Facebook Timeline and Business Pages…A Good Combo?

From the desk of

Tatyana Gann

Nashville TN

In today article in Entrepreneur magazine, Facebook Timeline and Business Pages, Perfect Together the author Mikal E. Belicove, an Entrepreneur magazine columnist & contributing writer, was sharing his insights  on Facebook Timeline.  Can Timeline really impact the consumer engagements with brands?

I believe Facebook Timeline is allowing a business page to look like an open book rather a traditional business with the closed doors. Timeline can create a fun and energetic environment on your fanpage that can attract a new audience, converting them into loyal buyers. According to Mikail, ” brands are enjoying an average 46 percent increase in engagement per post. ”

As a PR strategist, I would recommend every company owner to become a story teller using photos, videos and share daily news. What a perfect opportunity to share your message, become a little more personal, relate to people issues and be a solution provider. It is about trust my friends!

I have recently discovered a very simple platform called Fanpage Toolkit.  I interviewed Aaron Friedman, CEO of Fanpage Toolkit and in our conversation he pointed out something very profound; “Small businesses and mid-size companies experience the greatest growth when they have an emotional connection with their customers. It starts with loyalty. Then, people trust. In the end, people buy. Fanpage Toolkit provides an opportunity to foster this kind of relationship with consumers and build a strong bond”.

You can create a fun and energetic environment using this platform that can attract a new audience, converting them into loyal buyers.

Here is what you need to keep in mind:

1. Be original.  Do not try to copy other brands and their style.

2. Use your own photos and create your own videos for your products. I prefer real raw content than polished borrowed photos. Take photos  everywhere you go. Show your personality!

3.  Communicate and talk to your customers. Ask questions.   Bring solutions fast!

4.  Contests are great for your exposure.

5.  Host a fundraiser for a good cause and involve the community in your work. Write press releases that shows your community work!

These little strategies for your biz can make a difference but you have to do them consistently. Nothing is magical!

Always ask to share. Always seek new creative ways. Learn from the best brands but stick to your story and be original.

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Tatyana Gann

Your PR Strategist