Kevin Thompson MLM lawyer

Kevin Thompson MLM lawyer

MLM Lawyer Kevin Thompson reveals cutting edge legal solutions for companies seeking to take Advantage of trends in referral marketing. Thompson focuses his law practice exclusively on new trends In relationship marketing.

Within a few short years, social media has completely transformed the landscape of marketing. According to a Nielson survey, recommendations from personal acquaintances are the most trusted forms of marketing, dramatically more trusted than traditional televised ads. The survey shows that 90% of those surveyed trust recommendations from people within their social network while only 70% trust recommendations published via televised ads.

This has led business owners to reinvent new and creative ways to market their products and services.
Nashville based MLM lawyer, Kevin Thompson,specializes in providing legal services for companies looking to offer referral based marketing programs.In an interview with publicist, Tatyana Gann, Thompson states: “Companies are looking for creative ways to turn their best customers into marketers. Given the diffusion of social media across the world, this exchange of information has never been easier. The best way to get customers talking isto provide financial incentives, which brings legal complications.”


MLM Lawyer Kevin Thompson Reveals Cutting Edge Legal Solutions for Companies Seeking to Take Advantage of Trends in Referral Marketing

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