Jessica Miller Merrell

Jessica Miller Merrell

Jessica Miller Merrell Founder of and

Corporate Social Media Discrimination is a complex phenomenon because of the continually evolving social media trends. Human Resource Professionals traversing this minefield must have a keen understanding of discrimination laws and social media boundaries that must be adhered to.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, an HR veteran for over 10 years, reveals the strategic factor that social media plays inside the Human Resources arena with her four part series titled “Corporate Social Media Discrimination” on her blog,

Miller-Merrell speaks candidly about how the use of social media can cause discrimination upon a protected class. In particular, she discusses disparate treatment and disparate impact both as forms of discriminatory behavior used towards minority groups.

In her recent blog post, Miller-Merrell states, “A disparate impact is a concern if recruiters and companies exclusively use social media to source and search for candidates. For example, if a recruiter relies solely on Twitter to advertise job openings, they are reaching a predominantly Caucasian audience.”

HR Veteran, Jessica Miller-Merrell Reveals the Naked Truth: Corporate Social Media Discrimination


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