LEGOs, Starbucks, personas and new rules of PR


PR ( Public Relations) today is more than your company being seen on TV…It is about buyers seeing your products on the Web . Create stories and share. Stop selling your products. Focus on bringing accurate information about the issues and problems…What people whine about you – you talk about.

You must focus on 3 things:

  1. Essence of what your product can do
  2. Know your company and personal goals
  3. Know your customer’s persona

When you determine your content will match your buyer wants your next step is to get them to take an action. How?

Remember nobody cares about your products.  TRUE.  People care about themselves and their problems. Be a problem solver. Communicate via email newsletters, videos, and social media. Build relationships. Is your content outstanding and interesting? Is it entertaining and educating? Would they share your content with others?

When it comes to understanding customers we must set aside our passionate drive to sell our products. Devote your time to know your customers and their persona…I will explain how you can determine a persona.

I love Starbucks. I go to Starbucks for meetings, writing and reading my books. My favorite location is in a bookstore when we can get a cup of coffee and a book, pull a chair and read while sipping on a cup of latte or hot chocolate. Even my son Daniel become a Starbucks gourmand . He loves his kids cups and knows it is STARBUCKS!  Imagine we build a brand awareness in our kids since their childhood. We program their minds with the experiences, thoughts, desires. We show them what we love and they develop their taste. They trust our judgement. They are curious.


Also, my little son Daniel loves LEGO sets. We have collected and built over 30 sets just  in the past year alone.  It is our on Christmas list, our birthday list, our Easter list and even special rewards days.  We buy them. We love them. Are LEGOs better than other toys similar to them?  Can we find a generic brand? I am sure we can. We purchased them. But we go back to LEGOs. Why? It is called EXPERIENCE.  We know LEGO has something magical about it. Kids know it. Parents know it.

We have just celebrated his birthday and he made a list of his birthday wishes- LEGOS. Grandparents wanted to give him money to buy any LEGO set he wanted. We tried to buy LEGOs that were educational and his brother could build as well. As you can see grandparents love to spoil and be the coolest grandparents and spend money. Parents want to save, get something kids can share and be educated at the same time. You must target two personas- grandparents and parents.  They think different. They act different. Their mindset is different.

Your key is to show you have what your buyers are looking for. Create a separate PR campaign for your products targeting different personas.

Again focus on top 5 things:

  1. Who are my readers?
  2. What is motivating them to buy ?
  3. How do I reach them ( via video, press release, Amazon ( ebook), social media)
  4. How can I help them?
  5. Can my content entertain and educate them?


If you are brand new in your business your first 6 months is building awareness. Stop selling your products. Start sharing stories of your buyers using your products. That is best PR!

Have a great weekend!


Tatyana Gann

Tatyana Gann is a PR strategist, a branding consultant and an author of   a brand new “Build Your Product Buzz- Free 30 days publicity course”Get Tatyana’s free course and find out how you can get more buzz, more buyers and be in the spotlight TODAY! 






5 thoughts on “LEGOs, Starbucks, personas and new rules of PR

  1. Hi Tatyana, Great blog post! I really agree with your tips and if people starts doing these simple techniques, it could truly change the way customers would interact with who they are and what they have to offer. Great share! ~ Nathalie

  2. Tatyana, this is GREAT! I love all the practical tips and how easily I can see it applying to my business and other businesses as well. Thank you!

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