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When I asked my clients in the past if they had a great bio they said they never had time to put one together…or did know what to write. I decided to give you  some ideas .and questions to ask yourself to remove your writing block. Simple. Fun. Easy! You need a good short bio/pitch when you introduce yourself to a group or new friends/biz partners.

Make sure print the questions and write answers beside each question.
What is the most UNUSUAL about what you do?
What is exciting about what you do?
What are you strengths?
How do you satisfy your customers?
What does motivate you?
What is the most interesting thing for people about you when they see first time?
Do you have WOW factor?
Make sure it is only 2 sentences and use essential words…
Make it for specific audience…It depends on each niche you target!

Step 2. Resources:

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