Gastric Hypno Balloon Program

London, UK,  Dec. 5, 2011– The creator of the Gastric Hypno Balloon Weight Loss program Ryan Camana understands overweight patients are willing to go under the knife to correct their body but the problem is much deeper. With so many extreme weight loss extreme methods existing today and customers spending thousands of dollars on the weight loss and obesity treatments many new patients ask Camana  a very simple question “You want me to be hypnotized instead of having surgery?”

According to Ryan Camana’s weight loss research and his work with clients, he saw that hypnosis was one of the only ways proven to get a person back into the higher brain.  Using hypnosis a person can completely avoid the automatic stress response, eating, which invariably occurs on any diet where you are lowering your calories.

In his recent phone interview with publicist Tatyana Gann, Camana said a very profound truth about the power of our mind and how it affects our eating patterns and why diets simply do not work . Camana added, “Installing healthy eating patterns by switching cravings for sugar snacks to cravings for fruit.  We can also program your mind to feel full faster so you naturally eat fewer calories.  All while keeping you centered and peaceful in the higher thinking parts of your brain.


Breaking News: Can Gastric Hypno Balloon Weight Loss Program Replace Gastric Bypass Surgery Completely?

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