News PR Builder Campaign: Your Online Publicity ToolKit For Higher Profits

“Are you ready to start news PR builder campaign without a hiring a public relations specialist  or being a PR  SEO geek?”

You do not have to have a college degree for becoming a public relations specialist in order to efficiently promote your business.  Some public relations agencies would tell you the opposite due to the fact t hey deal with corporate PR where the volume of work is much higher than for a start up business  and a solo entrepreneur.

News PR builder campaigns can allow you to achieve more media coverage and strong online presence. The campaigns take time and preparation. They require the research of your niche market, and I personally recommend a great tool for researching keywords such as so you know how to publicize your product and service.

But what are the easiest PR methods that even a beginner can use today?

Again you have to understand one thing…Trends change, people want something one day and next day their desire for your product is gone. can still find what makes them tick any time of the day. You  have to learn to be flexible. Flexibility in PR will take your business very far.

Here are some simple ways to get your publicity going:

1. Write Press Releases

A great way to share about your product as a solution to your customer problems, your events you host or attend, your product launch, your coaching webinars and much more. You can talk about your customers!

2. Submit Press Releases:

Send to  the targeted list of editors with a special email asking to review your story. We have a letter we usually give to our clients that they can use to send to editors. Make sure submit your press release to online distribution services such as PRWEB or MarketWire.

3. Blog post

Post your press story on your blog as a blog post. It can add some extra content and you can link to the original press release. Also post your press release in the links or a blogroll.

4. LinkedIn

Post your press story as news to LinkedIn Groups

5. Bloggers

Contact top bloggers and ask them if you can contribute to their community with breaking news story. It must be something THEIR readers want to know. That is why it is very important to study niches and what people WANT.

6. Ezines and Newsletters.

Similar to bloggers find the best ezines in  your niche and build relationships with the editors. I prefer a simple strategy- get to know them on Facebook and read the content they post. Then contact them for permission to send the article or a press release about the topic of interest.




Remember be specific and focus on your customers. Make sure to remember the most important thing, “What do you want your customers to believe about your product or a business”?

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Have fun!

Tatyana Gann


PR Geek, Publicist, Mom

One thought on “News PR Builder Campaign: Your Online Publicity ToolKit For Higher Profits

  1. Hi Tatyana,

    This is GREAT info. I definitely found value here. Thanks for sharing.
    You know? The only competition I believe in is that which makes themselves my competition. I have a philosophy to connect and build relationships with everyone, so I want you to know that I respect & value you as another source of great information in the PR field. :-)

    Many blessings over your success,
    Curt “CBiz” Bizelli

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