Lesson from David M. Scott: How To Reach and Attract Business Buyers Directly With PR and Social Media Strategies

I was listening to an amazing PR and Viral Marketing strategist David Scott the other night on the webinar with PRWeb, PR services company, and I wanted to share this lesson with you so you can understand how to attract buyers directly. David M. Scott is an award winning marketing strategist, best selling author, speaker and seminar leader. His famous book “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” became bestseller and assisted many people around the world in applying his strategies and I have been reading and applying his techniques that I find amazing!

PR (public relations and social media) is not only about reaching journalists and media but reaching buyers. It is a new way of reaching people…

David brought great topic that fear keeps people from trying new things to reach people.
He mentioned about the dentist who was using yellow pages cost $2000 a month for listing. Well this dentist started blog give free e-book “Healthy Mouth Healthy Sex E-book” . Yes quite a name!
But it was quite impressive and brought a lot of attention and people shared that blog and e-book with others. Then she did press release about it. She got so much attention that again brings a great point. We must give our knowledge and then we can earn attention…
You can achieve similar success as any big name in the online marketing world.. How? You must unlearn what you learned.
Here is what you need to know:

1. Your buyers personas
We used to market to faceless prospects
Example, Hotels.. All websites look the same and they feature facts and their products. People do not want to buy products.
Example if you own a hotel this is what you should do. You must learn about a hotel buyer persona. They could be people who fall into 5 categories.

1. Wedding
2. Vacation
3. Event planner
4. Travel sales manager
5. Business person
Write to them and how you can help them with solutions. Speak their language. Give advice, recommendations.
We must know what your buyer persona is about and what do you want them to believe about your organization?

2. Interesting topic was about ATTENTION:
David said “You can buy attention or beg but you need to earn attention by publishing great content. On the web you are what YOU PUBLISH. Pretty powerful, right?

3. Encourage
Encourage people to share with the push of the button! Again remember, people do not care about your products. They care about their problems and want to find solutions. Very true and we are as humans are selfish we want others to help us to solve problems
Give people free information via blogs without asking to get on the newsletter. Make sure it is rich content or give free e-book even without subscribing to your list, they can download right away. Go to forums, chat rooms and provide advice. Go to where people talk about things, participate, give advice, they will buy from you.

He also mentioned an interesting fact that even US AirForce is usually social media and encourage everyone to start social media profiles so they can communicate with their loved ones especially being overseas… It shows us that we should not fear of social media and pr methods. We need to learn to manage our fear.

To learn about David Scott go his website:
About David Scott: David M. Scott is an award winning marketing strategist, best selling author, speaker and seminar leader. His unique style of marketing and teaching PR and viral strategies made him well known speaker, trainer, motivator.

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2 thoughts on “Lesson from David M. Scott: How To Reach and Attract Business Buyers Directly With PR and Social Media Strategies

  1. David

    Thank you so much!!! I appreciate your comment and it means the world to me. I have reading and rereading your book and learning and really love the style of your PR strategies teaching.. Really simple to understand and I look forward to your new books coming out soon about SEO and other marketing strategies… Thank you..and enjoy weekend!

    Tatyana Gann

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