How To Write Magical Headlines To Generate New Leads

How To Write Magical Headlines To Generate New Leads

In a busy world nobody has time to read the full story and customers want INSTANT delivery. When it comes to pitching a media or getting attention of new customers via social media you should stand out! 

Here are 7 signs of a good headline. Plus I prepared couple exercises  to help you to improve your content writing skills.  Good headlines are MUST in your lead generation. Regardless what you write – a press release or a blog post- your headlines give a first impression. Let me give you some tips on writing a good headline.


What is a good headline?

  • It has a great hook – If you want to get message across you must capture attention like a hook. Your hook should be sweet, authentic rich, exciting and unique
  • Clarity– headline should describe your story and share message on the first try. It has to stand out! Readers do not want to solve puzzles they want information
  • Short headline…focus on the main keywords you want to use as hooks to get attention. Here is what you do…
  • Witty headlines- smart, sharp, controversial, upfront.
  • Witty but still clear- do not get distracted from the purpose of your message
  • It is Current and shows current news and updates
  • Use of buzz words from your niche but only for your niche not anybody else…


Exercise #1

  • Write a summary in one sentence. Does not worry about how long it should be…Just go and write.
  • Underline each word that does not make sense or is not important in getting your story out
  • Circle with a different color the words that are essential
  • Write a new sentence with circled words
  • Sleep on it…Wait till tomorrow or at least few hours before your publish it.

Exercise # 2

  • Take a flash card or over sized business cards or cut the paper the same size as a flash card.
  • Write your headline on the back of your card. Can you do it? If it is too long, then idea is not clear. Write a new one.
  • Take old magazines in your niche and cut the headlines that fit your story and try to mix and match…It will open your creative flow

What if you are totally green to content marketing?

  • Write your story first
  • Write 4 headlines for your blog or press release and then give yourself few hours then come back. If they are bad and you feel blah…write new ones.
  • If you are feeling stuck, ask for help in your facebook groups and among biz colleagues
  • If the idea is limited and you feel stuck you should develop a new idea or new angle that is easier for you.
  • Readers are headlines hungry! They want it now, short, clear, clever and fun!


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Tatyana Gann

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