How to start writing effortlessly – a magic formula to unlock your creativity

When asked, ‘How do you write?’
I invariably answer, ‘one word at a time.’- Stephen King

“How do I start writing? I do not write like you do, Tatyana! You write so well and so clear”! I hear this statement all the time from people I meet. They think they cannot write or I would say they do not know how to start writing well.

Yesterday I met with my dear friend and my biz associate Lindsay at a local coffee shop. We talked about writing her first blog post on Empower Network platform. She told me “Tatyana, where do I start and how much do I need to write every day to see results?” then she said “Tatyana, I am not like you!”

“Here we go again…” I thought…Nope…It is not about me writing well. It is about you expressing your heart creatively.  You get started writing by sharing your inspired moments.

Creative writing is always inspired!

When inspiration gets into your heart and realize you are doing what you love the words will flow. When you have an inner conflict about your life, your business and your desires in life, you will feel stuck. You will not move. You will be like a heavy door with a big lock. But it needs a small key to opening your heart- inspiration and passion.

When I talked to Lindsay she discovered her passion was more than a skin care or energy healing she did. It was much deeper. It was about gratitude for everything in her life, her family, being a mom and wanting to be a full time mom for her kids without spending hours in traffic working for somebody who did not appreciate her skills and talents and especially knowing her truth, her inspirations and passions.

She realized she wanted to help other moms to stay at home and create income while being a MOM.  I said “Lindsay, you are on the right track. Write about New Year goals, plans and where to look for simple solutions to help moms like yourself. Share exact steps. Be a guide to moms in your neighborhood and start with your best friends.”

Many of my former clients have always asked one simple question, “How to start writing a story about their business that does not feel like a sales pitch?” My answer will always be the same- true stories never sell. Great have WOW effect!  They touch your readers’ heart and build an emotional connection.

I advised her to write a blog post as if she would be writing a letter to her best friend, sharing her real story and what she did and she wanted to share something of VALUE to her best friends who were in a similar situation.

The important aspect of inspired writing is to have your heart in it.

The energy of love, passion, creativity and inspiration must be present in order to catch a reader’s attention and have a WOW effect on them!

We broke down her 60 days plan into a weekly post, a weekly advice for moms on how to get better younger looking skin without Botox and other expensive treatments and how to balance your mind, soul and body with few energy secrets she was willing to share.  Plus she would share solutions on growing income from home.  It is about her journey and painting picture for her readers of what it could be. It is about establishing a new belief system for them and all amazing possibilities!

In order to be inspired to write, you must be inspired to express your heart. You must love what you do and feel no blockages or inner battle if you should do this or that. It must flow like a beautiful waterfall.

Inspired writing is always effortless.

To be inspired you must let go of what you do not want to do. Write down what you do not want to do and threw that list away. Then write all you desire to do and what you want to share with people. Be a person of service and gratitude. When you let your readers FEEL you want to bring value and you are being grateful instead of selling, selling and selling, you will get more trust and respect. Be authentic. Use some humor as your icebreaker. It does not have to be perfect but REAL!

Here is the simple formula to share your passion, increase your marketing budget and keep it simple in the complicated marketing world…Watch this video.

In the next post we will talk about finding topics for your inspired writing when you  have a writer’s block or feel you do not have enough creativity.

Have a great day!

Tatyana Gann


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Top Ten Things You Must Know To Write Bio For Your Publicity

“If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it. Anais Nin

Do you feel scared, nervous or frustrated about writing your own bio?

If you are about to write a biography for your website you want to make sure you know what you want to achieve with it.  Depending on what niche you are in you must create a compelling story that sells YOU and your service. It is very important for your brand building, your brand identity!

If you are in a speaking business, you must talk about your journey, challenges and how your story impacted people and your vision for the next 5 to 10 years.  Give people three to five factors about yourself they can remember you by. It is very IMPORTANT to know what your persona is. Make sure it is not fake to fit into what customers want but be true to yourself.

If you are a writer give examples of your writing and reactions of your fans. Show the progress and the culture of your community.  Speak from your heart as well.  Speak the truth. Just because you want to land a story with a major magazine does not mean you must try to please them by denying who you are at the core.

If you are in a coaching/mentoring business, your bio should  describe your passion for mentoring, your discovery of your true passion and point out what your coaching has done for their life and business.

A good bio always sells YOU and your products. It is an important part of your media kit which we discussed earlier.

Now let me ask you, do you use photos? It is a great publicity tool.  Photos are cheap and effective. Use photos that show relationships between them and show photos of events where actions are taking place not sterile, boring passport looking photos. Laugh, frown, jump and smile. Be different…Be natural. Show your personality. It connects people with YOUR story! Example, my work in a studio in Nashville with my mentor David Cooper. Photos like that create stories and memories.

Here are some questions that can help you to create a good bio for your website and your publicity:

1. What words would you use to describe yourself? What words do others use to describe you?
2. How you would like to be perceived by others?
3. What are you passionate about?
4. What is your mission?
5. What talents and skills do you have to offer others?
6. What makes you an asset to the society?
7. What steps have you taken to share your brand with others?

8. Do you feel you have a strong presence?
9. What life lessons you can share that can change other people lives?

10. Any there any particular events that have changed your life?

Your brand identity is very important for you and your customers. Knowing what you stand for, your core values, your vision is the foundation of solid business. When you have a great business bio in your media kit that reflects the core values and your vision it is a great way to build long term relationships.

Make sure to print the questions out and use them for writing your bio.

Let us know how we can help you to craft a perfect bio for your website, your media kit to give you and your business a better publicity


Have a fantastic week!


Tatyana Gann


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How to Write Your Story With Words That Carry Power…

Do you love when the words you write, speak leave the imprints on someone’s heart? Do you love to read the stories that you get hooked on and you want to know more? Do you feel that some headlines in the magazines you see have the magnetic force that attracts you to read them?

When writing a story, what kind of content do you share with your readers? Does it have the power that penetrates your readers hearts? Do they feel excited and want to know more? Do your words carry the power than inspires your readers to know more about you and feel excited about knowing you?

In publicity it is very important to use the words that bring change and transformation.  No matter if you want to learn how to write an article for a magazine, or you are writing a short story you keep in mind one thing: WORDS CARRY THE AWESOME POWER.  We live in the society that loves negative news. We get attracted to the headlines that are gossips, PR stunts, and negative updates.. We live in the world that worships the celebrities. Last year I met a man who was nominated for PEOPLE Choice Awards. He was a medical doctor who had helped many people in Haiti after the earthquake and he was called “An American Hero”.  Interesting enough not many people knew about him. His news were too positive for the media to handle and often the positive news that bring HOPE are not the best ones. They do not create too buzz and it is sad. I believe it is TIME for it to change.

But what about you?

Does your story compel your customers to share about your product? What kind of words do you use? Do you words inspire people and show everything is possible?

1. Your words must lift people up.

When I write I often think if my words can make people think and strengthen their mind. I believe we must say the right words at the right time and use pleasant words.

2. Words are your thoughts.

Do not use words to impress people or create fake image. What you think, feel will come to pass. Be honest with audience. Talk about you think on a certain topics. Do not try to FIT in with your story.

3. Your words have authority

Words are like fire. They can warm people hearts or burn bridges. They can change the world. I love this quote ” Death and life are in the power of the tongue” Proverbs and I truly believe to be so. Believe what you say can impact your readers. Especially when you want to inspire, motivate, teach your readers show them the way out of the hardest times in their life.  You can influence people with your words if you live in truth.

4. Your words can increase your profits

What do you FEEL when you speak the words. What do you really realize? Do you pour your heart and soul into what you do? I often talk about passion. yes passion is the key to increasing profits. Without passion your words carry no power. You become more creative when you speak the right words but also realize what you speak means a lot to you.

5. Social media conversations can improve

When you engage into conversation with people in social networks how do you feel? Are you sincere? Do you believe in what you do and have to offer? Are you selling your products from the standpoint of service or desperation? How do people view you? If you looked at your work from the distance what would you say? You must have authority and confidence to win the social media game.

We as humans have this power and it is a gift. Use words to bring ONLY good into people lives. Enough of negative poop that pollutes media. The world wants real stories about real people. Do you have a story to share? Let us help you to guide in your positive publicity campaign?

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Japanese Garden, Tranquility and Your Creativity

“In Silence, We Find Answers…” – The Bible

I love to meditate. Do you love to meditate? Have you tried it yet? As a family, we love to come to a place where we feel tranquility and serenity. I love the Japanese garden in Cheekwood Botanical Garden, here in Nashville. Being there helps me to define my life purpose. It helps me to regroup… and start things in the right direction. Answers come from inside with ease. It is a great place to remove my writing blocks or even entrepreneurial challenges. As a publicist, a business owner, a mompreneur, I deal with it often and I accept it as a new learning experience to be better at what I do!

Yesterday, I spent a day with my family and my friend and life coach Krisna Flum. We were working on my new project called “Kangen Princess: Guiding You Back To Original YOU” (we will share more news very soon…shh it is a top secret)… Krisna even brought her little gals to this beautiful place! We practiced balance in life; being with our families while working on our project. And… it worked! We accomplished a lot while seeing our kids play and have fun! Nothing better than the smile of your little kids! We were creative because we had fun, plotting new ideas, manifesting our dreams!!!

(we are on a mission)

An interesting thing I read about Japanese gardens… people come to a Japanese garden to experience tranquility, so that their imagination and creativity will experience a boost! I remember reading in the Bible that Within Silence We Find Deep Answers.

It is all within…

…But, here is the thing we all struggle with: A balance of work and finding the time to relax.  So, I want to ask you…

Want to be more productive, but no clue where to go?  How do you define what it means to be productive? Do you feel you are spinning the wheels? Do you feel you are active in what you do, but never produce results? Are you striving  to be a perfectionist?

Just a few days ago, I was in my favorite bookstore and I grabbed a nice comfy chair.  I was also listening to water fall sounds and felt I was in my own little escape world from stress and life outside of the bookstore.  Personally for me, staying sane in a world filled with daily stress and constant new demands can be quite challenging and sometimes seemingly impossible.  70% of all medical problems are stress related and honestly there is no quick fix.  However, there are a few solutions or tips that can help anyone. They are very simple and so often overlooked.

Economic conditions are often false triggers

Especially due to the economic condition our country and the world is in  today, no wonder more and more people are depressed, overweight and develop chronic health conditions. Have we “created” a belief for ourselves about our current conditions due to the media and what we hear on weekly basis?

Did we allow what is happening in this country and even globally, to stop us from being productive?

I think it is an excuse for some to justify laziness. What should we do? We feel we are stuck in this mess and we often do not know whom to listen to and who can listen to us!

Control the stress. First and foremost we must put stress in its place like a misbehaving child who is out of control… and we must do the same with our stress. We must recognize we have a problem and determine what we must do about it. I learned to focus on the important matters in my life, despite the daily distractions. I call them “destructive distractions” since they carry destructive power. I learned to regroup and refocus on my priorities to ease anxiety and create a balanced life.  My best advice to you: find time for yourself!

Here are  10+ Steps to Feeling Alive and Productive

1. Deep Breathing.

Honestly, we sometimes get so rushed and pushed in so many different directions and being occupied with life that we tend to forget to slow down and smell the roses! We must slow down and take a few deep breaths.  It helps us to calm down, to gather our thoughts and start all over or move on.  I love to listen to the calming water fall sounds like I did in the bookstore and just relax by closing my eyes and connecting with nature sounds.

2.  Stay Positive

You may say, “Yeah, right Tatyana!” Positive people have better results and outcomes in any difficult situation. It does not mean that positive people do not have stress. They do. They just handle it differently. Their minds are programmed to expect positive results. Negative and positive cannot exist together, so we must choose one or the other.

When things went wrong in my life and my business, or something just did not work out the way I expected, I often felt like giving up or quitting… but, I made a choice of being positive, even though I was hurt or disappointed because I knew something better would come out of it.

3. Pamper yourself

When is the last time you took time to enjoy a relaxing candle lit bath, took a long walk, or listened to soothing music? You deserve to love your mind and body and create positive energy around yourself! I love to listen to meditation music.  A few minutes of listening to this type of music helps to release negative energy that can build up.  As they say, “If Momma is not happy, no one is happy!” And don’t forget, you can also indulge in a nice velvety piece of dark chocolate!

4. Don’t worry about the little things in life

If it is not a big deal, let it go. We often put too much attention to things that just do not matter. We make little things look like elephants and create a reality around it. Once you realize that certain little things do not serve any purpose and cannot be undone, you can move forward.

5. Learn to forgive

Forgive others and forgive yourself. Believe in forgiveness and forget it.  Forgetting is a part of forgiveness.  Forgiving yourself for mistakes will free you to do what you need to do and prevent you from sitting in the mud pile of sorrow, pain and misery.  Forgiving yourself for what you have not done or done poorly will allow you to move forward.

6. De-Clutter Your life

De-cluttering your life means less stress. Do not feel that you have to be a supermom or a super-dad and try to do too many things at once!  Multitasking can clutter your life and create chaos.  Determine what needs to be done first and stick to your plan. Write a list of things that are IMPORTANT. Usually the most important things will always tend to be on the top of the list.  As they say, “the creme always rises to the top”. You will always know what is important to you.

7. Use the word “NO”

It is a quite negative word, however it could also be your best friend.  There are times we must learn to say “NO” to the requests and demands of others and sometimes isolate ourselves from the rushed world. I love making casseroles, stews and bake desserts for friends who are sick, or for someone who has just had a baby and needs assistance… or even just watching someone’s else child though I have my own jungle at home with my two boys! Often, we are afraid to say “NO” because we wonder what people would think of us or if perhaps they might think less of us.  NO is a powerful word, so learn to use it wisely!

8. Find positive people

Surround yourself with positive people who understand and support your life, your vision and believe in you! They can enrich your life in many ways. The most positive people in my life are my kids! They are the ones who got me interested in meditation and learning how to relax..I heard my son Timothy saying “Mommy, lets meditate and relax”.  I never told him about meditation and he is the one who welcomed it in his life.

9. Be Grateful

Count your blessings, one by one. Consider all your challenges as blessings because there is beauty in challenges. Be grateful for happy and joyous moments in life.  Be grateful for the little things that bring a smile to you.  As they say, be thankful and pray when it rains and pray when the sun shines. It is all GOOD!

” To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven” -Johannes Gaertner

10. Take care of your body

Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours.  An adult in America sleeps on average 5 hours a night. No wonder people are stressed and tired. Sleep deprivation is right at the top along with bad eating habits, causing  countless health problems.  Create an exercise program and do it every day. Make it a habit.  I made a choice of eating healthy and a daily walking program… plus, drinking high ph water called kangen water.  Our well-being is a mirror of who we are.

11. Control what you do with your thoughts.

It does not matter if you have negative thoughts or positive things. It is about what you do with them. Do you like them, nurture them?  Your thoughts are like ice cream flavors. However, you only have one choice, one flavor at a time. Remember only you are in control of your life and well being.  Take baby steps and practice simple things that can ease your anxiety and create more harmony and balance. Have you ever been ina  situation where you wanted to make a huge leap into the future only to realize that you failed? The reason for that is that your mindset is not aligned yet with the quantum leap you wanted to make. Your views on life and how everything works have not changed.   Life is not always a bed of roses and learning how to improve your life takes time and wisdom.

12.  Be Creative

Creativity is the force behind productivity. Once you become creative and the ideas are flowing, you can then laser focus, providing you an opportunity to come  up with solutions that you never thought possible. Once you are creative and love what you do, it accelerates your productivity. I remember myself being involved in projects I loved and I felt very creative about… I could accomplish any task! In order to be creative we must relax, be tranquil and be at peace with who we are!

I want to end with a beautiful and simple quote, “Things do not change, we change”… Do not be afraid to make little changes in your life, because it is all for your good!

Have a great week!

Tatyana Gann, Nashville TN

(c) Copyright 2011 Tatyana Gann. All Rights Reserved.