It is TIME for your business to get a PR makeover!

In the times when every single person is using social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google + , we cannot forget the power of PR to build your business.

It teaches how to connect, build relationships with media and how to find the right people who can share our story, spread awareness. We are here to collaborate, to serve and not to be in the competition game.

That is why I am hosting this call today!

  • We will cover how to create a perfect PR pitch, how to find editors who use Facebook and Twitter to share YOUR stories.
  • Plus how to give editors what THEY WANT to give your name more credibility!
  • Learn why social media newsroom is important to build your brand!
  • Learn why some editors want a proposed story and not a press story!
  • Find how you can implement these strategies in the next 48 hours!

Registration Web Link:

If you are tired of reinventing yourself and your business this call is for you!

See you on Thursday night!

Tatyana Gann
Founder SmokinHotPR VIP PR Consulting and Coaching​/

PS. If you want to work one on one with me, receive monthly coaching or consulting to create a complete PR plan and show you how to get it done! Plus learn the creative marketing and promotional strategies that media loves.

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