PR Detective on the assignment: why do I need a publicity?

Sometimes I feel like a PR detective. I often joke with my clients about being a private PR investigator. I research, write, spy, connect and build relationships. I get the information about what media wants and bring the results to  my clients to create  a powerful publicity.

Just a couple weeks ago I did a call with a Million Dollar MindsetTM  Coach Marla Tabaka called “Publicity Hidden Secrets“. It was focused on the main topic- “How to Get Publicity That Works Like Magic for Your Business and Will Make You A Celebrity In Your Own Community!”

I am a street smart PR guru who knows from experience what TRULY works and how long it takes to build YOUR name…I also know what does  not work!  All I have what I learned and applied to my business. On the call I  shared what my clients experienced like Dr Rebecca Westbrook featured in the major media in Dallas Texas or HR leading voice in Social Media Jessica Miller Merrell who have been interviewed by many trade publications and hosted many training webinars for executives thanks to PR campaigns..

Here is the secret to the best PR.  Guess what…Nothing magic. No special flavors. All I have  is the simple formula for creating a publicity plan that brings results and is ready to bring you publicity tips, advice and PR services so you will gain raving fans for your business and create smokinhot publicity!

Tip 1 The publicity secret strategies can help you to tap into the markets you never thought possible and establish your online credibility – fast!

I believe that times have changed and business owners today use small communities and networks to make connections and build relationships.  As you know, relationships are the main thing for the big dawgs in the world of PR and marketing.  Without the right connections you will not be able to connect to media. It is a fact. Also if your goal is to get booked on TV shows, be publicized in the top magazines and constantly get the best PR you have two choices: hire a publicist or do yourself. Either way, relationships built on trust are the key. What is your relationship with media like?

Your journey to become well-known or famous does not need to be complicated. It starts with a very simple formula that can stir up interest and bring more attention to YOU.  You need to find a reliable PR Pro.

There are myths about the benefits of hiring PR pro because they say marketers and small online business owners do not like PR folks and vice versa. They believe only advertising will bring results. True? Decide for yourself…

Tip 2 Average marketer spends 2 to 4k a month on PPC ads or other paid ads. What if they redirect money and spend 4k a month on PR for few months. Hire PR pro. Consult with them. See that advertising does not buy credibility, authority and long term online presences. Advertising sells. PR tells your story to attract and retain clients...


Are you ready to start a new journey and learn few PR tricks and how the PR campaigns can very effective for your business?
Listen to the exclusive interview where my friend and a life coach Marla Tabaka interviewed me on her radio show. Tell us what you think.

Listen TODAY!

Have a great week!

Tatyana Gann

PS. I am off to MTV movies awards event in Los Angeles from June 1 till June 5 to represent my client’s business and a product line called SlenderPOPs manufactured by Sisel International and participate in the MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge event . I cannot wait to meet my friends and make new friends in the media world. It will be a fun event! I promise to share photos!

Tatyana Gann is the founder of the Smokin’ Hot PR Ezine and Smokin’ Hot PR Boutique, providing publicity, online PR services and even private VIP consulting. Tatyana Gann is ready to bring you publicity tips, advice and PR services to help you gain more raving fans for your business and create smokin’ hot publicity! She has a simple formula for creating a publicity plan that brings results! Grab your FREE publicity weekly advice at:

How To Easily Remove Writer’s Block in 10 Steps

Writer’s block?

Did you know that there is a simple way to remove a writer’s block and have natural flow of thoughts?

No I am not talking about hypnosis or listening to some mind changing meditation Voodoo tapes.  Have you ever sat down to write and felt your mind was empty? You had no ideas and not even a hint of topics you want to write about…You take a note pad, a nice looking pen and get comfy ….Blank…Blank..

Nothing happens. You get coffee, some cream and even get some chocolate hidden in the cupboard. You get excited thinking “This is IT. I will be great” …  But nothing happens. You begin to worry how you are going to come up with the ideas for your next article, press release and blog post.

You feel tension is building up and you feel overwhelmed. You write couple ideas and then start writing. Your phone rings, your kids are at home asking twenty questions in less than 5 minutes.  Life goes on.. but you have projects in your mind that need to be completed. You are looking out of the window, watching clouds and getting nowhere..

Are you still in a dream land?

Much of what you are going through with a writer’s block is totally normal. Even the best writers get them. It is NOT something you have to worry. What I have discovered that people need to follow few steps that are so simple to practice and all you need is YOURSELF to do it on a daily basis. Yes I said on a daily basis.

Here is the simple formula that will help to remove the writer’s block and open your mind to seeing things differently with a fresh perspective.

1.       Make sure to REST: The most important factor that determines your creative flow is REST. You must have rest in order to function and that includes your writing, especially if you do it for living. You must rest during the day. Some may not agree but taking few short breaks and even nap if you work at home can help you to feel refreshed and recharge. It can remove the block when you let go.

2.       Tell funny stories : Funny stories related to the topics  might be ice breaker with your customers. Make sure they are REALLY funny and not just for you.

3.       Research what your customers talk about your products and services or even remember interesting stories they shared previously. It does not have to be totally new.

4.       Make a video: Video is an excellent way to speak what you want to say because later you transcribe it. You can even use older videos because  by listening it might give you ideas what to say and how to say it.

5.       Make Audio and then transcribe as well.

6.       Use photos for publicity. Often making a photo blog post can be quite effective because it shows your life or lifestyle of your clients/customers

7.      Famous authors: Read books of famous people in the same niche as you are.  Contact authors and ask them for permission and then tell them you wanted to interview them too. Then, write a book review and the review of the interview. You can blog  about it or send out as an event press release.

8.       Book reviews: Write reviews about the books on Amazon and then post review on your blog or talk in your press release. Amazon gets a lot of traffic and your reviews can be quite helpful. You will be attaching yourself as expert to the community of Bloggers or a business owners who also blog about their products. It is a huge plus!

9.       Gozillion of topics: Do not focus on writing zillion of topics. Take the hot related topics from and talk about on your blog or even video.

10.   Total relaxation: Sometimes all you need to take 2 days off and enjoy time with your family or your friends and let it come back to your naturally.

When you are ready to write, it will come together. When your mind is ready, it is ready to let the ideas out one idea at time. I usually feel them coming as natural flow and I write them down, record them. I have paragraphs come to my mind easily when I am relaxed, but focused. I do not feel tension. I feel smile inside and it becomes easy!

Ready to smile and enjoy the writing journey?

Enjoy it!

Tatyana Gann

Tatyana Gann & Smokin’ Hot PR Ready to get access to the simple formula for creating a proven marketing and online PR campaign? It’s time to get back to the basics and enjoy simple PR and marketing methods that work around the clock. Learn how you can tap into the markets you never thought possible and how to establish your online credibility very fast. Tatyana and SmokinHotPR consulting is an online PR service on steroids – it gives you a quick and simple formula to do your own PR and eliminate marketing headaches.

Press Release Rules: How To Write A Press Release

When it comes to writing a press release many business owners often feel stuck in the area of press release distribution.  How often did it happen to you? You felt your head was spinning with ideas and what each company could do you for you. You make a list of them, look at prices, features and get more confused. You do research and all you see everyone says they are the best service since the sliced bread. You give up, right? Does it sound like you now?

Taken From

Well, let me tell you a short story…

A few days ago I was talking to my client who was using  PR distribution services couple years ago but it did not work for him as he wanted to.  He gave up on PR services though he truly believed it was a way to go to share his story, his product concept. He knew he needed PR for his business but he did not know where to go. Can I tell you it happens often? Customers try PR services for short period of time and then get discouraged and cancel everything. They forget one thing. Publicity results are not always instant. It takes 60-90 days to bring the results.

You have to have a plan. If you do not have a publicity plan like in anything you do, you will fail and your expectations for PR services will be low. Writing a good press release takes efforts. Some people say you can write a press release in 30 min but for me it is a piece of art. It is a masterpiece. Why?

First of all you have to have one idea in mind. You write to an ideal buyer. If you are in a business of selling healthy chocolate and you want to write a press release to a buyer who is looking for gluten free chocolate, you must talk to a customer who wants that feature in their chocolate. They want to know how gluten free chocolate tastes before they even buy it, and what others say about it, such as experts in gluten free chocolate business. Your press release is not a generic dry story that you cannot even stand reading. It must be all about your customers and how you make them feel. You must research your niche, your keywords.

Secondly, when it is done, edited, you seek the ideal places. I personally recommend to use SEO releases services for press release distribution such as or and also  social media online PR rooms such as They are low cost, effective and they are authority. Depending on your budget you can use these services to distribute your press releases. Then, later on you can add new services. These are proven resources I use and recommend.

Third, you want to make it exciting. You can embed videos and images with your press releases. What I love about my Pitchengine media room is that you can add your images, related videos, links related to the content you are sharing and make it fun and easy to see. For example in my recent PR story for my client I wrote a social media release that was designed for local optimization and his name.

You can see a press release example and discover how fun and exciting it can be.  It had videos, images that are totally optimized for search engines. Times changed and today you can be creative and innovative with your PR strategies. Your story becomes the center of the party. You are the host and people are listening to you! ( We had fun at Mari Smith birthday party who is our Facebook marketing queen)

Fourth, you must submit to social bookmarking services as or to gain more exposure and links. I also recommend to submit your story to communities that can syndicate your stories. Hint. Take your press release you have written, write a review on it and post on your blog. Then take the blog post and submit to a blogging community..

Because  I am totally in love with public relations, writing publicity for my clients and bringing positive light that every business owner wants I have patience for working with people who are ready to threw in the towel.  I believe that PR is coming back full force and with new wave of PR 2.0 and upcoming PR 3.0 things will change in your favor. It will make it more easy, less expensive and easy for your customers to read and purchase your products.

Tatyana Gann is  the founder of SmokinHotPR E-zine and SmokinHotPR Boutique, specializing in PR consulting, mentoring and writing services for business owners. Tatyana is a mompreneur who resides with her family in Nashville TN.   Get instant access  to SmokinHotPR Ezine: PR 2.0 Secret Strategies, Creative and Innovative Marketing Ideas To Build Your Business.