The power of your decision…How to decide what is best for YOU?

What a great summer we all had! I made many life decisions including a drastic decision to cut my long hair off and get a short haircut, start  a magazine, sell my house and even make plans to move.. My kids still ask me when it will grow back. They even asked me “Mommy, do you still feel like a woman?” Well, a change happens with a decision. Everything we do comes from the decision within…I love my new decision. It was based on my personal faith and nobody did that for me. What I realized when we make a decision, it is about our life, our own happiness. Some may not agree. Some will love it and stick to us and then we discover who true and loyal friends are!

The summer season is around the corner. I saw so many friends on Facebook making new decisions, opening their hearts, sharing their life stories. What an inspiration! I am grateful to know my wonderful friends and I dedicate it to them because they have inspired me, guided me and gave me the courage and they might not see it YET!

I believe, that every answer comes to you when you are in a total silence. When I want the answers I look at this photo of a sunset we took at the lake here in Nashville. I love serenity and seeing the power of the Creator who made all things beautiful and with the purpose to serve our life mission!

I remember the quote from my favorite author, “God speaks to me in peace and not in confusion” Joseph Muprhy, and I do my best to apply in my daily life!

I moved to this country when I was 19. I had an urge to apply for a scholarship 17 years ago. I was 19 and then I thought I was a brave young lady ready to take over the world, my Russian America. It was an amazing journey. Learned a lot and still a lot of bumps on the road. I wish I knew about the mindset power and power of the divine source back then…I am grateful for what I know now.

I am reading an amazing book called Wealth And Success by Joseph Murphy. He has series of Maximizing Your Potential. There is a prayer that will help you to make the right choices following intuition.

Whatever I need to know comes to me from the infinite presence within. Infinite Intelligence is operating through me, revealing me what I need to know. I radiate love, peace, and goodwill to all humankind in thought word and deed. I know that what I send out comes back thousandfold. GOd in me knows the answer.

The perfect answer is made known to me now for God is eternal now. Now divine wisdom makes all decisions through me. and there is only right action and right decision taking place in my life. I wrap myself in the infinite ocean of love and I know Divine right decision is mine now. I am at peace. I walk in the light, full of faith and confidence. I recognize the lead that comes to me. It is impossible for me to miss it. God speaks to me in peace and not in confusion thank you”

Remember every decision is your gift. It is a gift of choice. Know that you have the power to choose happiness, love, joy and make decisions based on the fact that Divinity lives in you…God will NOT do it for you, stop believing He would jump out of sky and change YOUR life. He will guide you because his spirit lives in you and operates THROUGH YOU! Believe in your power and affirm you have the ability and integrity to CHOOSE!  You cannot live with the decision to NEVER decide..Do not miss out on the beauty of life!

Thank you again for being you. Wishing you all ONLY the best on your life journey!!!

Enjoy your weekend!  I am off to meet my awesome friend Krisna for some yummy sushi and celebrate my birthday!!! Turning 36 on Monday and I FEEL YOUNGER than ever!  I love  my birthday celebration, girls talk and a lot of laughter.

With love and gratitude

Tatyana Gann

9 thoughts on “The power of your decision…How to decide what is best for YOU?

  1. Love the new look! Tatyana
    What a gracious, warm post, cheering people on to be the best they can. You are very good at that, and I’m grateful we got to meet in Indy. May you have the best year ever, and I hope you have a wonderful Happy Birthday weekend.

  2. Rachelle

    Thank you…Yes life is about seeing the best in people and showing them the simple but precise ways to learn how to make decisions. I wish I did know before..Glad to know now..

    Thank you


  3. What a beautiful post and just what I needed right now, your words are powerful. And you’ll be much cooler this summer with the new haircut too!

    Many blessings my friend,

  4. Linda

    wow I appreciate you so much!! It meant a lot to me to hear it!
    It comes from my heart…Everything! I wish you prosperity and amazing life you always dreamed about it!

    Talk soon


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