Is your story SWEET enough to give your customers true aha moments?

When I think of the ways we can share a story about our brand I think about ice cream flavors. We go to an ice cream cafe or even a supermarket and our eyes become big, excited about trying new flavors! My children love ice cream and we love to be creative – tasting new flavors and creating new experiences and family memories!

When it comes to sharing a story about your brand, your products and  your name people love to hear stories. Customers love to hear stories. However,  not every business owner is talented and skilled at storytelling.

Storytelling is an art. It requires inspiration, passion and determination to get the point across without sounding like a promotion. It takes digging DEEP into your soul to find what makes your heart sing and finding courage to show this passion to your audience! Think about storytelling times with your kids at your local bookstore! It was not about what you said, but how you said it!  It came from your heart !

Show your customers you are here for them to tell a story that will matter to them. Old rules of PR have changed. It is time for us to embrace the social media and learn the art of storytelling.  A good story requires some personalization. I mentioned many times that bloggers, editors, journalists are HUMAN! They want human connection. They are not hiding behind the cover of your favorite magazine. With new rules of PR storytelling is a huge factor in how your brand is being perceived!

You can humanize the process of writing your stories, your press releases, your pitches and you can improve the readers ability to connect with you and share what you have!  With major changes in the world of PR and social media one thing never goes out of fashion- your story. It might have different flavors, new twists, and you might attract new clients and new business relationships!

Remember very important thing when you are writing a press story.

1. SEO releases are designed to reach buyers and they are for customers to brings solutions

2. Social media releases are  for press, bloggers and customers.

3. Traditional releases announcing your event, product launch can also reach media and customers.

The most innovative “flavor” of a press story is a social media release. For many old school PR pros it brings controversy but for the risk takers, innovators,  creative minds this type of a press release is a perfect way to tell a story! You must learn how it can become a part of your daily business activities.

It is your rare diamond that can shed new light on how your customers view your product. It is a great way to add videos, audio clips.

A well crafted social media release has very important elements:

1. your story

2. videos

3. supporting docs

4. company contacts including social media profiles

5. social book marking sites to get more viral traffic

6. Images you can add to your story.

7. you can make it optimized for search engines to increase traffic

Often people share such stories on their blogs but I recommend Pitch Engine PR and Social Media Platform

Write a story, or retell a  story, link the original story and place it in Pitchengine. You can integrate with Facebook business page if you think it will save you some time!

 Very important factors to consider...

Your social media release is not a traditional release and it will never be. It is more easy going, more engaging and not as official as a traditional or SEO release. I think it can work great if you write a good optimized story! It is not to be shared via wired services.

You can use your social media release when your goal is to create more buzz about what is happening in your business. Get some conversation going.! Then the readers can share your story and link back to your site.

One thing…share it and ask people to share. By including fun photos and videos and links to other important content you are building your brand awareness! Sometimes we must plant the seeds before we reap the harvest!

Have a great day!

Tatyana Gann


How to write a consumer focused press release to get targeted buyer leads…

When it comes to writing a press story we think we should only focus on getting some media attention. We try to add some spice and uniqueness to our story because we know media professionals have very limited time to read and choose what best suits them.

However, if you want to reach buyers directly you must consider the following rules before you write a press release or a mini pitch. Remember if even your send your story to an editor she or he is still a human being and she/he would want to know if their readers benefit from your advice:

First, pay attention to your headlines. It is a very important element for your story that can bring your traffic or they delete it and never consider it regardless if your story is filled with the most updated, fun, exciting content!

Here is what you must consider when you write headlines.

  • You have 10 seconds to make an impression
  • You can write the press release first before you come up with the headline.

It will give you a direction about your headline if you have a hard time coming up with the ideas. If you only focus on a headline you might experience a writer block or miss the important information you want to share.

  • Headlines should be about 70 characters ( use same rule for tweets and facebook posts)
  • Hot trendy stories give your Ideas
  • Do reviews of  hot emerging trends
  • Ask yourself if you want to get media attention or consumer focused?
  • Talk about your major clients and achievements they had with your services
  • List all the information you want to include
  • Arrange in the order of importance
  • Say what you mean. Be simple.
  • Avoid jargon words. You are a talking to another human being. It is very important to keep communication simple and open.
  • Focus on the results in the press release…( achievement, news)

Before you sent out the story follow these rules:

Let the story sit overnight. Do not edit. Wait.

See the content for overuse of the same words

Grammar check

Choose the right press release submission services: do not use free sites unless you know they appear in Google search and good for link building.

I recommend Best press release sites for link building that have FREE press release option

Idea Marketers, PR Zoom, 24-7Pressrelease,

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Have a great week!


Tatyana Gann

List Building Proven Strategies With SEO Press Releases

“Discover Simple Steps To Building List With SEO Press Releases”

Want to know if it is possible to build a list with SEO press releases? Do they work for online publicity and lead generation?

In my Press Release Mastery Training DVD and CD course I have been covering aspects of using press releases for many purposes and one of them is list building.. I decided to give you the secret recipe ingredients.

20 Steps to Build List, Sell Your Products, Share Stories About Your Company, Build Your Brand

1. Determine your targeted market:

You must write press release that targets one targeted audience at a time (example, working moms, young moms, executive moms, internet marketers under age of 30 and so on…

2. Determine the angle of your press release:

Very important step that you need to take. You must determine three areas in the topics you are about to write about: if you are going to talk about your product/service, you as expert, something you are known for in your community or your niche and the third type of press release is announcement about events such as workshops, special classes, speaking engagements, radio shows.

3. Research keywords.

Very important step once you determine what you plan to write about.
Choose two main keywords you want to target. If it is more than that then you are going to look like spammer trying to stuff keywords.

4. Positioning of keywords:

Make sure your primary keyword phrase is the first phrase in headline or title.

5. Controversy

Description of your press release has to start with controversial topic/problem and solution you want or hope to provide. Description must have your primary keyword as your first words in the paragraph

6. Your Unique Service:

The body of press release must start with summary of description, problem and instant solution that has never done by you, your service or what your product can do for them, no one has done it. Your press release is about revealing facts, truth, controversy that has been discussed in media and your professional circles. Very important to use this angle to be different and stand out.

Headlines: The Truth about Social Media Marketing YOUR GURU does not tell you, “The Truth on How to Become Sales PRO YOUR MLM Coach DOES NOT TEACH YOU…” YOUR BOOK SHINES NEW LIGHT and SHOWS BETTER WAY….” CONTROVERSY is THE KEY

7. Instant Solution: You present the PROBLEM everyone had for long time and now you give INSTANT SOLUTION and it must be accessible right in press release via free download, free teleclass registration and free consultation

8. Your products are NOT:

You must share bullet points of what your program/service/book/event is NOT. Include the bullet points with an expert quote which is YOU.

9. Facts and Bullet Points: You must share your main facts about what you offer and always positition yourself as an expert in your field…Magic words, As an expert in……(niche) (your name) sees the main (problem..) and shows a solution that is different from others. (Name) gives hope, provides better way and new way and so on….
Tip: You must show what you have to offer is special and unique and why it is beneficial for the specific target market

10. Action Steps:

You must include action steps. I call them demands from the customer and media.

A) You must give them access to your free bonuses and it must be on your website, your newsletter that they can download and also point out that that there are more bonuses for serious customers, business seekers and so on..Include your website in this important section. B) You must include contacts for media so you can get booked for interviews, shows, classes and so on.

11. Your BIO:

You must have bio about you and include 2 paragraphs at least with links back to your sites and how customers reach you including your office phone number.

12. Extra spice:

You must hyperlink keywords to your blog posts, articles and videos that talk about the same topic and related to keywords you plan to target

13. Quotes: Make sure add your quotes or quotes of experts. Very important element of press release to use for a great interview effect.

14. Juicy Sauce:

Add Videos and Images. They help with SEO and plus establish faster connection with your customers.

15. Submission:

Submit press releases to paid PR directory and then to free one about 4 days later

FREE:, 24-7Press,

16. Time:

Best time to have press release online Tuesday and Thursday

17. Additional Online Exposure:-

Link your press releases to your blogs and also post them as a brief article on your blog with link to original Press release text.

18. Local Customers:

Write regional/local Press Releases to target local and regional businesses. has press release for local marketing
Add videos to these press releases with keywords for local businesses

19. Videos:

Turn the press release into videos. That is another product you can use for marketing

20.  Social Media Releases

It is a new way to be in charge of your brand
• foundation is SEO press release
• they are different than SEO and serves different purpose (more engaging with customers)
• allow more elements since it is HTML platform
• It your personal online newsroom, your own office not emailed to journalists
• I believe it is awesome for branding purpose brand awareness
• Gets in search engines fast!
• Social media platforms can be optimized for search engines

Enjoy this post! Share!

Tatyana Gann