See below a few samples of Tatyana Gann ‘s publicity work.

1. Kevin Thompson MLM lawyer

MLM Lawyer Kevin Thompson Reveals Cutting Edge Legal Solutions for Companies Seeking to Take Advantage of Trends in Referral Marketing

2. Shawn Phillips Fitness Guru 

Fitness Guru Shawn Phillips Lets the Best Kept Secret in Nutrition Out of the Closet

Burn The Fat ad Build Muscle Safely

3. Jessica Miller Merrell Founder of Blogging4Jobs.com and Workology.com

HR Veteran, Jessica Miller-Merrell Reveals the Naked Truth: Corporate Social Media Discrimination

4. Dr Rebecca Westbrook Dallas TX

Dr Rebecca Westbrook, Dallas Veterinary Clinic Owner, Speaks On Brand New Diet to Prevent Dogs’ Weight Gain

5. Gastric Hypno Balloon Program

Breaking News: Can Gastric Hypno Balloon Weight Loss Program Replace Gastric Bypass Surgery Completely?

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Tatyana Gann



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