Top Ten Things You Must Know To Write Bio For Your Publicity

“If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it. Anais Nin

Do you feel scared, nervous or frustrated about writing your own bio?

If you are about to write a biography for your website you want to make sure you know what you want to achieve with it.  Depending on what niche you are in you must create a compelling story that sells YOU and your service. It is very important for your brand building, your brand identity!

If you are in a speaking business, you must talk about your journey, challenges and how your story impacted people and your vision for the next 5 to 10 years.  Give people three to five factors about yourself they can remember you by. It is very IMPORTANT to know what your persona is. Make sure it is not fake to fit into what customers want but be true to yourself.

If you are a writer give examples of your writing and reactions of your fans. Show the progress and the culture of your community.  Speak from your heart as well.  Speak the truth. Just because you want to land a story with a major magazine does not mean you must try to please them by denying who you are at the core.

If you are in a coaching/mentoring business, your bio should  describe your passion for mentoring, your discovery of your true passion and point out what your coaching has done for their life and business.

A good bio always sells YOU and your products. It is an important part of your media kit which we discussed earlier.

Now let me ask you, do you use photos? It is a great publicity tool.  Photos are cheap and effective. Use photos that show relationships between them and show photos of events where actions are taking place not sterile, boring passport looking photos. Laugh, frown, jump and smile. Be different…Be natural. Show your personality. It connects people with YOUR story! Example, my work in a studio in Nashville with my mentor David Cooper. Photos like that create stories and memories.

Here are some questions that can help you to create a good bio for your website and your publicity:

1. What words would you use to describe yourself? What words do others use to describe you?
2. How you would like to be perceived by others?
3. What are you passionate about?
4. What is your mission?
5. What talents and skills do you have to offer others?
6. What makes you an asset to the society?
7. What steps have you taken to share your brand with others?

8. Do you feel you have a strong presence?
9. What life lessons you can share that can change other people lives?

10. Any there any particular events that have changed your life?

Your brand identity is very important for you and your customers. Knowing what you stand for, your core values, your vision is the foundation of solid business. When you have a great business bio in your media kit that reflects the core values and your vision it is a great way to build long term relationships.

Make sure to print the questions out and use them for writing your bio.

Let us know how we can help you to craft a perfect bio for your website, your media kit to give you and your business a better publicity


Have a fantastic week!


Tatyana Gann


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What is YOUR value? A Branding Lesson I Learned from the Burberry Fashion Line

We live in a world driven by a society that wants and demands discounts, coupons, buy-one-get-one, and countless other “freebies”. If someone can deliver this to them on a plate with a beautiful pink bow, it is EVEN better!… But wait… is it REALLY? As a business owner, I  understand giving discounts and coupons is a great marketing strategy to bring in new clients.

But…What about your value? Do your have skills, experience and a genuine desire to serve your clients? Do you train your customers to ALWAYS accept your discounts and free products? When is the best time pull the plug on discounts? Discounts can DE-value…

One day my husband and I had a conversation about companies offering customers free or discounted high-end products and how society has changed after 9/11. If you remember the automobile industry at that time was basically giving away cars, or selling them at 0% interest so you could finally get YOUR DREAM car! Often the most expensive and valuable cars were sold at the lowest prices. Was it done out of desperation or a way to make you a loyal customer?

Recently, my husband started working for the English company, Burberry, which is known for its trench coats, scarfs, wool coats and high quality runway clothing line. His clients know and expect high quality merchandise along with the best service, being treated and pampered with a smile, champagne and undivided attention. When we got on the topic of VALUE… he said “Tatyana, I rarely see customers come into our store expecting deals or discounts. If we hosted a special event, then they knew it was the best time for them to purchase an item of their choice at the sale price… However, these events happen only twice a year. My VIP clients know what to expect and they know they will come back. Burberry has built its reputation all over the world as a luxury brand and customers know the benefits of having a Burberry coat or scarf. The company’s designers know its VALUE and the customer respects that value.”

When you go into a Burberry store, the first thing you will see are scarfs, purses and accessories. Great items to introduce us to something more spectacular!  Their elegant sales professionals show confidence in their products. Good customer service makes the purchase extremely pleasant and beneficial for everyone involved.  Once they are hooked on being treated like a queen or a king they return, even if they are buying a silk scarf for a friend. Customers might also refer a future VIP client, who would spend thousands of dollars. We must always make the best impression with our brand. Build your reputation, maintain it and always strive to improve all you do!

I agree that when we put a value on what we know, do and provide the BEST to our clients, they will VALUE our work, our relationships with them and love us enough to give us more business. I believe that we can give discounts, but ONLY when you can afford it and ONLY when it brings value to your services/products. That is why we must start with a smaller item that we can offer to clients and then guide them to make a bigger purchase. You will see that in any high fashion boutique.

If you give a discount, they ALREADY know the VALUE of what you have to offer.  As customers, we must not demand free products or discounts from business owners. WHY? We take away their dreams, their value, their peace and something they have worked very hard to build. By doing so we steal our own joy and lose our identity and integrity. We must believe that we have a lot to offer with what we already know and that it can be a great starting point.

In summary I want to say, VALUE you and your talents. Do not think that because you do not have 20 years of business experience or you have not made millions yet, that you cannot start teaching, coaching and creating success, based upon your experience. You can do that by sharing your story, your vision, and your life experiences. People are waiting for it. Write a book, start a blog or start a video channel. Build yourself UP and then others will build YOU UP!

Tip: Charge for your knowledge, because then people will VALUE you.


Tatyana Gann

Through the eyes of a child…

(our little son Daniel and his passion to draw is amazing)

Remember being a KID? Playtime was ALL the time!  You didn’t have to worry about going to work…the only things considered “work” were the chores you had to do, or the most dreaded task…CLEANING YOUR ROOM!!  And what about worrying??…well, if you were like me, the only “worrying” you had was about getting that next toy (action figures for me!) or when the next “play date” was going to be!  I know at the time, to me, being a kid was serious business!  All of these things REALLY WERE important to me!  But as we get older and all of the complicated adult “situations” set in, we tend to look at what a child thinks about as “ridiculous” and so minor compared to our lives as adults.

Kids are much smarter than we think!

That’s right!  Kid’s are smart and VERY creative!  They see the world from a whole different perspective that we lose a grasp on when we become adults.  A child can think and create without boundaries.  The sky really is the limit for them…and sometimes they even burst through the sky!!  Children are amazing when it comes to creativity!  Especially young children, when they are just beginning to understand a few things in this new world that they are constantly exploring.  It’s so inspiring to see a child pick up a crayon to lay down those first lines on paper to express how they see things!

Are you limiting how you think through a “grown-up” mentality?!?

Isn’t it about time to knock down those boundaries and barriers that are blocking your creativity or possible solutions?? Haven’t you heard the phrase “think outside of the box”?? To kids, there is NO BOX. As a child grows up, we actually help them build that box around themselves, by showing them “how things SHOULD be done”.  Some of the most creative ideas came from a huge shift in thinking…turning away from all of the “standard procedures” and “methods” that everyone uses.

No idea is too Stupid!

That’s right! No idea is too stupid! You’re probably saying, “I’ve seen and had some pretty stupid ideas before!”. Well, look at it this way… a stupid idea might not be the idea you need, but it may lead you in the direction toward the RIGHT idea that creates the right solution! To a child, every idea is possible! When you are brainstorming for an idea, write down ideas that come into your mind, no matter how CRAZY they may seem! That crazy idea might lead you in a direction toward an idea you may have never thought about that works!!

Are you open to thinking like a child? Are you willing to take off your “adult” lenses and view the world through “the eyes of a child”??

How do you see your brand? How creative can you be today? The world is there waiting for your talent to be expressed and your passion to be felt by thousands of people!

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Happy Holidays

Bryan Gann

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One Major Mistake Even Successful Business Owners Make Today

I want to share with you what I believe it is very important to know w hen it comes to personal branding and building an online business. There is one mistake people make and I will explain it in few seconds. When people are looking for a business they do research and see what people buy and what income they can generate from that. It is very important to know how to run a online home business from Day 1. However during that research they become so technical that they forget why they wanted to do it to begin with. They do not have big why or a passion to follow. They focus on money only. I agree money is great and good system is important but nothing more important than passion and liking what you do.

Just because everyone owns a shoe store in a city that makes them money does not mean you have to do it. That is the mistake people make. They become the blind sheep. They do not follow their heart. They follow someone’s else heart and that is why someone else is becoming richer and not them. You have to ask yourself “What makes me excited every day?”

Passion is the key to your success. Then challenges you will face will not be the scary challenges but little obstacles that you can overcome. That is where attraction marketing kicks in.  Attraction Marketing is like a nectar. Only certain bees come to it that like that scent. Not everyone will like what you do and who you are and honestly who cares. Attraction Marketing is about giving value and showing that YOUR knowledge is worth the cost of the business.  When people see what I offer to the table it does not matter to them if I do CarbonCopy Pro, Visalus or just selling ebooks, they want to know how I can help them to make money today and next month.  They want to see a leader in the industry. I believe that in order to be successful we must do what we believe in first and stop satisfying crowds. I believe when I do what I believe it then power within me awakes and can do achieve success beyond even my own imagination and it pleasantly surprises me. I recommend to do the same.. Find passion in your heart and follow it. Have faith that it will work and it will work.

I believe in being different, unique and I recommend to stop chasing next guru and immitate them. It may work for a while but you will get tired of it.

Ask yourself what is your unique feature? For me it is my accent. People love foreign accents. It is a good tool to build business. Why? People will listen to you more. One of my mentors told me once that he had to listen to every word I said and it actually helped him to understand who I was and get to know me better.  My advice is to find your unique quality and use it to your advantage. It will stand out like a sore thumb but in a good way.

Just have fun. People will know it by actions you take.  People will see your excitement. They will follow you.