Your PR cupid is coming over!

Valentine’s day around the corner and I have decided to become your special PR cupid for the month of February!!  Lets share some love, happiness and bring new positive changes in your life and your business! I am a person who believes that love is the foundation of all we do, what we represent and our true self.  Without love our businesses will not grow and our relationships with our friends, customers and people who support our business will not  be complete and satisfied! We can have faith, hope but without true love in life nothings lasts. We can not fake it. True love always shines and lasts forever!

Are you ready to shine?

During the month of February I want to encourage you to take a look at what you do and focus on discovering your true passions, overcoming fears and moving forward. Remember love dissolves all fears. I am talking about real genuine love for yourself and others around you.  When you love what you do in life, you give more and become go giver as my dear friend Bob Burg says in his fabulous book “Go Givers”. I love this book and I recommend to give it your friends and your clients for Valentine’s Day…Excellent gift of love!

What if…you realized that the world you live in is plotting to bring more joy, more love and only the best into your life? How would it change your life and your business? In publicity your mindset is important. Any PR campaign is a journey and why not to create to the most pleasant one!  Your mindset is your true success partner and when you have positive expectations you get what you think about!  You project the love feeling into the world around you, your customers feel it, media notices you are different and then one day you see your story in the leading magazine or get a call for an interview you have been looking for!

Lets shoot some arrows together to bring you MORE media attention, new clients, cool and fun interviews and get new fans falling in love with you!

Book your FREE 30 min strategy session and discover the world of PR TODAY! I am ready to work with you..

I always appreciate testimonials from my clients and I want to give more back to you my friends:

“The search for the right PR & Marketing consultant today can be a long, expensive, frustrating process. Tatyana Gann, not only brings years of industry experience and incredible insight to a diversity of markets… she is a joy to work with. Consultations with Tatyana are never rushed and she has a passion for her work and that of her clients. Tatyana’s fees are very fair and her turnaround time is always prompt. She is without a doubt a critical part of my marketing team!” …Aaron Friedman | Founder, CEO – Fanpage Toolkit”

I want to say to you one thing when you love what you do, your heart shows and you are inspired to serve more . I am grateful for all my clients I have served in the past year and I look forward to infusing your publicity with inspiration, love and passion.. Time for you to shine!

Love to finish my post with this amazing quote, “Love cannot endure indifference. It needs to be wanted. Like a lamp, it needs to be fed out of the oil of another’s heart, or its flame burns low.” Henry Ward Beecher

Lets create some new sparks  for your business! Book your complimentary session today..

PS…We have got a special VIP packages during the month of February and you can bring your biz partner or your spouse for FREE to my consulting sessions.

With love
Tatyana Gann

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  1. I am very grateful Tatayana for your offer and would Love to get some advice for promoting Hallstavik. I am planning a Day for the Future and could benefit from your great insights related to PR and Marketing.

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