How to get your business buzzworthy..

Are you  frustrated with your company image and its growth?

Today I had a skype meeting with the owner of IT company that had been providing VIP IT support to their clients. Basically they do everything for a client from a hosting service to SEO and social media. They know everything about the company . They handle the most delicate work.  CEO of the company said to me, “Tatyana, I  need to start PR campaigns for the clients ASAP to grow their exposure locally and nationally and we also need PR to grow our profits this year~!”

I smiled and I was very thrilled to see that ONLY serious biz owners totally GET PR.
Well, the question to you, “Do you want to know how to get your business buzzworthy and experience PR magic?” The truth is…PR success is in your hands.  I do not chase my clients trying to explain them why they need PR.  They know it is their “online insurance”. They need more buzz about their company. They want others to share how awesome they are and leave positive reviews. It is what will give me leverage and more media coverage in the long term. They know it is not an overnight deal.

I lead with a quote “Rome was not built in one day”.  Then do not think PR will make you famous in one day either

PR can be an incredible change-making business — and it is enjoying a well-deserved growth stage.

Companies and people are beginning to recognize that the old way of building consumer or public equity is changing.

IBIS World, a media research firm, says PR spending in 2010 was $9.73 billion and forecasts it will increase to $12.82 billion by 2015. The growth is in part due to PR’s ability to participate in a more nimble and flexible way with the new methods by which people consume media, including social media

Modern PR can help your brands innovate, market, and message well. My goal is to demonstrate that PR is for everyone.

It helps entrepreneurs earn more, small brands become household names, Fortune 500 companies preserve and grow their positions, and personalities and politicians maintain and increase their credibility and relevance.

And it helps all of the above rapidly increase brand value. If you have a great idea, product, or service, PR can do a lot to cut through the noise and let the world know. In my PR consulting sessions we map out a plan and I see more and more biz owners understand value of PR because of social media and what it can do to your business.


Most of you have blogs or plan to set WordPress blog.. Remember…Readers subscribe to blogs when they provide an informational or entertainment value so great that it would be a loss to not subscribe to it.Maki

Before you go into researching your niche keep in the mind the following….

  • Ask yourself one important question “Do I see myself writing on the topic/my niche a year or three years from now?” I am sure ….you know the answer
  • Do you have passion and high energy? Do you really believe in what you do? Blog readers will not feel good vibe about your blog when you do not believe in what you write. It will be too dry.
  • How to grow your niche readership: Without passion and long term commitment you will not experience the growth. Do not choose niche you do not believe it..
  • Your expertise and experience: Talk about your expertise in the area that you can talk about it anytime. You can answer to these questions while sleeping.

Here are top reasons to have a niche blog for your PR campaign

  • They have more loyal fans
  • They are more profitable
  • Loyal readers
  • Allow to brand yourself faster by focusing on a very narrow niche
  • You become a specialist and can talk about the topic. You have more power in the marketplace.
  • You can gain “the influencer” status faster
  • You get more PR and more recognition fast.
  • You market YOUR own products or related to the topic
  • You can pitch your own products to media. You are the expert in your field.  You have the influence in social media.
  • You become the advertising hub. Give about 12 months to get big advertisers pay YOU for  your space

In the next lesson we will talk about niche PR and what you need to have in order to create viral PR campaigns…

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5 thoughts on “How to get your business buzzworthy..

  1. Great article and I loved it Tatyana. For sure “Rose was not built in one day” and I want it now, but I must be patient. Wow, didn’t realize so much was being spent on/in PR.

  2. Tatyana, I so enjoy reading your stuff because your passion comes out, your unique chocolate-infused, Russian-inspired, mom-invested, professionally-charged angle is there in every sentence. The one takeaway for me from this piece: Rome wasn’t built in a day. It sure wasn’t. That is why sticking with something–as you pointed out, are you going to be doing it in three years?–is key.

  3. This is so important to realize that…Companies and people are beginning to recognize that the old way of building consumer or public equity is changing. Well we can’t ignore the influence of social media and PR online anymore… it is truly different game now. Thank you Tatyana for the useful content.

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