Five major lessons of my personal transformation


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We do not start our spiritual journey  when things are always RIGHT.  It starts in the midst of challenges.  As we enter the holiday season, we tend to talk about spirituality, God, Divine Creator and our life purpose. We reflect on our life and we find blessings in each life moment.  I want to share few life lessons  with you today and I hope it can help you to recognize your own power. 

My number one life lesson : To be grateful for all and where I am now to appreciate Gods abundance we see in this fall beauty and everything around us. It teaches us patience, love, compassion and stretches our faith.

Second  lesson: Stop making excuses..believe in explosive blessings..expect best. Dream BIG. Think BIG. Gods promise to give abundance so you can be a BIG blessing to others. People don’t control your destiny. God has a final say. Not everyone will love your success but stay positive and you have power to overcome negativity.  God will bring you out better if you stay cool and positive.
I know in the midst of chaos you control your emotions and can be peaceful…that is when you see what you need to do…when you find strength to say to yourself ” I am loved…at peace”…and really…really believe it…then peace will be given to you and clarity will emerge to make right decisions! Major aha moment was a verse from Bible, “Go let it be done to you as you believe…” Yes, what do you want to believe to happen in your life?

My third lesson: Loving yourself is not selfish.  Loving yourself brings people in your life who honor you and serve you and encourage your growth!  I have experienced a major transformation and awakening and still do. It have new courage new understanding and new look at my life. God has been a center of all my new choices. It gave me strength, self love and compassion!

My forth lesson: When it comes to professional growth transformation gave me direction and seeing that my creative writing, publicity and branding skills were valuable and unique.   I say with God you have no limits. It is your belief in yourself that drives your life and business forward! Only one thing that limits God is YOU…It starts with you and it is up to you to have best results or not.

Start removing limits from your Divine creator…Believe in the impossible…When you believe in the impossible and unseen your success will manifest faster because your faith has been stretched!

Happy Holidays!


Tatyana Gann

Where passion meets innovation…a story about CEO of Fanpage ToolKit, Aaron Friendman

I want to introduce a very special friend of mine a brilliant mind, Aaron Friendman…His passion for serving people always amazes me and that is why I am sharing his story with you. I believe in showcasing people who make a difference in the lives of his clients!  He often talks about being innovative and passionate and his knowledge of technology, social media is phenomenal..

Please share this story because Aaron deserves abundance, success and joy for all work he puts in his business!  I interviewed Aaron and he shared his story about starting his company and what his plans for 2012 – 2013.

Aaron Friedman CEO of Fanpage toolkit on innovation and passion…

Aaron Friedman believes in innovations. His quest to start a search engine in late 90s, the adventure of entrepreneurship lead him to designing Fanpage Toolkit a social commerce platform for small business to unleash their story and leave the greatest legacy! He noticed an opportunity that has not left his heart. It actually stirred up some new ideas and he decided to turn his vision into reality.

For Aaron Friedman passion meant everything. His passion for social media and technology drove his success! He formulated a business plan, went on a quest to find funding, get the right people to carry his plan and in 2011 his platform went live!

Over the years he became the student of digital strategies and learned everything he could to master his skills and his message to the world. He believes that in business we must be creative and analytical at the same time. His second degree in Business opened his mind to possibilities and made him a risk taker. With Fanpage Toolkit it is all about experience, a message and results that Friedman wanted to see for each business owner.

Aaron often talks about the man who has become his inspiration, Steve Jobs. He learned that we should sell dreams and experience. People want to feel special and enjoy their life and Steve Jobs was able to make his dreams come true by giving people a hope and a new dream!  After launching Fanpage Toolkit he realized one mail goal- focus on making it simple and fun for his customers! Customer experience, innovative products and best value are three key ingredients in Aaron Friedman.

Despite the fact that he was nervous starting his company he saw one thing- customers were looking for new experience, new vibe and simplicity and he saw he could make a difference in the world of social media!

With his team operating the business in US and India he has been able to expand his  business worldwide attracting the most powerful brands and serving people with integrity,  providing a family friendly environment. Friedman learned to trust his guts and build something that anyone can be a part of regardless their professional background. Even though the company is still a baby, he dreams BIG and ready for a business growth! His motivation is about contributing to the world, fueling the local business economy and making a difference. He never lowered his expectations when things were tough.

For Friedman predicting future is difficult but recognizing current and future trends his company is marching into a new era of technology and innovation. He is leading his team to discover the best solutions and make things happen, without seeking perfection.

“Are you ready to win in the social media? Your hunt is over with Fanpage Toolkit…” Aaron Friedman

Aaron is looking for serious business partners and company owners who are ready to transform their business and grow their profits…Connect with Aaron today!


About Fanpage Toolkit

Fanpage Toolkit was founded in February 2011, after years of independent product development and research. Since then, it has grown into the #1 Social Commerce and Marketing Platform for Facebook. Fanpage Toolkit empowers its users to create, promote, market, trend, engage and sell products and services completely within the Facebook ecosystem. Follow Fanpage Toolkit for news and updates on Facebook and Twitter.

For media: 

Contact: Aaron Friedman, Founder & CEO

Fanpage Toolkit


Have a fantastic day!

Tatyana Gann

Branding Strategist, Mompreneur

Nashville TN

How NOT to lose your mind and be in the NOW!

How often do you look outside and everywhere else around but the forget the person you see every day in the  mirror!

On Sunday afternoon I was getting ready for my book photo shoot. It started raining outside right as I was I leaving my house and when I got to the studio I realized it would be few hours before I could leave …I said to myself, “Well, I am going to enjoy what I have now and will enjoy sitting in front of a big fancy mirror, getting my make up and hair done!! Then, I heard a voice in my head saying “I have to look at myself for hours. YIKES!” I got puzzled…

I had to regroup my thoughts and I focus on how fun it would be! I knew my kids were fine.  I knew my family was safe and sound.  I enjoyed being and  living in the moment. Nothing better than to spend an afternoon with amazing friends who are doing their best to make you look and feel fabulous. As I was looking in the mirror and saw the transformation – my make up, my hair I felt more confident and more beautiful. But I knew the make up would be eventually removed and my hair would not look like that every day. I thought about my heart, my soul and my mind. It is a part of who we are and the attitude toward our life is the best make up we could wear.  It leaves the impact on people around us and it keeps our heart pure and beautiful! A mirror becomes your friend and not your enemy. Your eyes reflect your soul’s condition and they tell your story…

It made me think….

When it comes to creating personal success, people spend their time, thousands of dollars searching for that perfect secret ingredient to creating success. They search for new ideas, better solutions, attend business seminars and even have private coaching lessons… It is all wonderful but… There is one thing that prevents people from moving forward or creating their success they want and deserve.

Let me illustrate better
.. When I started as an entrepreneur over six years ago, I did not have a mentor. I did not know what to do, how to market a business, close and sell products. I did not know why people needed personal development. I even considered it a foreign subject.. Huh. It was a complete a new language for me that I was not willing to learn at that time and did not really consider as an important part of my life.

I was worried about too many things.  I created too many blocks in my mind called “If and But” … Does it sound familiar to you?

…I was worried if what I did would provide the income for my family I needed right that second, and I was in a constant mode of worrying. I felt like a driver who pushes his breaks and make turns because he or she did not know the direction or even a vision. But the problem was much bigger!

The problem was lack of focus on NOW… Every day of our life we worry and think about what we did a  few minutes ago, last week, last year and even few years ago. Then we are worried about tomorrow, next year and what people would think of us tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and we spend the entire day thinking, processing and we feel exhausted and realize we have not accomplished anything. Then we worry that we have not accomplished anything and we worry again about things we just thought.

Here is a simple solution:
1. You must gather your thoughts now.
What is your priority today? Write them down..
You must understand that you must focus on your priorities and not what others want you to do. What do you need to do to achieve your goal, your success in your life. It does not mean you ignore other people needs. It is not what I mean. It is about loving yourself then giving others what you can give.

2. You must take one step at time.
Break everything down to the little things you need to accomplish and then focus on them. We all have big intentions and beliefs we can do it but little deeds matter to our success more.

3. Do not dwell on the past
Past is gone. That is why it is called past. Close the chapter of the last events. They are experiences and lessons. Take what is good and apply to your future. Every negative event can bring the best in you.

4. Do not anticipate on the future events
It can really hurt you emotionally and even create physical ailments.
It can cause stress from worrying and thinking about the things that did not happen.

5. Focus on the moment of NOW.
Look around and focus on the present, this moment, today and do your best. Focus on the things that need to be done now and that is your responsibility. By focusing on the responsibilities of NOW you will less likely  get lazy and slack off.
Every day is a new page in our chapter of life. We must treasure it and nurture our mind with gratitude and believe that tomorrow will be better and even better than today. Enjoy your today!

When it comes to choosing a business, or a new career we often ask ourselves if we could really be successful, if we should choose a business based on our passion that pays little in the beginning but more in the future or should we go with a business that we like it okay , but gives us a bigger paycheck today. When we think this way we create a  block. It prevents us to live in the moment of NOW. We create future blocks that have not even come true. We worry about the end results knowing that we can not control the end results.

My personal advice is to ask yourself what you want to do now to achieve short term goals and where you see yourself in few months or years. Of course we cannot guarantee that we would not change our careers or business paths. It can happen for sure. Focus on what brings you joy and what you know will bring value to your clients or customers, and feel that in your heart at that moment and the “how to ideas” to accomplish your life goals will come to you. The most successful people live in the moment of NOW and take responsible risks as they grow their business.

Today I am still learning.. I am learning to focus and refocus on the moment of NOW and what I need to do NOW. It is a learning process and we always learn and it makes us stronger. The only struggle we deal with is the struggle with ourselves and it is within us. We must learn to accept that past was past and we cannot change it.. We can only change future and create the future we want but focusing on NOW.

Let me know what you think about this post. Leave comments. Look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great week!

Tatyana Gann

Are you authentically successful?

I love summer and the beauty of nature around us!!!  Yesterday I spent my afternoon thinking about the true success and I made this video in my beautiful backyard surrounded by old oak, cherry trees!

What does success mean to you? Are you seeking fame, celebrity status, money, wealth? Or…do you seek the joy in the journey itself? When we go through ups and downs in our life and business we often think success is external! For some people, success is only defined by material possessions, wealth, money, new relationships, new friendships, new achievements, awards they  receive!

But here is the truth. The seeds of success are in you already and nature reminds us that everything happens in the right order, just in time when we are ready! Success is when we recognize our passion and when we are at peace with what we do…Success is when you do what you love to do and it is a great start for grande things!

Enjoy your weekend!


Tatyana Gann


Coffee Chat: 5 Lessons I learned about real business success…

Tatyana and Bryan is  here…

Lets have a coffee chat about true business success and I will share a special story. You must have read dozens of books on success, motivation, marketing! I know you did…But the success can not be read in a book. It is a journey. It is something we must experience ourselves.

Real business success includes hard work, sweat, tears of disappointments, tears of joy, doubts and starting over!!! In the past 5 years working from home I learned many life and business lessons. They were not always pretty! But they taught me the most important lessons: faith, strong intuition, self love and action.

Lesson 1: Faith and Belief

Never give up. We might fail for many reasons sometimes because of our own ignorance and not listening to our intuition.

Lesson 2: Intuition

We face obstacles to prevent us from making huge mistakes. Our inner guidance is telling what to do and what not to do. Trust me you might mess up and it is okay. Learning to make decisions and actually seeing the results will build awareness and develop our intuitive guidance.

It will allow us to see the partners we want to choose in business and clients we want to attract. We will be able see true friends through all. We see who is a taker, energy vampire and who is a real go giver!!

Lesson 3: Self love

That includes you must continue giving back to yourself. Giving your time, your energy back to where it belongs – YOU! Are you a real go giver? Do you take time to know yourself and setting time for learning new things, relaxing and doing things you love to do?

Lesson 4: Inspired Action

Do you take some action to serve and be helpful in your community when you know it is the right thing to do and it feels right? Thoughts of kindness do not bless. Action do…Do you believe in serving others to restore their family wealth, their relationships, their peace of mind.  Do not attend all networking events with your own agenda and feel because you have to… but then, you forget the main purpose of networking and serving others. Inspired action is always positive and people will feel it.

Lesson 5: Passion

Infuse people with your inspiration and passion but first learn more about your passion. When you have true passion for something it opens doors. People feel, see your energy. They know you and they are more willing to recommend your business or products to others.  Passion is a huge factor in my life. If I have no passion I get bored easily!

When my husband lost his job 3 years ago I could have been bitter and blain his company, society and economy…But…We had to work on our own mindset and step by step to get to where we are now. Through this journey I learned to love who I was and honor my talents. I learned to believe in something that seemed impossible. I had to take an inspired action to see the results. I made big mistakes and I made small mistakes. I learned a lot about myself and my character. I learned a lot about my wants and my inner desires.

Interesting thing I learned to have more fun and be open to new possibilities.  I entered the world of unknown. I took knowledge of what I had known as a publicist, PR strategist, a writer, a trainer and started my new healthy coffee business, launched a new coffee lounge group on Facebook for coffee and tea connoisseurs, innovative entrepreneurs, moms who want to bring more income into families.

I want to invite you to check my Coffee Wealth Lounge, a training platform for entrepreneurs NOW.

Get on the webinar tonight 8 pm EST and let’s learn how we can help you to create a luxury lifestyle with a cup of delicious coffee. It is coffee. It is simple. It works!

Click here to learn all details how you become a member of our Coffee Wealth Lounge- Business training platform for coffee connoisseurs and entrepreneurs.



Bryan and Tatyana


Understanding & Using Public Relations In Your Business- My Special Interview With Willie Crawford


If you want to learn how online PR strategies can help you to grow your business join us today for a special call at 3 pm EST 2 pm EST with a veteran of internet marketing Willie Crawford.  I am very honored that Mr Crawford will interview me on the topic of the power of  online PR for small business owners.


Listen today at 2 pm CST 3 pm EST

Willie Crawford is Veteran (15-year) Internet Marketing authority teaches what he and members of his Internet Marketing Inner Circle have discovered really works in generating a steady, reliable online income. Learn topics such as finding a profitable niche, generating website traffic, building a responsive email list, creating your own products, selling more affiliates products, branding yourself, networking, setting up joint ventures, and how to simply run a successful business.

Many small business owners, both online and offline  don’t fully appreciate the power and value of good public relations (PR).  Properly used PR can leverage the results of any advertising effort many times over. Good PR can literally be worth more than millions  of dollars in advertising.

Here are a few very important things to consider before starting a PR campaign:

….Do you have a coaching business and want to increase profits?

….Do you have a product about to launch and want the whole world to know about it?

….Do you have an established brand and want to build a solid online reputation?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, during my interview I will cover the following:

…help you to spread your message

…and manage a solid online reputation

…rebuild your name and your company’s name if you have suffered due to online attacks and places, such as Rip Off Reports and

…obtain better SEO

…get more media interviews

…increase sales

…book more speaking engagements

We look forward to serving you
Tatyana Gann

Passion for Life: How to Regain Your OWN Power and Discover Your Life Purpose


Are you ready to regain your own power, heal your life and move forward, so you can live the life of passion and joy?

Often it is not as complicated as some think…Do you believe that the day when you get AHA moment can finally come?

Here is my special video message! Enjoy!


In my video you will learn the importance of three steps to regaining your OWN power:

1. Power of gratitude

2. Power of passion

3. Power of faith and action


Enjoy it. Share!


Tatyana G.


CEO Women, Coffee Chats, Roses and Bras!

Dear friend

As I was enjoying my coffee on one Saturday afternoon I decided to make a video for you about women leaders, women who have passion to serve and bring change.

After attending many women events over the past year I saw one common thing- women want to lead and be accepted as equal success and business partners. They want to make major decisions not only when they are asked to do so!

Question…What does it take to be the best female CEO? What mindset do we need to have to become the best we can be in our business. Women executives can make a difference. Women CEOs can be very inspirational women and impact business growth!

Are you afraid to show your ambition and power because you think you will lose your feminine side?

Watch my special video message. Yes I will talk about coffee, roses, women success and bras!



..Please share with others!


PS.. Men CEOs – a must watch for you too!


Tatyana Gann

How Can The Intuition Be Your Guide…

(in the Japanese gardens)

“Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer.”

Intuition is not a mysterious power we own. Some of us think we should only use when we need it but I recommend using it every day! It is a daily practice. It teaches you to be aware!  It is a science for a lot of people who understand how to use it. It is about following your gut feelings and tuning in to your mind power!

When it comes to building a business, sharing your message with your customers, intuition can make a huge difference!  We follow our instincts; we say “I have a vibe!” We FEEL what is the next right action …But how do we really know it is the RIGHT action to take?

Especially when you are surrounded by the people who influence your actions it is hard to determine if your intuition is RIGHT or WRONG!

You might get nervous and feel strong urge in your stomach and your intuition tells you a message! Intuition can guide us and deliver the ideas that can take our business and our personal life to a new happier level!

There are few ways that you can improve your intuition:

  1. Meditation is one of the ways to sharpen your intuition to clear your head and your heart so you know and FEEL what RIGHT is for you!
  2. Know what you want and stop allowing others tell you what they think you want
  3. Take time to enjoy a great meal, with fresh herbs. Trust me it allows your body to relax, recharge and enjoy the process. You are in the NOW and it helps your intuition.
  4. Often intuition is becoming stronger after traumatic events in your life. It happened with me. I let go of toxic situations, forgave and moved forward. Was it hard? OH YES! But it takes practice to let go and know in your mind it is for YOUR good!
  5. Good rest and sleep!  Sometimes before bedtime I say to myself “God reveals the way I should go in my life or what I should do” Losing sleep over the difficult life or business decision is NOT worthy. Your intuitive solutions will come to you when you are relaxed and emerge with the morning sunshine!
  6. Learn to relax and not live in fear and doubts when it comes to solving difficult situations. True thinking is clear of fear.
  7. Laugh. Laughter allows you to be in the moment..


It is all about self love. When you love yourself you develop the best intuition. You honor the God spirit in you and HE will guide you to create the best life you are destined to have!


Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!



Tatyana Gann


How to put an end to a fake passion… and regain true passion in life

When I think about the definition of passion and the best way to describe it, I think about a beautiful rose blossoming and showing off its beauty! It has the sweetest nectar and attracts everything and everyone around. It gives your body and the mind the most beautiful, electrifying feeling!
 A Rose represents happiness. It is a flower of passion and love. When I look at a rose, I immediately think of a gentle flower with thorns to protect its beauty. It inspires people to express love and passion, to show gratitude and appreciation. Passion is the foundation of everything we do in life.  Only when we are passionate about ourselves and what we do, only then can we truly become beautiful people. This is what a rose does. It brings out the best to the world. It knows its purpose. It represents passion in life. It does not have to pretend to be something else.
Are you pretending to be something else? Are you exhausted to live  a life that looks good on a paper but in you heart tells you something else? The truth is when you pretend to be something else or suppress your dreams you will need to reignite your passion and sometimes, it can be a kick in your booty.
Over years I have had many discussions on the topic of “PASSION” and the journey to rediscover my own passion was a tough one, but it taught me one lesson- STOP LISTENING to what THEY SAY, because usually the ones who tell you what they think you should do in life,  do not even know what to do for themselves!
What is the TRUE passion? Passion that brings you great success or passion that is fun and just your hobby…?  How do YOU define true passion?
What if… you have NO clue what passion is…You have been told what your passion is or should be…You were around the people who were also told what their passion was.  You created an image in your head about what passion was supposed to be, thinking it was passion, until one day “that passion” was dying… You work hard. You think about problems. You do not enjoy your work. You resist. You fight  yourself and you still try to do something… but you feel no passion! Only commitment.  You want to do the right thing… but FOR WHOM?
We often think that when we are passionate, we must work MORE …and force ourselves to work MORE to justify owning a business  because somebody told us it was the way it should be BE. NOPE!…You do not need to slave hard and force yourself to create success. Passion is energy. It does not force people to do what they do not love to do or be around people who are totally different and do not understand them. The work you do that is filled with true passion flows with ease and joy! If you sweat in your office till 3 am, you are doing the WRONG thing, my friends… YOUR passion will slowly fade away.
When the passion within you is dying, it may be just a thought… Every time you feel your passion is dying it means it is time to look deep inside and remove the layer that does not serve your purpose. Only then you can experience a TRUE awakening!
People are often confused about the true meaning of passion . We think we are losing passion… So we have two things happening: We lose this “fake passion” and gain ‘the real one”. We think we lose passion, but instead, we lose the layer of who we used to be, the fake layer that needed to be removed so that we can experience an awakening…and feel ALIVE!!!
When the “Old, fake YOU” is dying inside, no real passion is present YET… you feel a hole in your heart and soul. A part of you is gone…you feel empty…and do not know what to do with that feeling of emptiness. But do not rush to fill that emptiness with something that does not serve your higher purpose. It is time to listen to the silence of the inner emptiness. Know it is the start of reviving your inner fire- your  true PASSION.

My personal advice: Recharge. Give yourself a break.  Do not rush to fill your heart and soul with things that are NOT of your core values. Do not do things to please others. When you recognize that the “fake passion” is gone, it is your first step to a new life. Do not go backwards. Give time to refill your soul with “REAL authentic passion”.

Often in the most serene quiet moments in your life will allow you to see your passion very clearly. Passion will keep your business grow and you will be able to build a solid brand! Without passion, positive attitude you will not believe in yourself and what you write. It means your readers will NOT believe what you say because they will FEEL it. TRULY ask yourself what you are and what you can do to impact others!


Your Coach Tatyana


Tatyana Gann is the founder of the , providing publicity and branding consulting/coaching for her clients worldwide. Tatyana Gann is ready to bring you publicity tips, advice and PR services to help you gain more raving fans for your business and create the rockstar publicity! She is ready to infuse your life and biz with passion and inspiration! Grab your FREE publicity and biz weekly advice at