Are you truly listening…Late night PR geek chat, SEO and Cabernet

Writing SEO press releases for your business and products can be time consuming and challenging, especially if you have to understand SEO guidelines and how to push your story through social media channels.  Last week I was staying late and was talking to my new Twitter friends.

While I was enjoying glass of Cabernet, researching keywords for my new lessons, I engaged into the conversation with few people who were interested to know about PR. Some questioned the PR model and some loved it. My fun tweet about Cabernet made an impact!

I honestly did not expect that my tweet about Cabernet and SEO would turn into the late night PR chat. We talked about  SEO press releases, an online PR tool to share stories and create history for your company business. Later one I connected with my ideal clients who wanted to know how to get the publicity on the web. I did not have to convince anyone about the benefits and importance of PR campaign.

What I realized  I was being REAL with my audience. I was listening. Listening from my heart and was clear about what ideal prospects were talking and their feelings. I was also passionate about what I was sharing. I was using some elements of humor in my conversation. Social media is all about being SOCIAL. It is about putting effort and answering questions, adding comments, bringing more value. We must go extra mile!

Are you listening or come to social media platforms with your agenda and wearing ear muffs ?

When it comes to writing a press release for your business, we seek to bring solutions to problems. Press release story now becomes social platform. Your customers share your story because they know it will benefit their circle of friends. It is not any longer one way street. It is no longer fax press release, or a press release announcement that is dry and boring. We can share our stories and exciting news without being boring or too enthusiastic!

I think so many biz owners still think that Twitter or Facebook platform is all about advertising. They see people who automate every tweet and get discouraged.  They use cheap pitches. No wonder, business owners loose the hope in the social media and how it can help them. They focus on buying Twitter followers or have someone manage social media profiles. I think they are missing the main POINT- it is about listening others, listening from their heart and responding in the same manner. If you automate everything, who listens whom?

Social media is about showing real you, even when you have a glass of red wine and trying to figure out keywords, write ideas for your business. It may sound silly to you but it is REAL for viewers. Many business owners act so sterile. They are dry, without any emotions.

What happened with people? Did they remove the emotions and become robots who post and answer with no personal touch? Do they even show real them? How do they write? Where do they go? What is their life like today? Are they real?  Public relations is about people, interacting with people even if it is on sofa late at night with a glass of red wine!

Today writing PR stories are becoming more and more effective for several reasons:

  • Business owners are forced to be REAL to get the targeted buyers
  • It allows to bring visibility to the content of a website
  • It allows to share a story via social media networks
  • It generates instant feedback from the followers, fans
  • It is viral tool
  • Low cost comparing to traditional advertising
  • It allows to gain credibility
  • Awesome tool for online reputation
  • List Building Method To Bring Fresh Leads
  • Low cost method to connect with other business owners and form partnerships
  • SEO friendly: more stories more inbound links

What do you think about writing press releases or pitches- stories for your business and products?  How do you see it can benefit your business? It is time to write, share stories, gain visibility? Videos are not enough. You cannot be a slave to old marketing methods..In my video about using social media releases I shared my views on the old marketing methods and how we are still slaves to old ways instead of embracing the social media and PR trends.

Writing press releases can give you the missing piece you have been seeking for! It will make you stand out and give you authority. Today when we face daily competition we must stand out!

When you combine PR and SEO then add social media you can reach buyers, get media attention, share your radio interviews, videos and set up a newsroom to establish your brand..

Are you ready for a major change in your business? If you feel like you are ready for massive exposure, PR campaigns is the way to go of course along your marketing campaign.

Love to hear your feedback.

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Tatyana Gann

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