lay down those first lines on paper to express how they see things!

Are you limiting how you think through a “grown-up” mentality?!?

Isn’t it about time to knock down those boundaries and barriers that are blocking your creativity or possible solutions?? Haven’t you heard the phrase “think outside of the box”?? To kids, there is NO BOX. As a child grows up, we actually help them build that box around themselves, by showing them “how things SHOULD be done”.  Some of the most creative ideas came from a huge shift in thinking…turning away from all of the “standard procedures” and “methods” that everyone uses.

No idea is too Stupid!

That’s right! No idea is too stupid! You’re probably saying, “I’ve seen and had some pretty stupid ideas before!”. Well, look at it this way… a stupid idea might not be the idea you need, but it may lead you in the direction toward the RIGHT idea that creates the right solution! To a child, every idea is possible! When you are brainstorming for an idea, write down ideas that come into your mind, no matter how CRAZY they may seem! That crazy idea might lead you in a direction toward an idea you may have never thought about that works!!

Are you open to thinking like a child? Are you willing to take off your “adult” lenses and view the world through “the eyes of a child”??

How do you see your brand? How creative can you be today? The world is there waiting for your talent to be expressed and your passion to be felt by thousands of people!

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