Can FREE Press Releases Destroy Your Online Reputation?

Are YOU totally frustrated with your PR efforts?

You spend your evenings researching, writing and thinking my press story rocks. You love it. Your biz partners love it..Your submit your story to a free press release site that promises good results. You follow the instruction and believe the hype..

However when it comes to managing your online reputation and your image you must consider few things.  When new business ideas come to you and you want to implement them as soon as possible you must have a good publicity plan to build  and manage your online reputation. Never be cheap. As we say in Russia “A greedy man pays twice” and trust me you will do that.

Do free press releases and free advertising sites do more damage to your business?

My clients often ask me, “Can FREE press releases brand your product? Do they REALLY work in achieving the SEO results you are looking for? ” Well the feedback we see is mixed. It depends on your press release format and  many factors and I will share why they do not work for long term online presence. I do not personally believe in free advertising sites.

However, they can be a good strategy to use a temporary tool in your PR campaign, and I will explain my reasons:

  1. Getting your content into Google News you need to distribute your news, your press releases to a site that is part of the system such as PRWeb or PR Newswire
  2. Not every free press release site can EVEN get your press release into GOOGLE NEWS. Then you spend the entire budget for writing professional press releases about your products, your company events or special announcements and you really miss the opportunity to be seen.
  3. For local internet marketing free press release sites are not good. They are not recommended. I do not recommend for local business marketing campaigns. You must submit to paid press release sites who can do specific local campaigns targeting  your area. These types of press releases cost around 400 dollars for submission alone.
  4. First of all free press releases sites are not welcomed by journalists, bloggers and other media professionals. They do not research them to get news. They are relying on authority sites as PRWEB or CISIONWIRE
  5. Secondly, you cannot add links into the body of your FREE press release. They will NOT allow it. They will ask you to upgrade to a premium service. You are better off using an authority PR services which will discuss in the  next newsletter. It will affect your press release format.
  6. Free press releases are your second choice. You must always submit to paid press releases companies especially if your goal to get into web searches, Google news and be noticed by media. If you even write two press releases a month you will spend about 600 on a press release submission with the best pr service as Cision Wire or PRWeb. I used them both. They will get your story in front of media and also can help to achieve good SEO results.
  7. They are not good for link building. You must have links in your press story that will lead your visitors to your blog and videos. With free press releases it is not possible. Readers will not be able to click on links unless they copy and paste. Some press release sites do provide links and a few allow you to customize the anchor text. (If you’re not familiar with ‘dofollow’ or ‘nofollow’ links, remember that is that the ‘dofollow’ or ‘followed’ links are the links that usually give your SEO benefit. Over 70% of free press release sites don’t give a link.
  8. It is not good for your image especially if you are a well -known author, coach, or a product owner to build your brand with free press releases sites. Bad for branding. Period.
  9. They do not work when you plan to do online reputation repair and when you want to remove negative content from the first page of Google.

Let me ask you, ” Are you truly clear about the direction you want to go? Where do you see yourself in few years? How do you want to look to others?”

I want to hear from you…

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Tatyana Gann

4 thoughts on “Can FREE Press Releases Destroy Your Online Reputation?

  1. Tatyana, I cannot state how valuable your advice is! You have turned me around from heading straight into the wall–literallly and figuratively, as I was working on a Press Release with the intention of sending it out on one of the “free” platforms. I don’t know what made me think that is was going to send hordes to my Google+ hangout if I just did that Press Release, but you have saved me a ton of wasted energy and dashed expectations. With your authoritative post and years of experience, I have convinced my partner to change directions and use PRWeb. I’m gonna let you know how many turn up at my Google+ hangout for Job Search, and give you the credit you are due. Thanks again, so VERY MUCH!

  2. I’ve been asking a lot about this lately and it seems that people use the free press release sites for SEO and link juice only, which makes sense. This also seems to be the reason may people use the Wires as well and they justify the cost for each because of the slight chance of getting into Google News and being “picked up.”

    I don’t think it will hurt your reputation as long as it doesn’t seem spammy. And lets be honest, no one will ever find those free press releases. If you want coverage you need to pitch a writer and hope that they find your story interesting.

  3. Yes I agree. Well Not every free release site is good for SEO…They might be okay for links but it depends on many factors..
    Well good PR sites will get you into GOOGLE news and GOOGLE search. It is image of having a story on a free release site can make people question. Yes media does not search free sites. Yes pitch a writer and get a story published.


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