How to Get Your Headlines Explode Your Online Business

“Discover how to write creative publicity headlines, find right news hooks and get more buzz, attract influential customers and become a star of the town!’ 

“The short words are best and the old words are best of all” Winston Churchill

Dear friend

Tatyana is here. Beautiful summer days are FINALLY here and it is time for summer parties, family fun and new fresh ideas.  I love summer because it brings more creativity and renews passion in people lives. They are on a mission with a big purpose!

So….We are hosting a special party.. Hollywood style…sharing cool fun tips, media gossips and all cool things! Couple weeks ago my friend Angela invited me to share my knowledge with her students. We wanted to be exclusive for her group first, but then decided to extend an invitation to all my friends and subscribers. I am very excited to be a guest trainer during Thursday webinar with Social Media Premier Academy!

During the 60 minutes webinar I will entertain, educate you and I promise it will not be boring!

  • We will show you how to turn YOUR readers’ mental switch on with effective headlines, sound bites, creative tweets and Facebook posts.
  • You will learn fun exercises and leave our webinar with simple proven strategies to get more buzz, better PR and loyal customers that crave your product
  • How to get instant return on your best investment- headlines!
  • Why good headlines and mini pitches will help you to to find your targeted audience and get more clarity
  • How to borrow headlines from the top publications and get attention
  • How to get your audience to remember and share your posts
  • How to compel  your readers to take action with authentic conviction and many more rules.
  • What YOUR readers and customers want and hate…
  • Perfect stories pitches and headlines that get media’s attention and plus more…
  • Why a well planned PR campaign can save your business reputation and give you a real celebrity status

Plus…you will learn how to write inspired headlines and my little spiritual laws of creative writing that has to do with your energy and your passions.

Join  us.. Thursday 8 pm EST



Tatyana Gann

PR Strategist, Coffee Lover, Mompreneur


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