New Press Release Rules: How can business owners increase their sales

Press releases have been an effective marketing method for many business professionals, corporations and small businesses for generation. From announcements and news in a traditional publication to online distributions the press release is still considered to be the authority.. However, some business owners have believed that press releases as a marketing method were only written by journalists or for journalists and that you had to hire an entire PR team to get your message to your audience.

Let me tell you the best news. You are the messenger! You can share news to your customers and potential clients now! You can grow your business with press releases, as one of public relations tools available today for any business owner. You do not have to know the mechanics of the internet and understand why it works. You do not need to read “guru” manuals that teach only theory or old school. You are dealing with people today who are seeking true authentic companies, businesses that care about their customers and clients.

The roles changed. Your customers became your “boss”… Really? Yes.. They control your brand. They tell if your product or service sucks. They give you feedback and it is up to you to accept it and be grateful and then you must adjust your marketing campaign. Only then, you can truly experience a real business success: have your customers happy, increase in retention and more new customers. The press releases can do that for you. They are longer written to the media, journalists or some “boss” who has to approve to share your news or not.

You can directly approach your customers with your press release and compel them to do the following:

1. Get on your list via landing page
2. Buy from you right then (if your offer in the press release is strong enough)
3. Refer others by sharing it with their friends, business partners.

The beauty is that social media became your business saving platform and you have to cherish it. You have to treat it right. You must develop relationships with your customers on Facebook, Twitter, Ning or other networks because they are the ones who will share your press release.

The main core of press releases have not changed and you still talk about what, why, when, where and who. However you must research your buyers and who they are and what language their speak, meaning how do they like to start and keep conversation going. You want to know their PAIN and JOY and write to them and not dry language of news reporters. You must learn to be a storyteller even in a press release. You must use case studies, videos, links related to what you talk about to give them the full picture of who you are about and why they should trust you. Only then they will reach out for their wallet and trust YOU by becoming your new client or a customer.

As you improve in learning how to blend PR and social media and find the right ingredients that your customers want from you, every time your press release goes out, they will know it.

Again I encourage you to build relationships with your customers via social media, blogs, video communities and learn about them.

Three principles you must know to establish yourself as someone they can trust and buy from:
1. Be a good listener. Do not just hear what you think you need to hear and move on. Listen to every feedback, their needs, their feelings. In some way, hide behind the curtains and watch them.
2. Respect what your customers are saying. So often we deny the fact that our products or service is bad. We cover up. We put temporary makeup, but eventually you have to learn to respect your customers and learn from them and about them.
3. Write to them. Write press releases that can solve their concerns and pains. Share it with them via Twitter and Facebook groups. Share your press release with other business owners via blogs. (we will talk about blogging relations later in my newsletter)

The rules changed for your good to bring you new clients. I consider it HUGE advantage for many business owners. They did not have that luxury before and today with one click of the mouse they can connect with their clients, competition, potential customers and many more right from their Twitter or Facebook platform. Your business and product have not changed, but the rules did and if you want true business success, you must obey them and apply them in your business practices to experience growth.

All you need is to roll up your sleeves and start paying attention to the most valuable source of your success- PEOPLE! As David Meerman Scott in his new edition of “New Rules of PR and Marketing“, which I absolutely believe one of the best PR education books, would say, “Get to know your buyer’s persona” Amen to that David! It is a brilliant and common sense approach that we often overlook!

Best to you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tatyana Gann

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News Release: Announcing My New “Smokin’ HOT PR” coaching program…

My Smokin’ HOT PR consulting program is about to launch. I decided to start “The Premiere Smokin’Hot PR Online Coaching/Consulting Program For Small Business Owners, Coaches, Solo Entrepreneurs

Today I sent out a letter to my subscribers but I also wanted to made it known to everyone who is interested in creating publicity for their business.

Here is what I sent out… Let me know what you think. Love your feedback.

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I am Tatyana Gann, also known as “Attraction Marketing Queen”. We may have met me on Twitter and Facebook or you may have known me from other marketing training communities. I wanted to let you know I am expanding my business and would love to connect with you more. It took time and realization of what my passion is and today I need your help. Seriously!

Here is my story:

As you know, I LOVE working with people. It is a big joy serving people who are like minded and have a passion for teaching others and helping business owners to propel their business to the next level. One of my biggest values is RELATIONSHIPS. I am sure it is the same for you and that is why you are here reading my special report. As an online entrepreneur, a coach, a mentor, you help people to reach new heights in their business, overcome personal and business barriers and there is nothing more precious than seeing your clients succeed. Right?

But… There is one tiny problem…
80% of the coaches and online business owners are not educated how to FIND clients, hungry buyers and build truly successful business. As you can imagine, they are not taught even basic marketing skills to spread the word about their products and services. They do not have anyone to cheer lead them and create them a name unless they know how to do it correctly. They do not have 3rd party publicity to support what they do. You can visualize your perfect client all day, practice meditation until you feel exhausted, but you will miss one important piece of a puzzle. You must include ACTION to attract your clients to get the outcome you truly desire. You must spark some fire to get attention!

That is where I show up and I want to help you… with my Smokin’Hot Online PR and Social Media Strategies that leave your customers in the state of admiration, surprise and total shock for days! I want to share with you proven strategies that do not require you to get marketing degree from the best business schools. It is actually more simple. It is about knowing what your potential buyers complain and cry about and sharing with them solutions. You will be a good guy and also their best friend.

“Smokin’ HOT PR” coaching and services will be my absolute guide to help you with marketing your coaching and online business with an extraordinary success.

You will learn:
· How to use the power of attraction to get clients using my smoking hot press releases and social media strategies
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Have a great week!

Tatyana Gann

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Lesson from David M. Scott: How To Reach and Attract Business Buyers Directly With PR and Social Media Strategies

I was listening to an amazing PR and Viral Marketing strategist David Scott the other night on the webinar with PRWeb, PR services company, and I wanted to share this lesson with you so you can understand how to attract buyers directly. David M. Scott is an award winning marketing strategist, best selling author, speaker and seminar leader. His famous book “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” became bestseller and assisted many people around the world in applying his strategies and I have been reading and applying his techniques that I find amazing!

PR (public relations and social media) is not only about reaching journalists and media but reaching buyers. It is a new way of reaching people…

David brought great topic that fear keeps people from trying new things to reach people.
He mentioned about the dentist who was using yellow pages cost $2000 a month for listing. Well this dentist started blog give free e-book “Healthy Mouth Healthy Sex E-book” . Yes quite a name!
But it was quite impressive and brought a lot of attention and people shared that blog and e-book with others. Then she did press release about it. She got so much attention that again brings a great point. We must give our knowledge and then we can earn attention…
You can achieve similar success as any big name in the online marketing world.. How? You must unlearn what you learned.
Here is what you need to know:

1. Your buyers personas
We used to market to faceless prospects
Example, Hotels.. All websites look the same and they feature facts and their products. People do not want to buy products.
Example if you own a hotel this is what you should do. You must learn about a hotel buyer persona. They could be people who fall into 5 categories.

1. Wedding
2. Vacation
3. Event planner
4. Travel sales manager
5. Business person
Write to them and how you can help them with solutions. Speak their language. Give advice, recommendations.
We must know what your buyer persona is about and what do you want them to believe about your organization?

2. Interesting topic was about ATTENTION:
David said “You can buy attention or beg but you need to earn attention by publishing great content. On the web you are what YOU PUBLISH. Pretty powerful, right?

3. Encourage
Encourage people to share with the push of the button! Again remember, people do not care about your products. They care about their problems and want to find solutions. Very true and we are as humans are selfish we want others to help us to solve problems
Give people free information via blogs without asking to get on the newsletter. Make sure it is rich content or give free e-book even without subscribing to your list, they can download right away. Go to forums, chat rooms and provide advice. Go to where people talk about things, participate, give advice, they will buy from you.

He also mentioned an interesting fact that even US AirForce is usually social media and encourage everyone to start social media profiles so they can communicate with their loved ones especially being overseas… It shows us that we should not fear of social media and pr methods. We need to learn to manage our fear.

To learn about David Scott go his website:
About David Scott: David M. Scott is an award winning marketing strategist, best selling author, speaker and seminar leader. His unique style of marketing and teaching PR and viral strategies made him well known speaker, trainer, motivator.

(c) Copyright 2009 Tatyana Gann. All Rights Reserved

Tatyana Gann is an online entpreneur an online marketing mentor, a social media and pr consultant, a professional connector, a mom of two great boys and an amazing hostess. To Learn More About Tatyana Gann , subscribe to her “Attraction Marketing Queen Newsletter”

How to Write A Press Release In 11 Easy Steps

Discover how you can write a press release for your home business, your brand info product, an your brand new published book in few steps and become “The TOP GUN” in your niche!

While back ago I did a marketing training  on how to write a press release for a home business and I wanted to discuss with you the importance of internet press release in your personal branding and as one of the best lead generation methods.

I shared my story of generating 4.3 million hits to my press release in 8 months. Of course not every press release I wrote got so many hits but press releases are still my favorite method. I have used press releases to promote my previous business.

Press Releases is considered one of the most forgotten marketing methods by small business owners but considered to be the most proven marketing and lead generation method. The online marketers are looking for more sophisticated methods (ppc, seo methods) or trendy marketing such as youtube, twitter and facebook. It is all good but not enough in my opinion. Press releases can be a good addition to what an online marketer does on a daily basis. You can truly write a press release for your home business in less than hour and see results in the next few hours. Pretty Powerful!

The excuse I hear so often, “Tatyana, I do not know how to write press release”. Well, it is a pretty lame excuse. Everyone can write. WHY? Because every day we share news, announcements or even gossips with our friends, family, church members and our business collegues. We forget how natural it is for us to share the news or events that occured in the past few days or months. Google loves rich content that is natural and has good flow and it will crawl its content with its powerful spiders.

How can we write press release that are not only good content rich editorials but also bring quality traffic and buyers for our product or a business?

First of all, you need to understand how to write a press release using 5 Ws Principles: Where, Why, Who, When and What. Once you grasp the idea that press release is not about selling but it is more of announcement of events, products and people stories,  you will be able to do it with ease as if you are telling or reading a story to your child. Press release is about presenting solutions to a reader and be enough compelling for them to contact you right away! Be a story teller and you will be more trusted!

Here is how you can write press release in 11 steps:

1. Determine what you are going to write about. It could be event with your company, your personal achievements, announcement of the partnership with a particular company and etc. Tell a story that is compelling!

2. Research keywords you want to target. Make sure they are buying keywords not some generic keywords. You want to use keywords that a customer or a business seeker would be looking for on google or other search engine. I recommend to use services such Web CEO, Marketing Samurai or WordTracker. I think they are great tools to use

3. Make sure your press release is about 5-6 paragraphs with 4-5 sentences each to make it easier for you than counting words. Keep close to 500 words!

4. Use important two keywords in the title or headline then summary of your press release. Repeat headline sentence in the summary then in the first paragraph.

5. Put the main keywords you plan to use to the left of each paragraph and if you have an option to hyperlink that keyword to your personal site or a blog then do it. That will help with optimization. Do not overuse your keywords. Create natural flow of keywords without too much repetition and relevant to what you say. Use ONLY 2 primary keywords per each press release.

6. Include your link to your website with a compelling offer to get your FREE report, free ebook, free consulting session and also include the information with your website for media contacts. Do not forget these two important sections in the press release, which I call “Magic Calls To Action”

7. After you write your press release, you need to review it and submit your press release to online press release distribution sites. Some sites are free press release distribution sites and some will be offer paid options.

8. Another important step- submit to social bookmarking sites such as digg, technorati, stumbleupon and more. I recommend to use services called “Social Marker”

9. Share with your friends, business collegues via Twitter, Facebook or forums. Ask them to share them with their friends and ask to leave comments after reading the press release. Remember comments are very important for search engines to crawl your press release and get more exposure! The press release that got a lot of traffic had many comments that turned into heated debates and it was actually fun because it allowed me to post my answers and create more curiousity among my viewers. I was receiving calls about my business every day just from my press releases that they saw online.

10. Write a press release at least once a week and if your time allows you write more. Just imagine you will collect over 50 press releases in one year just with one press release. Talk about incredible online presence!

11. Make sure share press release on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter loves news.. This is YOUR news.. Make sure share it. Plus it gives great traffic to your press release for FREE… Ask people to re-tweet and share with others…syndication is very important.. I personally recommend Katie Freiling’s The Unified Tribe social media platform to syndicate my content

The last tip: Take your press release and distribute offline. Find local companies that can include your editorials in their local news papers or magazines. You can even find good national publications that will accept your articles as contribution to their community. Do your own research and discover targeted publications. If you write about real estate crisis, find popular real estate publications. If you want to promote your business, find magazines like “Who is Who In Nashville” as good example and it will give an option to submit article about you and what you do.

Enjoy your week!

(c) Copyright 2009-2010  Tatyana Gann. All Rights Reserved

Tatyana Gann is an online PR consultant, a business coach,  a professional business connector, a mom of two great boys and an amazing hostess. To get instant access to Tatyana’s free tips on Online PR methods, business and creative marketing ideas, subscribe to her “Online PR Traffic newsletter.