Can Life Stories Teach Business lessons? Rayanne Thorns Thinks So..

I have recently wrote a press release for  my client  Jessica Miller Merrell, a leading voice in Social Media and HR.. The goal was to make an announcement  about a new business blogger joining forces with a new community, so we decided to focus on the solutions a business writer Rayanne Thorn would bring to the  HR and Social Media Community.

We discussed the power of Web 2.o in Recruiting and HR fields and how today companies utilize them but also how life stories can teach us the best business strategies to grow a business. Because…in the end of the day…It is about relationships and friendships.

Enjoy the press release! I love sharing stories about real people making a difference in the community, creating an impact and sharing their vision! This is an example of a press release we call it “Expert”. I hope you find it very helpful!

Press release

Business Blogger Rayanne Thorns Has Brings Fresh Perspective To Recruiting With Web 2.0 and Proven Business Strategies!

Summary: Business Blogger Rayanne Thorn Brings A Creative Perspective to with Jessica Miller Merrell. Her marketing experience With has enriched the lives of many business professionals. Thorn believes that life stories can teach the best lessons on becoming a person of influence, running a growing business, a successful career, and developing entrepreneurship skills!
Life and Business Blogger Rayanne Thorn Brings Her Life Lesson Twists to Business, Social Influence, Entrepreneurship and Recruiting Topics to the Community. How can small businesses establish an online presence through the use of Social Media, and learn the best Recruiting & Strategic Business Practices?

Business Writer Rayanne Thorn has been writing Bonus Track for the community for two and a half years contributing over 630 posts. is a social network and a major portal for the Recruiting and HR Industries. Thorn additionally writes a column called “The New Front Porch” addressing Social Media in life and Business as well asher community-based column, “My Laguna Balcony”.

While many small businesses around the country are trying their best to discover the most simple ways to establish an online presence, founder Jessica Miller-Merrell and business blogger Rayanne Thorn bring new solutions to answer the number one question of business owners, “How do I know which strategic business tactics work in today’s Social Media?”  Their combined years of writing and industry experience make this alliance quite profound.

In the interview with a publicist Tatyana Gann, Jessica Miller Merrell pointed out that Rayanne had a fresh new perspective of how personal and professional intermingle. Thorn will be covering the following content in community:

*Marketing’s role in HR, Recruiting

*Business lessons from life.

*Blogging as a personal choice and its role in your personal development

*Back to our roots.

Thorn is known in the business circles as the North American Marketing Director for Broadbean Technology, which provides online and social media recruiting solutions for major employers, staffing agencies, and independent recruiters.  Thorn states, “My varied background in recruiting, marketing, sales, new tech development, start-ups and social media, rounds out my knowledge base and assists me in my work with Broadbean Technology.  I have a vested interest in the HR and Recruiting communities and how they can use new media and technology to achieve greater success.”
Thorn is shedding light on the psychology of relationships, how to use social media to gain online visibility, plus addressing business and hiring practices. Her expertise will assist many business professionals to achieve more visibility.
As a leading HR voice in social media, Jessica Miller-Merrell believes that the addition of Rayanne Thorn to the Blogging4Jobs community will bring a lot of positive changes, plus add a dose of daily inspiration!

Thorn added, “Jessica and I first connected in London when I led a discussion on social media and blogging. She had been blogging longer than I and I was grateful for her input. And actually, it was quite fun to join forces during that session. We share many of the same insights and both recognize the extreme value of writing online. I am excited to have Bonus Track join the Blogging4Jobs forum. This is an incredible opportunity for both of us to reach new potentials, share ideas, and energize readers with what we have learned.”

Jessica Miller-Merrell is honored to have Rayanne Thorn as a part of her team and to be involved in Miller-Merrell’s vision for HR and recruiting professionals and educating HR professionals about new social media tools and recruiting strategies.

Jessica Miller- Merrell decision to bring Thorn on board was very simple. Miller also mentioned, “Bloggers in our space control the thought leaders and are first to blaze trails. By teaming up together we joining forces to further our own personal and professional development. There is no longer a need to rely on traditional forums, online communities to establish relationships. All you need are true friends and good professional partnerships.
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About Jessica Miller Merrell: Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR known as @blogging4jobs. She’s an Internet television host, author, speaker, new mother, and Human Resources professional with a passion for recruiting, training, and all things social media. Jessica is a leader in the HR social media community and has over 11 years of experience in human resources and recruiting. Her book, Tweet This! Twitter for Business was released in February 2010.

Her company, Xceptional HR provides businesses with social media, recruitment strategies, and human resources consulting. Jessica has been quoted in publications as an expert including CIO Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and SHRM HR Magazine. Contact Jessica via email at or by phone at 405.293-2564

About Rayanne Thorn: Rayanne Thorn is the Marketing Director for Broadbean Technology and @Ray_anne and @BroadbeanInc.  She is an international speaker, mother of four, and an insanely avid blogger with a voracious appetite for all thing social media.

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