Discovering your life purpose: 3 simple questions you can ask yourself



Where am I now? Am I at the right place? Where do I want to be?

That is the question many women ask themselves when they start thinking about their future. As I was hiking one evening, I thought about the path I was taking. Even though the hiking trail was not new to me, I was still excited! I love spring and hiking in the spring is so refreshing, new and makes you really happy! I knew I would see new flowers, blooming trees and enjoy a peaceful evening. My focus was to enjoy the hike and finish it with a new sense of joy and peace in my heart. Some self-help gurus call it “mindful hiking” but I call it “reconnecting with myself time”

As we set our mind to discover our purpose and complete our journey we get caught up in the unknown. We get scared of what is ahead of us. We all want to know the final outcome. We want to control the outcome. Sometimes the answer can be quite scary— NO ANSWER. We do not always know the right answer. We do not often see the best solutions and all the amazing possibilities because we focus on the problem. The problem becomes the center of our life. We get stuck. We carry other people burdens without realizing they have their OWN journey to complete. We cannot see solutions because our “inner closet” is packed with STUFF that no longer matters and things we cannot change in life. 

We do not always see the answer and it is simply okay. Sometimes having NO answer is better than doing something just for the sake of doing a project. We love to get busy, but being busy is not going to accomplish anything. It will keep you exhausted and burned out. Passion is what drives you forward.

Sometimes you might get the answer, and it is not always  going to be the answer you wanted, but it will move you forward. It will be your next step towards your real purpose.  Quite often, the answer is deep within your mind, and it is buried under the layers of fears, uncertainty, doubts, little self-love and other issues that block you to see the answer you need. Because we are uncertain we are not sure about desires and dreams. We ask ourselves three burning questions:

  • How do we discover our answers?
  • How do we know what we want?
  • How do we become clear?

First of all, write down everything you love and do not love about your life. Write down all the events that have happened, your feelings, your thoughts. Just let it all out on the notepad. That is how you will discover your answers.

If we do know what we want, do we have enough confidence to get it done? Can we leave all the stuff behind us and just focus on our dream and passion? Are we going to be judged for being risk takers? Ask yourself, “If I had all confidence, no fear, no doubts, what would I want?” 

In our pursuit of regaining clarity, we must purge and let go of all that holds us stuck. It starts with you.  You can clean your house, let go of old memories, old energy, and clean your house all over. You should cleanse your body and remove toxins. It will give you the clarity you need to make new decisions and see your purpose eventually. It is possible to be unstuck, and to free yourself from the chains of toxic relationships, a career that does not reflect your interests and passions, bad health and financial crisis.

In the midst of our crisis we deal with fears. How can we overcome fears that are weighing us down? Do you remember the movie “What about Bob?” Take baby steps. Just baby steps.

I can give you one answer. Until you fed up with where you are at this very moment, your MUST will ALWAYS be YOUR “may be”. It must motivate you to get things done and you have NO choice, but to transform your life. Once you direct your thoughts to seek solutions and start doing something every day rather than nothing, your MAY BE will turn into MUST…

The question is.

How strong is your pain of living the way you are living now? What do you want to change in your life? Do you want to feel a relief? The disappointments can make you look into your soul and help you raise above all your challenges and move on. Be grateful for challenging seasons and know they train you to be more. They help you climb the hardest mountains so you can see everything you need to see when you get to the top. You regain clarity through your challenges. They help you remove and let go of everything that is not aligned with your values.

The good thing is you can still have fun and enjoy your life once you learn to enjoy your journey. The key is to be present in each moment. You are always going to be learning. You will always be evolving. You will always let go. You will love. You will never stop growing.

Do what you love. As my friend says, “Do what feeds your soul not what feeds your ego!” Very true. Our ego will always block our vision. Our purpose is bigger than our ego. Then this journey with all life challenges will be worthy, exciting and rewarding to you and others. It is not about the winning the battle or overcoming trials…it is about overcoming your ego and becoming a person you are meant to be! 

If you believe you need help in improving or changing your life, clearing blocks, old patterns, changing your mindset, I am here to help, I am accepting new clients and I will be honored to work with you.

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Have a great day!

Coach Tatyana

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