7 Magic Steps To Writing An Effective SEO Press Releases

“Learn How Online SEO Press Releases Can Be Your Magic Hat That Gives “Wow Factor” and Attracts Customers Raving About Your Product or Service!”

Do you still believe the myth that online press releases are only written for bigger corporations with HUGE advertising budget that need publicity? The fact that these companies write online press releases because they understand the power.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with a business client of mine couple weeks ago.  She asked me how press releases can increase sales and why she could not just use PPC and Facebook ads. It was a great solid question but I heard the hesitance in her voice and I asked her question, “Do you read stories and get information on google from the trusted sources?” She said “Of course, Yes”.  As you can see you all  search online and only trust experts that give your ENOUGH information to make a decision! Readers trust NEWS! What has happened with Online Press Releases in The Past Few Years?

Major Changes Occured.  Media Relations Changed. People Changed The Way They Communicate.

The major key is to understand a customer: how they think and what they search for online. Your magic wand must affect the touchy subject on your customer mind and bring SOLUTION that nobody could bring before. I have been reading what David Meerman Scott, one of the top PR experts, talks on the subject of  the  new rules of press releases marketing, and I totally agree that  search engine optimized press releases work because they take controversial subject, turn into story and give solution!

Would it be awesome to put this MAGIC HAT on and take your magic wand and bring tons of traffic to your site?

Here is my 7 Magic Steps Formula To Writing SEO Press Releases.

Step #1 Understand press release is about connecting with your  CUSTOMERS directly.  Media is secondary and serves as a big plus for your extra publicity.

Step # 2 The foundation is still there.  The core foundation is still present. I call it ” Big 5 Ws of Press Release”- (why, where, what, who, when)

Step #3 Think of the controversial topic about your product or service and reveal it. Give your thoughts on it and how you can provide solutions fast and efficient. You become the expert in your customer eyes and credible source of information for media.

Step #4 It is your list building method. Yes, you heard me right. Majority of business owners do not use it as a list building tool but more of announcement story.. WRONG! Give way special report, free consultation, coupons  and direct them right to your website. It is your call to ACTION.  Monetize your press release right way.

Step #5 Add videos and images. They are proven to increase opt in rate and awesome for SEO and help with first page ranking.

Step #6 Add Links to the related content within the body of your press release such as your blog, your Twitter or Facebook page and of course your business website you want to market. Show your customers where to go. (believe me people still need to be directed and people love orders)

Step # 7. Try a new kid on the block called Social Media Releases. They are a proven method for branding, adding buzz to your company online presence and give you an expert status.  They are found through social networking channels.  They never replace SEO online press releases but they can do magic for your business.  Few months ago I did an blog talk radio interview with Deirdre Breakenridge the author of awesome  book I recommend everyone to read called “Putting People back into Public Relations” and we talked about the power of social media releases as online PR traffic method to increase traffic and brand awareness.

One more thing to remember that good written press releases are going to stay in search engines for months, years and your customers and media will find you  when paid ads disappear and others run out of budget to advertise their product or service. I hope you get the point and ready to use my magic secrets.

c) Copyright 2010 Tatyana Gann. All Rights Reserved

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