How to put an end to a fake passion… and regain true passion in life

When I think about the definition of passion and the best way to describe it, I think about a beautiful rose blossoming and showing off its beauty! It has the sweetest nectar and attracts everything and everyone around. It gives your body and the mind the most beautiful, electrifying feeling!
 A Rose represents happiness. It is a flower of passion and love. When I look at a rose, I immediately think of a gentle flower with thorns to protect its beauty. It inspires people to express love and passion, to show gratitude and appreciation. Passion is the foundation of everything we do in life.  Only when we are passionate about ourselves and what we do, only then can we truly become beautiful people. This is what a rose does. It brings out the best to the world. It knows its purpose. It represents passion in life. It does not have to pretend to be something else.
Are you pretending to be something else? Are you exhausted to live  a life that looks good on a paper but in you heart tells you something else? The truth is when you pretend to be something else or suppress your dreams you will need to reignite your passion and sometimes, it can be a kick in your booty.
Over years I have had many discussions on the topic of “PASSION” and the journey to rediscover my own passion was a tough one, but it taught me one lesson- STOP LISTENING to what THEY SAY, because usually the ones who tell you what they think you should do in life,  do not even know what to do for themselves!
What is the TRUE passion? Passion that brings you great success or passion that is fun and just your hobby…?  How do YOU define true passion?
What if… you have NO clue what passion is…You have been told what your passion is or should be…You were around the people who were also told what their passion was.  You created an image in your head about what passion was supposed to be, thinking it was passion, until one day “that passion” was dying… You work hard. You think about problems. You do not enjoy your work. You resist. You fight  yourself and you still try to do something… but you feel no passion! Only commitment.  You want to do the right thing… but FOR WHOM?
We often think that when we are passionate, we must work MORE …and force ourselves to work MORE to justify owning a business  because somebody told us it was the way it should be BE. NOPE!…You do not need to slave hard and force yourself to create success. Passion is energy. It does not force people to do what they do not love to do or be around people who are totally different and do not understand them. The work you do that is filled with true passion flows with ease and joy! If you sweat in your office till 3 am, you are doing the WRONG thing, my friends… YOUR passion will slowly fade away.
When the passion within you is dying, it may be just a thought… Every time you feel your passion is dying it means it is time to look deep inside and remove the layer that does not serve your purpose. Only then you can experience a TRUE awakening!
People are often confused about the true meaning of passion . We think we are losing passion… So we have two things happening: We lose this “fake passion” and gain ‘the real one”. We think we lose passion, but instead, we lose the layer of who we used to be, the fake layer that needed to be removed so that we can experience an awakening…and feel ALIVE!!!
When the “Old, fake YOU” is dying inside, no real passion is present YET… you feel a hole in your heart and soul. A part of you is gone…you feel empty…and do not know what to do with that feeling of emptiness. But do not rush to fill that emptiness with something that does not serve your higher purpose. It is time to listen to the silence of the inner emptiness. Know it is the start of reviving your inner fire- your  true PASSION.

My personal advice: Recharge. Give yourself a break.  Do not rush to fill your heart and soul with things that are NOT of your core values. Do not do things to please others. When you recognize that the “fake passion” is gone, it is your first step to a new life. Do not go backwards. Give time to refill your soul with “REAL authentic passion”.

Often in the most serene quiet moments in your life will allow you to see your passion very clearly. Passion will keep your business grow and you will be able to build a solid brand! Without passion, positive attitude you will not believe in yourself and what you write. It means your readers will NOT believe what you say because they will FEEL it. TRULY ask yourself what you are and what you can do to impact others!


Your Coach Tatyana


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13 thoughts on “How to put an end to a fake passion… and regain true passion in life

  1. Hi Tatyana…Great article! Commitment, determination, will power, resolve, courage and leadership driven by PASSION is a strong recipe for SUCCESS. …Thank you for sharing, Hughie :)

  2. So true! And it’s important to recognize that you may have many passions! There is no rule that says you only have one true passion. While there are some people who do have one clear purpose and passion, there are a lot of artists and entrepreneurs who have many… and this can be confusing, too.
    Like you said, Tatyana, don’t listen to others. Listen to what’s true for you.

  3. Tatyana, I think you wrote this for me! I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time… listening to people talk about “finding their passion” while trying to figure out mine. They all make it sound so easy… like I’m supposed to just know what it is & go for it. So when you say “…you feel a hole in your heart and soul. A part of you is gone…you feel empty…and do not know what to do with that feeling of emptiness.” you describe exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Thank you for telling me not to rush it & give myself time! I like the idea of listening to the silence. Thank you — Great article!

  4. Jandi

    Your passion must serve your higher purpose in life…you have to ask yourself if you see yourself doing that for years to come. If not..then..relax. Often passion will RUSH back into your life like the wind rushes in when you open the window in the middle of storm. It can knock you down…You will recognize it FAST.
    Thank you for reading my article. I appreciate it..

    Tatyana Gann

  5. I love your article. Your passion is the one thing that drives you, so the passion has to stay ignited. You lose that, you lose your desire to want to succeed!!

  6. Wow, Tatyana…this is so timely!

    What a breathe of fresh air, I really, REALLY, needed this :)

    Thank you for sharing your wise thoughts.

  7. Lovely article and I agree about the value of giving ourselves some breathing room to find our passion. Sometimes we push so hard trying to find answers we miss the obvious. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I love this Tatyana.Some parts I read twice because of the depth and meaning of it. then I decided to just flow through it and it was like a poem. Sometimes we don’t need to understand every little undertone of a beautiful peace of writing…we should just let the words and emotion guide us to an understanding inside of ourselves. Thank you for sharing

  9. Life is too short to have fake passions, AKA the “Shoulds” that are disguised as passions. My true passions fire me up and my passions give me energy, rather than take my energy (fake passions). Thanks for this insightful post.

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