Is Twitter Your New Addiction or Just a Cool Friend?

Twitter is becoming  one of the hottest marketing tools  used around the world. It became the hottest online party where everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion, share news, make people laugh and even put together political campaign. Facebook and Twitter are responsible for president campaign, and its success made Twitter even more popular.

Personally for me, Twitter is a crazy and wild online party.  Nobody is left behind. Everyone is involved and has an oppotunity to meet celebrities, politicians, business owners and a little man can compete with a big corporation.

Why is Twitter so successful?  It allows everyone to interact, ask questions and repost favorite quotes or statements. It is a social virtual gathering spot where you can make new friends and connections. It allows anyone to learn from the best of the best in their field, and it gives an opportunity to prove themselves. It is an amazing tool for your personal list building.

Interesting fact that Twitter volume of subscribers tripled in just few months, and it is growing like a sourdour bread on a very fast yeast.

Now, lets talk about how we can generate the best leads for our business using the power of this little monster, Twitter.  The  key is to create as many as followers and follow people back because the volume of followers gives you leverage, more traffic and it is a social proof.

How much does it cost to market on Twitter? ZERO. NOTHING. It is absolutely free targeted advertising method.  Twitter is about influence on people lives, careers, their daily life event.  What we share and say, it can affect the outcome of their day. IF you say something funny, you might have put a smile on someone ‘ s face. If you give a good business tip it might give them idea of what to do. I promote my business blog Immigrant Success Coaching Blog to share with people what I do and how I can help them. My blog is about high income careers and assisting russian immigrants to obtain the freedom they have been hoping for when they came to America.

Twitter is VIRAL. People who love you and care about what you say will repost your comments and share with others. That is why it is so important to build relationships. You must treat twitter as a big birthday party and everyone is having fun and enjoying time and sharing what they do naturally without sales pitches.

Make sure your profile is fun to read. It is not a job application, so make it funny, easy to read and smile. Smile is the best advertising tool that cost nothing.  I often see people without faces who post on twitter. Common, imagine if you came in a mask to a birthday party hiding your face. What would people say? I would be scared to come up to a person in a mask without knowing who they are. Would you? Then stop using silly avatars and start being YOU.

How do you find friends on Twitter?

1. Follow people who follow the influential people you know.

2. Reply to people right way if they said something to you and they are not your friend yet. Follow them back. Establish rapport within minutes. Give something valueable to them to read and think about.

3. Make comment before even clicking follow button. Get to know people first.

4. Use search feature to find people in your niche.

5. Usually afternoon or late evenings after 7 pm are best time to get on twitter and weekends are always the best days to chat and share.

6. Share with people funny stories, news and not much of what your business is about. They will see it in your profile. Interact first then approach if you want to.

7. Do not forget to praise people, compliment them.  How do you feel when someone says to you that you look fabulous in that red dress? I am sure you would feel amazing. We love compliments and naturally we give them back to others. Pay it forward.

8. Questions, Questions and more questions. Ask and you will receive. People love questions. They are hungry for them. Ask and you w ill start conversation… Create dialogs first and make sure when they answer to you reply back to them. Courtesy is the best policy on twitter.

9. Invite friends from other social network. For example, I invite friends from Facebook to follow me on twitter. They love it and it is fun. Very simple.

10. Don’t forget to retweet or repost what others say if you like it and it makes sense to you.  At least try to find out what people do first before you retweet. Read their profile. it is a must if you want long term relationships.

That is all for now. More to come later. We will talk about technical tools to use to make twitter marketing more effective. For now,  enjoy your day. Create twitter account.  Connect with me on Twitter. Love to hear from you. Here is my twitter link :

Best to you

Tatyana Gann


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Tatyana Gann is an immigrant success diva, an online marketing mentor, a mom of two great boys and an amazing hostess.  To Learn More About Tatyana Gann, visit her site:

“Social Media Traffic Blueprint”- Case Study #1 $2000 in 7 Days!

Let me tell you story of this guy that my mentor Maria Andros shared with me this afternoon. She is considered a video marketing queen which is very cool I think to have this title. Do not you think?

She created social media traffic blueprint and it is going to launch on April 2 at noon and her email is going to 35k people and more.. I believe video marketing is an awesome tool to brand yourself and that is why I emphasise writing blogs and creating videos as the foundation of the marketing success regardless your experience.
I have been a writer, a blogger and an attraction marketing coach, and I love to write and I was honestly scared about creating videos until I met Maria on few social networking sites.

This program is all about how to leverage video, & social media to drive quality & targeted traffic to your website for F.R.E.E.  She’s about to teach all the latest SEO strategies, how to own expensive real estate on google & how to make videos that literally hypnotize your prospects and convert into sales & money into your pocket.

I saw that creating the videos that captivates my audience and makes me money could be quite more simple than I thought especially I saw this case study.
Maria sent it to me few days ago. She talked about Oliver Twitter.. Here is a part of email I want to share on this blog:

“OK – Now let me tell you about Oliver Turner… Oliver was a beginner on Twitter , just starting a new business with NO list,and NO Twitter account…he knew he had to find a way to drive traffic to his website or he was going to be in trouble.
He realized he needed a system and strategy…He came across The Social Media Traffic Blueprint and made a $2000 sale in less than a week from implimenting the system and
today has made over $180, 000 in less than 3 months of using the blueprint.
Oliver’s now making $5-10 K per day and enjoying his life,travelling and having
FUN…the BEST part he’s only 22 years old, **you’ve got to see this video its going to really blow your mind.**”

Her blog is awesome.. You will be able to access it after you start getting her messages. Awesome stuff there! Also make sure to check out the over 200 Comments on the blog & awesome reviews that people are posting about the Social Media Traffic Blueprint and how it can be used to change your life

Enjoy videos. Maria is awesome!! I cannot wait for her course to launch on April 2, 2009 at 1pm EST!

Social Media Traffic Blueprint: How to Create Videos that Captivate Your Market & Make you Money by Maria Andros

I recently got a free video that Maria Andros just put online that teaches 5 of her most valuable
techniques for creating videos that captivate your market & make you money . This video is jam packed with killer video marketing techniques in her social media traffic blueprint, tips for how to find expensive keywords for free that make you money and how to leverage video alongside Twitter – and MUCH more.

She actually calls the video: “How to Create Videos that Captivate your Market & Make You Money” You can learn about how to grow your business with video in 20 minutes.
I believe it is a great valuable information and Maria Andros does an amazing job.

She is very genuine in her teaching and teaches what she knows and used to create an amazing income for her. She inspired me to start doing videos. I was really scared of doing videos because I am an writer. SHe sent me email once through twitter and she said,  “Tatyana, take essence of your writing and put into videos” You know it made sense. We are all creative people.  My fear was my accent but not anymore thanks to Maria.  My accent is what makes me “An Immigrant Success Coachand it is my niche that makes me stand out in the crowd and with video training series I want to create is going to define me and what I stand for.

I am looking forward to utilizing her video training in my business and my private coaching.

Have a great week guys!

Homeschooling, Home Based Business and Attraction Marketing.. Perfect combo…

Can homeschooling moms own a successful home business and homeschool effectively? Homeschooling is becoming a hot niche for a lot of moms who have a home business. That is the power of attraction marketing concept. I attract a lot of moms who want to make money and work with like minded women. It is not only effective way to educate your kids but it is time efficient and productive for children. For women who have a home business of any kind, homeschooling is the best way to go. It is quite possible to manage homeschooling your kids and making money online and let me tell why. As one of my income streams I prefer more turnkey automated home business such as CarbonCopy Pro that allows me to have more free time to do marketing rather than prospecting and closing.

I want to explain why I recommend moms who have a home business to homeschool their kids. Not every mom will have endurance to do and not every one will agree with what I think on this matter.

When I decided to make money online and I commited myself to becoming an enterpreneur, I had to make a decision about my kids. My kids are my main reason why I do online business and knowing how busy I was homeschooling was best option. You would think, “Tatyana is nuts with her ideas” But before you do that, let me tell what I think.

If my kids were in a traditional school enviroment they would be in school mostly of the time. Yes good for me but not for them. They would be exhaused, grouchy, sleepy or worst on sugar rush! I would still have to do homework with them and spend hours explaining what teacher was supposed to do. It will leave me brain fried and my 6 year old will not be a happy camper.

Their well being is a big factor. With my schedule I can homeschool my son in the morning or afternoon and even spread it out. It is not a chore for him but joy. My school does not always involve sitting at the desk and spelling words. Life is a big fun game. We do cooking together, baking, cleaning, and even do shopping. He learns things from me and we build trust and love for each other. We learn about how to connect with each other from day one and not when he turns 14

If I have to go on a business trip my husband homeschools him and it is so easy and so flexibile. As you can see there are few points that I want to make

1. Time

2. Building Relationship

3. Fun

That is the beauty of homeschooling for work at home moms. It is doable. Everyone can do it if they really want it. Want and desire are the keys to successful homeschooling for moms who want to make money from home.

My son has the appreciation for what I do. I work at home. I am a bread provider for the family as well as my husband. He knows my time. He knows my schedule and I respect our time together when we do projects and do homework.

I think managing myself is the imporant factor why I can do homeschoolig, run a home business, be a mom and a wife. It is simple if you make it simple. I do not get my son involved in too many things as sports, music and arts! . I do not want to overwhelm him with all activities. Overloading kids with too much to do will never leave time for yourself and family.

Here are 10 tips for homeschooling moms who want to work from home but do not have enough confidence if they can do it:
1. Plan your week activities ahead of time

2. Every morning spend time eating or cooking breakfast together with your kids. It builds an amazing bond with your children. We love to make pancakes on thursdays and make desssert on sunday. It is a special day for them and they know it. Develops schedule awareness and discipline.

3. Start your school program with simple reviews and spend about 45 minutes per each session. If you are homeschooling a preschool age children, two to three hours or school with activities is plenty.

4. Try to be done with school before lunch or shortly after. I do my best to finish all the school work before 1.30PM.

5. Afternoon is the time when I am getting back to my clients and customers. My son is involved in his quite activities as drawing, painting, or working with his lego sets.

6. When evening comes, make sure you spend at least an hour with your spouse and kids. Spring is around the corner, so make sure to get out outside for at least 45 minutes without phone interruption.

7. Evening hours could be from 7.30-8.30 PM. That is what I do every day when I have to get back to my prospects and training team members

8. If you have a growing team in your existing business, it is a great idea to host a team call once a week and provide training that way you do not feel you are babysitting every single member of your team.

9. If you work at home and have a busy schedule with your homeschooling, do not be afraid to let everyone know what you do and your time schedule.

10. Have fun! There is no point to homeschool and have a business if you do not enjoy it! Ask for help from others in your family or business associates from time to time.

To find what business I recommend when you homeschool your kids please visit my personal website.

Have fun homeschooling and making bug bucks!

One Major Mistake Even Successful Business Owners Make Today

I want to share with you what I believe it is very important to know w hen it comes to personal branding and building an online business. There is one mistake people make and I will explain it in few seconds. When people are looking for a business they do research and see what people buy and what income they can generate from that. It is very important to know how to run a online home business from Day 1. However during that research they become so technical that they forget why they wanted to do it to begin with. They do not have big why or a passion to follow. They focus on money only. I agree money is great and good system is important but nothing more important than passion and liking what you do.

Just because everyone owns a shoe store in a city that makes them money does not mean you have to do it. That is the mistake people make. They become the blind sheep. They do not follow their heart. They follow someone’s else heart and that is why someone else is becoming richer and not them. You have to ask yourself “What makes me excited every day?”

Passion is the key to your success. Then challenges you will face will not be the scary challenges but little obstacles that you can overcome. That is where attraction marketing kicks in.  Attraction Marketing is like a nectar. Only certain bees come to it that like that scent. Not everyone will like what you do and who you are and honestly who cares. Attraction Marketing is about giving value and showing that YOUR knowledge is worth the cost of the business.  When people see what I offer to the table it does not matter to them if I do CarbonCopy Pro, Visalus or just selling ebooks, they want to know how I can help them to make money today and next month.  They want to see a leader in the industry. I believe that in order to be successful we must do what we believe in first and stop satisfying crowds. I believe when I do what I believe it then power within me awakes and can do achieve success beyond even my own imagination and it pleasantly surprises me. I recommend to do the same.. Find passion in your heart and follow it. Have faith that it will work and it will work.

I believe in being different, unique and I recommend to stop chasing next guru and immitate them. It may work for a while but you will get tired of it.

Ask yourself what is your unique feature? For me it is my accent. People love foreign accents. It is a good tool to build business. Why? People will listen to you more. One of my mentors told me once that he had to listen to every word I said and it actually helped him to understand who I was and get to know me better.  My advice is to find your unique quality and use it to your advantage. It will stand out like a sore thumb but in a good way.

Just have fun. People will know it by actions you take.  People will see your excitement. They will follow you.

What makes “Carbon Copy PRO” Training Community So Appealing To Many Professionals?

What makes Carbon Copy PRO community so appealing to many professionals who are looking for a home business or a training platform? Some people have asked me a question why I partnered with CarbonCopyPRO system created by Jay Kubassek. Well, actually I did not join. I decided to reunite with CarbonCopyPRO community and our team based on my personal decision as a business owner. I saw a great opportunity to assist many people to have high income careers from home with a laptop and a mobile phone without the traffic and a crazy boss hassles. It made Carbon Copy Pro very appealing to me and hundreds of people on the team!

I was with them since 2oo6 and I have decided to reunite with them this month. It was a long journey to realise what I wanted in my life business wise was in front of me. We all go through it and learn to appreciate things much later. Oh well, it is better now than later. Right?

In a way it is a like a family reunion. I made a decision to work CarbonCopy Pro business based on few factors. Yes I was a part of two successful marketing systems and they were wonderful but I needed growth in my knowledge and I saw that with this community.
Carbon Copy PRO training community is able to provide a solid foundation and a simple automated system with human touch like for many other members.

Carbon Copy Pro System is one of the two income streams I have at the moment and plan to build long term.  They have a solid foundation that is very important for a business builder. You cannot build a house on the sand. Their foundation is built on the rock.  That is what serious business builders are looking for today regardless the state of economy.

Here are my reasons why I chose Carbon Copy Pro system.

1.  CarbonCopy Pro marketing system  represents a solid company that has been in business for over 4  years.

2.  Carbon Copy Pro is a community of successful business owners that have achived six figure and seven figure income in this business.

3. They provide an amazing marketing training and resources and I have gone back to my back office many times before I decided to market this opportunity. I believe that quality of the products and training is very important because it is a foundation of a  very long term business.

4. Carbon Copy Pro Team holds marketing and training events across the country, and it creates bond and long term relationships which is vital for anyone success.

5. They do follow latest marketing strategies: from web 2.0 to professional offline advertising methods that are taught every week on their conference calls.

6. They have plug and play marketing system for a newbie. That is HUGE. A new person does not have to reinvent the wheel. They can join the business and start marketing within 48 hours. It is a real business in a box.

7. It attracts people with a certain mindset: risk takers, serious entepreneurs, burnt out MLM business owners, stay at home moms who are looking for a turn key automated home business.

8. Carbon Copy Pro pays high commissions, and serious business seekers who are willing to invest money in this business, regardless what media says today about our economy, are attracted to this opportunity.  There are no garantees of course and everyone understands it.

9. Carbon Copy Pro System is not about Jay Kubassek and his system. It teaches people how to brand them and offers customized website solutitions. Jay is more of a tour guide and shares his story. They do encourage personal branding, and they teach attraction marketing strategies  through their video training series.

10. I plan to have fun, teach people what I know and help them to make money.  I do believe that it is my ticket to my long term wealth. I am here to answer your questions. Feel free to leave comments below.

Watch my video below.. It is CarbonCopyPRO business overview and three pillars of success with this system:

For more information about Carbon Copy Pro Business Opportunity visit my website.

Have a beautiful day!

Tatyana Gann

(c) Copyright 2009 Tatyana Gann. All Rights Reserved

Tatyana Gann is an high income coach, an online marketing mentor, a social media expert, a professional connector, a mom of two great boys and an amazing hostess. To Learn More About Tatyana Gann, subscribe to her “Attraction Marketing Queen Newsletter”