New Press Release Rules: How can business owners increase their sales

Press releases have been an effective marketing method for many business professionals, corporations and small businesses for generation. From announcements and news in a traditional publication to online distributions the press release is still considered to be the authority.. However, some business owners have believed that press releases as a marketing method were only written by journalists or for journalists and that you had to hire an entire PR team to get your message to your audience.

Let me tell you the best news. You are the messenger! You can share news to your customers and potential clients now! You can grow your business with press releases, as one of public relations tools available today for any business owner. You do not have to know the mechanics of the internet and understand why it works. You do not need to read “guru” manuals that teach only theory or old school. You are dealing with people today who are seeking true authentic companies, businesses that care about their customers and clients.

The roles changed. Your customers became your “boss”… Really? Yes.. They control your brand. They tell if your product or service sucks. They give you feedback and it is up to you to accept it and be grateful and then you must adjust your marketing campaign. Only then, you can truly experience a real business success: have your customers happy, increase in retention and more new customers. The press releases can do that for you. They are longer written to the media, journalists or some “boss” who has to approve to share your news or not.

You can directly approach your customers with your press release and compel them to do the following:

1. Get on your list via landing page
2. Buy from you right then (if your offer in the press release is strong enough)
3. Refer others by sharing it with their friends, business partners.

The beauty is that social media became your business saving platform and you have to cherish it. You have to treat it right. You must develop relationships with your customers on Facebook, Twitter, Ning or other networks because they are the ones who will share your press release.

The main core of press releases have not changed and you still talk about what, why, when, where and who. However you must research your buyers and who they are and what language their speak, meaning how do they like to start and keep conversation going. You want to know their PAIN and JOY and write to them and not dry language of news reporters. You must learn to be a storyteller even in a press release. You must use case studies, videos, links related to what you talk about to give them the full picture of who you are about and why they should trust you. Only then they will reach out for their wallet and trust YOU by becoming your new client or a customer.

As you improve in learning how to blend PR and social media and find the right ingredients that your customers want from you, every time your press release goes out, they will know it.

Again I encourage you to build relationships with your customers via social media, blogs, video communities and learn about them.

Three principles you must know to establish yourself as someone they can trust and buy from:
1. Be a good listener. Do not just hear what you think you need to hear and move on. Listen to every feedback, their needs, their feelings. In some way, hide behind the curtains and watch them.
2. Respect what your customers are saying. So often we deny the fact that our products or service is bad. We cover up. We put temporary makeup, but eventually you have to learn to respect your customers and learn from them and about them.
3. Write to them. Write press releases that can solve their concerns and pains. Share it with them via Twitter and Facebook groups. Share your press release with other business owners via blogs. (we will talk about blogging relations later in my newsletter)

The rules changed for your good to bring you new clients. I consider it HUGE advantage for many business owners. They did not have that luxury before and today with one click of the mouse they can connect with their clients, competition, potential customers and many more right from their Twitter or Facebook platform. Your business and product have not changed, but the rules did and if you want true business success, you must obey them and apply them in your business practices to experience growth.

All you need is to roll up your sleeves and start paying attention to the most valuable source of your success- PEOPLE! As David Meerman Scott in his new edition of “New Rules of PR and Marketing“, which I absolutely believe one of the best PR education books, would say, “Get to know your buyer’s persona” Amen to that David! It is a brilliant and common sense approach that we often overlook!

Best to you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tatyana Gann

Tatyana Gann is the author of Smokin’HotPR weekly newsletter on PR tips and advice for business owners. Connect with Tatyana on Twitter at @smokinhotpr Get her weekly PR newsletter at

5 thoughts on “New Press Release Rules: How can business owners increase their sales

  1. Well said Tatyana. Press releases aren’t just for the media anymore. Now, with Google News and other news search engines, your buyers are reading press releases directly!

    Thanks for the mention of my book.


  2. David

    It was a great surprise! Thank you for leaving a comment. yes things change thanks to social media platforms and use of social networks. people are engaging into conversation and coming out of their shell to establish authority.

    As business owners we all need to be aware of what we represent and using press releases as our marketing campaign can bring us unique clients not just traffic. People care when we speak to them and not sell them something.

    Thank you again

    You made my day!

    Tatyana Gann

  3. Hi Tatyana,
    You are doing a great job, and opening a new understanding of business communication. It was very esoteric and scary for people who were outside the circle…when I read your newsletter I saw that you are making it close to everybody…great job


  4. Hi Tatyana,

    Thank you for the tips and step by step information on Press Releases. I have used press releases, quite successfully, but you brought up some key points that I failed to use. I appreciate your work!


  5. Welcome David! Press release is a part of good successful Public Relations campaign… When we do fail to use them we cannot attract right clients and bring traffic.
    Our goal is to share controversial subject, use right keywords, have strong compelling offer and free bonuses…

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