Marketing Lesson About Being Authentic from Russian Winnie the Pooh

I was watching classic a Russian cartoon about Winnie the Pooh on YouTube last night, and until now of course never noticed how much this cartoon could teach me about life, business and mindset.  It took me years to discover the true beauty of this powerful message in that little 10 min segments you will see. Very simple and fun for children, it became very simple and fun for me to understand. I wanted to share with you this cartoon. It has English subtitles so you can read in English it at least. Very funny, so be ready to laugh. Humor is amazing!


Well, what did you think about the cartoon? As you saw, he talks about honey and bees. He says “I think I got the wrong bees and they will bring me wrong honey” He did that after he tried to mask who he truly was and disguise himself as a cloud or hide under balloons. Does it sound familiar? How often do we hide under a mask? How often we want our prospects to see something which is not true and pretend to be something else. When realize we failed in our marketing, we blame prospects for being slow, unresponsive and bad quality. In the end Winnie the Pooh says to Piglet , ” I think they are wrong bees, and it will be the wrong honey” Funny, hah. It is our common mistake when it comes to personal branding and being authentic in the business world. If we learn to be REAL right from the start, we will never get into the wrong bees and never get the wrong honey.
I thought it was a pretty clever thing he said and very classic. It made me laugh and made me think. You never know what you can learn from children books and movies.

Have a great day everyone!

Tatyana Gann

3 thoughts on “Marketing Lesson About Being Authentic from Russian Winnie the Pooh

  1. Thank you for reminding me that wisdom casn be gained from many sources. I havealways liked the Winnie The Pooh stories but you showed me how they can relate to my attempts to brand myself online by just honestly being myself. Thank you for showing me this wonderful piece of your culture and the truth it holds for all of us.

    O G Tim

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