Shawn Phillips Fitness Guru

Shawn Phillips Fitness Guru

In a world of artificial foods, fast food crazes, fat-free food madness and 100 calorie snack packs, how does the busy, active type-A man stay lean, fit and healthy?

What if there was a food that could help you build lean muscle, lose weight, shed fat, and gain energy? There is and you have to look no further than Full Strength Premium Nutrition Shake for Men created by fitness innovator Shawn Phillips.

Phillips has taken his expertise in sculpting abs and chiseling athletes to helping busy, high-achieving men look great, feel great and perform great.

In a University of Oklahoma scientific study, later published in a prestigious peer-reviewed journal, Phillips’ Full Strength was proven to swap fat for lean muscle, while adding energy and significantly improving several other critical health markers in test subjects (

In his recent interview with Tatyana Gann, a publicist and founder of SmokinHotPR, Shawn Phillips said, “The busy modern-day warrior is turning to energy drinks, energy bars, “boxed” meal systems or choosing a debilitating diet to lose weight or stay fit and lean, while taking care of family, business and community. Full Strength is the perfect solution for the man in demand.”


Fitness Guru Shawn Phillips Lets the Best Kept Secret in Nutrition Out of the Closet

Burn The Fat ad Build Muscle Safely

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