My Featured Guest Shawn Phillips Tells How To Start Monday Strong

Monday is here..Ready to revive your super powers?

Shawn Phillips has officially put the “how to gain muscle weight” gurus on notice:   Traditional meal replacement shakes will soon be obsolete with the new life transforming Full Strength Nutritional Product.

Full Strength is more than just a building muscle kind of shake.  It goes beyond the first generation meal-replacements, revolutionizes the body and mind with extraordinary amounts of lean muscle, energy, into a complete transformation of lifestyle for men.

A recent University of Oklahoma study cites that “Full Strength builds muscles, reduces body fat, lowers cholesterol and increases energy, all without any dietary restrictions”.

The Full Strength consumer creates a complete transformation of lifestyle for themselves when they drink this delicious shake.  It increases their muscle mass by providing the highest quality of protein crucial to stimulating a strong metabolism.   The protein itself increases the calorie burning muscle mass by signaling the body to increase its metabolism.  Not only does Full Strength help stimulate the metabolism but it increases muscle mass with its proprietary copyrighted formula.

Full Strength’s formula is the ticket to:

  • Boost and sustain energy, without caffeine
  • Eliminate hunger for four+ productive hours
  • Promote vibrant health, muscle and fat loss
  • Eradicate mid-day energy slumps
  • Enhance focus and awareness
  • How to gain muscle weight with no dieting

A fully integrated premium nutrition shake Full Strength is the ideal way to charge a body and mind for peak performance.  Made of perfect ingredients, it helps men build muscle to create a lean mean machine.

For a person to get optimal muscle building benefits from the Full Strength Nutrition Shake, Shawn recommends they start each day with the serving of delicious shake.    As Phillps would say, “starting the day with a nutritious shake  and building muscle at the same time is the perfect transformation for a man”.

To claim your free sample of the delicious shake and get on VIP list, go to for immediate access.

For savvy buyers who want to take advantage of his special 90 day transformation program, Shawn Phillips offers special savings, a proven plan to becoming stronger, leaner and sexier you.

For media: Shawn Phillips is available for speaking, expert quotes and interviews.

Contact Tatyana Gann, publicist at 615.354.7625

or Shawn Phillips directly at

Full Strength Nutrition
651 Corp Cir Ste 204
Golden, CO 80401

Tel : 1-877-557-4253
Email : ContactUs [at]

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