My Little Guide to Becoming Lady Boss

Tatyana smallCan women be feminine and leaders at the same time? Can they truly embrace the role of a lady boss? What does it take to be one?

As I made a commitment to dedicate myself fully to my life coaching and consulting practice, connected with many women CEOs, female leaders and women who were doing their best to make things happen I noticed one thing…Why are so few female leaders yet it is very woman’s dream to become one? What is blocking them to step up? What beliefs do they have that prevent them from seeing themselves in this role?

It reminded me about one movie…One night during my business trips when there was nothing to do in town, I decided to watch a movie called “New In Town” with Renée Zellweger . In the movie, she was assigned to be a manager at a small city plant in Minnesota.  She was a very proper and quite a classy lady who found herself in the middle of nowhere.   Little did she know that her life and business would completely change in just a few short hours. She had to adjust  to a very provincial lifestyle… She was a city girl who learned to live in the country environment. Different life. Different mindset.

As I was watching this  movie, she reminded me of myself and how I found myself in the very small town in West TN at the age if 19 when I came to America in 1994.

The movie was very slow, but it brought  up a lot of great points about my personal life, my career and some understanding of what it REALLY took to start my own business, to become a woman – CEO in this business world ruled by men.

Recent research has shown that out of 500 companies there are only 24 female CEOs in the corporate world and that corporate America is not ready for women to be leaders. They are not equipped with what women and moms need to be successful in the workplace. That is why so many women find the ways to start a home business or find work at home jobs to be with kids and have a less stressful life. The priorities have changed.  Women have opportunities to take their knowledge and skills and start their businesses at home. Is that difficult? YES. Every day is a challenge…But it is an exciting challenge to be better, to master skills, to connect with more people, get out of the comfort zone. It requires discipline and patience. LOTS OF IT!

Let me ask you a question, What does it take to be  the best female CEO? What mindset do we need to have to become the best we can be in our business or a corporate career?”

Here are top 10 things women should think about:

1.       Acceptance of who you are NOW.

You do not need to wait for years to make everything perfect in your life. The perfection is not up to you and will exhaust you!

2.       Being CEO of your business starts with YOU.

It requires taking responsibilities for big and small mistakes, being accountable for all your actions and know that nobody owes you anything.

3.        You have an ability to adjust.

Women are talented at multitasking and they can adjust to changes in their business and their family life. As a single mom of two boys, there are no excuses in order to go forward. You have to make it happen…Sometimes the only choice we have is to go up and forward.

4.        You can learn and try new things and see the beauty in the most simple things.

I believe we can create luxury moments in life without waiting for them to happen. I often buy flowers whenever I want and they do not have to cost a fortune! Today I stopped and got beautiful roses for less than 5 dollars a bouquet. The luxury lifestyle is not always expensive and simple things create this lifestyle!

5.       You can be a boss and still be a nurturing woman.

Women can have a role of a boss, be taken seriously and they do not have to be perceived as “a B- word boss”.  The movie “The Proposal” comes to my mind when I think about a woman being a boss. She was portrayed as a selfish,  unkind, uncaring woman with  no emotions. But in reality, women can be better CEOs because of their nurturing personality. Do not lose that feminine nurturing compassionate leader within you to satisfy others.

6.       Bravery.

Women have an amazing courage to take brand new tasks. They are accountable and loyal. But women should never try to look like a male warrior and think that bravery requires being bold and obnoxious. Having your voice and speaking the truth to lead others is one of the most amazing qualities in women.

7.       Creativity and innovation.

Women get inspired by new ideas and take an immediate action. Women are creative human beings. They love art, fine foods, fashion and they do love technology. Women love to have fun doing what they love.

8.       Understanding people.

Are you interested in mastering human relationships? Do you have the patience to listen and learn about others? Being a leader, CEO of your business or having a leadership role in a company requires great communication skills. You do not need to be a therapist or a psychologist to do well but you cannot close your heart to serve people.

9.       Believing in others and yourself.

Can you motivate yourself and others to see the best in them? Start focusing on yourself. Trust me…Without loving yourself and knowing what you want and believing in yourself you cannot totally and completely believe in others. Honor yourself and then you can honor other people skills and talents! Start working on your issues that block your trust, faith in yourself, even learning how to overcome fears on an everyday basis. If you think LADIES BOSSES do not have fear you are quite wrong. Once you learn to clear your mind from what burdens you. Once you clear your issues you will be able to help others even more. You will know who you are and what you stand for once you have a clear understanding of who you were before and who you are today.

10.   Enjoying what you do. 

Do your daily choices bring joy into your life? Do you consider your daily actions serving your highest purpose?

Women could do a lot of things. They could be trusted in the business world run by macho men. They can make great decisions. Women have a lot of patience.

One thing to remember that women should not try to change themselves and try to be and act like men.   When they start doing it, they lose the essence of who they are, being a WOWman.  Women are born to create harmony, love, and beauty at home and in the workplace. They can create and must have the financial abundance. Who says women should be stay-at-home moms or leave their ambition in the walking closet! Women have the guts and they should use it!

I want to end my story with an amazing quote:  “Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity.” Mohandas Gandhi

If you are starting a business or transitioning from a corporate career to owning your own business let me know how I can be of service. Click here to schedule a 20 min complimentary breakthrough session with me. 

Your coach Tatyana 


My Divorce, Freedom and Independence Day


coachphoto1As we celebrate an Independence Day I thought to share my thoughts about freedom.  I came to America 21 years ago. I was only 19 years old.  Sometimes I cannot believe it has been over 20 years since the day I arrived here.  As I reflect on my life I had an interesting life journey. It taught me to appreciate my life more than ever. It taught me to value life, people in my life and see them as teachers. I am forever grateful!

Unfortunately, in December 2014 my divorce was final. It is not something you talk about publicly. It was the most difficult time in my life and becoming a single mom of two sons was not something I was looking forward to.  Some people will call it a bliss or freedom…but for me it became an opportunity to grow and find myself, reestablish my roots in America and start my life all over at the age of 40. Freedom requires sacrifices and I had to let of my ego so I could be MORE. It was my way of moving on, getting unstuck so I could experience TRUE freedom. Do not take me wrong. I do not advise anyone to get divorced to be FREE. Freedom is a personal choice no matter if you are single or married.

I made a decision to be  free and fabulous. why? Because FREEDOM is a decision to be fabulous even if you are single. I made a decision to find myself and love myself for who I am.

So…what is FREEDOM? Freedom is a choice we make. It is something we take for granted and quite often we believe we do not deserve it because of certain events, programming and our parental influence. We lose our voice to speak the truth completely. But it is only for a short time. We eventually find the voice inside that wants to come out and be loud ENOUGH to be heard!

Do you feel you lost your voice? Have you lost  your identity and do not know where you are going? Are you afraid to be yourself because somebody said you could not have it or not worthy? Are you restricted in your life to think freely and be creative? Do you allow your family to  influence your personal decisions or your career choices? Just because they think they could not have it all….they think you have the same destiny…..WRONG!

Well let me tell you….you  have a choice. Your mind is the most infinite muscle you can stretch and remove all limitations. I remember growing up in the Soviet Union and my grandmother used to listen to the same record over and over. Her favorite artist was Anna German …She played her songs until we could not handle any longer!  But we still loved our grandma and her vanilla sweet rolls! One day my aunt told me my sweetest grandma it was time to change it! It was TIME for a new music in the house.

Are you afraid of having new music playing in your life? We are afraid of letting go of the old music we play in our head, old lyrics we keep listening to. In order to feel free we must create CHANGE and let go of old music, lyrics and emotions ! New and good things are in store for you! Do you believe it?

Once we make a decision we create a space to receive more and feel freedom.  FREEDOM can be scary. It can be exciting. It is how you look at it. Freedom is knowing you are on the right path. You feel peace and serenity. You cannot have FREEDOM without feeling it first, visualizing, believing in it. Freedom is doing what you love, serving others they way you think is best! Freedom is when you can release yourself from toxic thinking and truly think positive. Freedom is when you lose attachment or need to be loved and appreciated. You learn to love yourself, a new you and find peace in it.

How do you feel free?

1. Decide what you want

2. Claim it.

3. Ask yourself what freedom means to you

4. How can you serve others with your freedom

5. Believe it and receive it.

Desire to have freedom will open new doors to healing your mind, restoring your life and making it much better than ever.  It is NOT a selfish desire. It is about living in passion, knowing who you are and staying in your power.  It is about doing what you want, making your own career or biz choices and following your heart! Freedom gives your ability to trust yourself and your intuition. It is not going to be perfect but it is your life. We live and learn. Do  not put yourself in a trap relying only on others to give you freedom! When you decide to have it others will feel it. You project it . They receive it.

Isn’t TIME to feel alive and have JOY, ABUNDANCE you were promised to receive by our awesome CREATOR? Freedom should be celebrated every day not just on the 4th!


Happy Independence Day



Nashville Artist and Owner of O’Gallery Brings New Vibe To Nashville…

Nashville art is evolving thanks to trendsetters like my dear friend Olga Alexeeva, an amazing artist, an inspiration to Nashville business owners and a powerful female entrepreneur who built an incredible reputation in her business circles. I love to give a good publicity to biz owners through stories and her story is truly remarkable.  I believe every story we tell can bring light, inspiration and awareness of our OWN potential. People like Olga inspire me. Her dedication to change her life and bring joy to people through art is really magnificent.

She is a woman of action, commitment and integrity. Her  art is unique and nobody is like her. She stands out in the crowd of other artists because of her views on life.  Her wisdom is remarkable and her talent to paint is an example of what we can do..

Her work reflects her cry for beauty, her desire to nurture the eye, challenge the intellect, and provoke the subconscious…perhaps her stage background telling us stories.
“Color and forms were always in my life – on the stage, where I spent 13 years as a professional actress, or at home – I always felt mysterious meaning of shadows and movement of a body, strange order of average things around me. I had to follow the summon of nature to express and reflect. It excites me to pull colors together and create another entity. Now I live it and love it.
Nobody becomes an artist unless they have to.’ So, my ‘have to’ is now a reality and is available for you to experience. You are invited to visit my expressions on canvas and share my joy of co-creating. Reality is not only what we see, it’s also what we imagine. I invite the viewer to a Wonderland, where everything is possible.” – Olga Alexeeva

Read a complete story about Nashville Lifestyle featuring Olga Alexeeva and her O’Gallery

Tatyana Gann



Mother’s Days Gifts Every Mother Wants- Ancient Secret to Beautiful and Radiant Skin!

May 10, 2012

From the desk of Tatyana Gann

Today I want to honor a special woman. Her name is Trisha Springstead, CEO of ESP Botanicals, a woman with a big heart, passion to bring change in the world of organic and natural skincare.

In honor of Mother’s Day Celebration, ESP Botanicals gives every mother  Mother’s Day gifts that she really wants- the perfect gift of healthy glowing Skin. ESP Botanicals is a brand new line of organic, non toxic skin care and baby care products inspired by a mother and a daughter’s mission to bring changes in the skin care industry.

ESP Botanicals is a new upscale line of all natural and organic skin care which is formulated without parabens, restoring health and purity back into women’s delicate skin. ESP Botanicals CEO and product developer Trisha Springstead shares her vision for her organic skin care line that every woman should have in her vanity room. Her mission to bring the safest products in every family started when her mother was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. Springstead’s mother became her inspiration and the main reason to build awareness about the dangers of the commercial skincare products for women and babies.

Trisha Springstead’s mission is to educate consumers about the harmful skin care products they use on a daily basis and about new healthy organic skin care options available with ESP Botanicals. Trisha Springstead points out “What you rub on your skin can kill you!”

Arriving just in time for Mother’s Day, ESP Botanicals make the perfect gift and come packaged in a Swiss Miron Glass to add that personal touch! It is a perfect gift to all moms and honoring her mother’s life!

Trisha Springstead’s ESP Botanical line uses only glass and non- leeching, reusable boxes. The company does not endorse any chemical or herbal placed in plastic.

Infused with the best oils and fruit botanical extracts, the new skincare line is a piece of heaven!  ESP Botanicals’ customers (including many international celebrities) have achieved tremendous radiance and total skin perfection!  It is truly a magical awakening experience when the balms gently touch your skin!

Springstead believes that women should not settle for cheap quality skincare. She has extensively evaluated all the ingredients and combined perfect natural and organic blends into her products, so that women can feel confident and beautiful, inside and out! With so many so-called “healthy” skin care lines, which are loaded with fillers and potentially harmful chemicals, the nourishing formula of ESP Botanicals protects and restores your skin… naturally!

Trisha Springstead pointed out, “I have conducted extensive research of countless organic skin care brands, only to discover that not all of the ingredients are safe and effective. ESP Botanicals have been specifically formulated and developed to contain the highest quality organic ingredients for moms and babies, ensuring only the purest, most natural results!”

Preventing toxic chemical overload, ESP Botanicals brings the most green products to the organic skin care marketplace, creating products that women can feel confident in using for not only their delicate skin, but also for their baby’s gentle skin!

Finally, an organic, green, non toxic line of body and bath skin care products that will leave your skin feeling clean, light and nourished! When choosing a Mother’s Day gift or even a baby gift, you cannot go wrong with an “ancient beauty secret in Swiss glass”!

In a recent interview with PR strategist and publicist Tatyana Gann, Trisha Springstead stated that her skin care line is the hope that men and women have been waiting for… no longer do they have to be controlled by the way their skin looks and feels!

Who can it help?

  • Moms with infants and children up to the age of 12, who are seeking organic, natural skin care for the entire family
  • Individuals with skin problems can use the products to clean, protect, sooth and heal
  • Consumers who believe in the green way of living, a chemical free lifestyle

Finally moms can experience an “Awakening to Healthy Skincare”! There is always time for a new beginning… and new skin!

To get instant access to ESP Botanicals products, visit

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The original press release can be read here

We wish you all Happy Mother’s Day!


Tatyana Gann

PR Strategist, Mom


Sharing love through a cup of healthy delicious coffee ….

  “Among the numerous luxuries of the table…coffee may be considered as one of the most valuable. It excites cheerfulness without intoxication; and the pleasing flow of spirits which it occasions…is never followed by sadness, languor or debility.”  Benjamin Franklin

Sitting at a table here at the Fido coffee shop in Hillsboro Village, I see all the coffee drinkers. From lattes to mochas, decaf coffees, hot chocolate drinks and even simple teas… It made me realize… the coffee industry is huge! Coffee brings a special feeling to people.  We actually share more than coffee. We share love with a cup of coffee.

Do you love coffee? (Well I’m sure you do since you are reading this post!) I love coffee. As a writer and business consultant, I spend certain days of the week in coffee shops. I love to meet new people and feel the happy energy around me!  I love the warm feeling that it brings to my soul. It brings back memories of home, when we used to save some money to buy coffee. I am talking about good coffee. I grew up on instant coffee; Nescafe one of the hottest coffee companies in Europe. My mom considered it a treat to have afternoon coffee time with some chocolate or cookies. But personally, for us, it was a time to talk and reconnect.  I miss those days!

That is why I encourage you to make some time and go for a cup of coffee with your friends.

But I have a small question… What if you had an opportunity to drink delicious, healthy coffee, or your favorite café mocha,  share coffee with your loved ones and friends, bringing more smiles,  reconnecting and reuniting for life’s special moments?!

Imagine you can drink coffee that is really good for you? What if a coffee company paid you for drinking delicious coffee? It’s simple. It’s coffee. My mission is to bring those luxury moments back into your daily life. You do not need to wait for a special occasion to experience those luxury moments. It can be done NOW with a cup of coffee!

Coffee is more than a drink. It is a potion of love, a cup of heavenly seduction.  It is a drink for lovers to enjoy on a date. It is a cup of friendship that girlfriends share. Coffee also builds new business partnerships!

I want to invite you to join us at the brand new facebook group called, Coffee Wealth Lounge.   It is a place where coffee conversations about life, success, wealth and inspiration begin! Please Invite friends who love and drink coffee, who are passionate about life and being an entrepreneur!

If you would love to learn how to create a better lifestyle for your family and build a significant income by sharing a cup of delicious, healthy, organic coffee here is what you need to do…

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By working together, you will receive my personal undivided attention, learn proven marketing and promotional PR strategies to build your online and offline business. As a successful business consultant and publicist, I used to charge thousands of dollars a month to work with me.

Finally,  you can work with me by drinking your daily cup of our brand new heavenly organic coffee and simply share it with other coffee lovers you know. Yes… it is that simple… It’s coffee!


I look forward to working with you!

Tatyana Gann


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CEO Women, Coffee Chats, Roses and Bras!

Dear friend

As I was enjoying my coffee on one Saturday afternoon I decided to make a video for you about women leaders, women who have passion to serve and bring change.

After attending many women events over the past year I saw one common thing- women want to lead and be accepted as equal success and business partners. They want to make major decisions not only when they are asked to do so!

Question…What does it take to be the best female CEO? What mindset do we need to have to become the best we can be in our business. Women executives can make a difference. Women CEOs can be very inspirational women and impact business growth!

Are you afraid to show your ambition and power because you think you will lose your feminine side?

Watch my special video message. Yes I will talk about coffee, roses, women success and bras!



..Please share with others!


PS.. Men CEOs – a must watch for you too!


Tatyana Gann

How my son saved my life, awakened my spirit and taught me the meaning of love…

The sun was shining bright. I watched the helicopters landing on the hospital rooftop while I was marching into the clinic for high risk patients. I was smiling inside, knowing that in less than an hour I would know the answer: boy or girl! Over 6 years ago, on April 20, 2005, my life was turned upside down. The doctor, after telling me I was going to have another boy, gently closed the door behind us and called for the nurse to come in. I was paying attention to all that he was doing. I felt an extreme pain in my heart, knowing something was not right. As usual, the doctor started out by asking how I was doing. My happy face was glowing… the “Pregnancy glow”.

Then, he said to me, “Unfortunately, we have bad news for you Mrs. Gann… and it is up to YOU to decide what you do with your baby.” My heart suddenly sank. I was confused, puzzled and asked what was going on. The doctor continued by telling me that my baby would be mentally retarded because of a rare case of spina bifida. Also, that my baby could have Down Syndrome. I remember feeling nauseated, smashed… devastated.I could not believe this was happening to me! But then, some power within me made me a mommy warrior. Suddenly, I had a simple answer… “NO”… No abortion! The voice in my head said, “God does not give you more than you can handle…” I remember it so clearly. Then, I said to my wonderful doctor, who was sitting in a brown leather chair, ” You know, I am not giving up. I will fight for my son’s life. He will give a me a reason to be a better mom. I will be the best mom for my boy. ”  Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I did not care that I had a makeup on and a cute little yellow sundress on with my 5 months pregnant, protruding belly. All I cared about was my son, the little angel that was given to me for a reason; to teach me a lesson of unconditional love, faith and hope.

I made a choice to give the gift of life to my son, without knowing the final outcome… knowing that the real outcome is a lesson of faith, hope and love. I had faith knowing that the fluid around his brain would go down… that his tiny body would grow and develop. I believed in prayers. That very moment when I said “NO!” to terminating my happy pregnancy and my wonderful glow, I had an inner glow- feeling… an amazing sense of peace. I felt DIVINE power within me, holding me together and wanting me to rely on HIM.

And I did…

I remember calling my British friend Maria and the first thing she said to me with her lovely british accent, “Tatyana, your baby is fine and he is going to be a genius and a happy boy!” Oh, how I wish I could have believed it 100%… I wanted to believe. I realized it was my duty to believe. It was an honor to have the ability to believe in the best outcome.  I had to lay my ego aside and stop asking God “Why me?”. I had to become strong for my son.

The hardest time in my life were those 4 months of waiting for the birth of my son since the day our doctor and other doctors after,  gave their prediction.  On July 19, 2005 my son was born and rushed into the ICU of  the Children’s hospital. I remember lying in my hospital bed awaiting, humming a song. I usually joked with the nurses around me and I was very hungry.  I had my mother with me holding my hand and smiling at me without saying a word.  Her beautiful presence made things so much more wonderful and peaceful. I am forever grateful!

After a series of several brain scans, the nurse brought my little baby boy back in to me. She smiled and said, “Girl, you’ve got a miracle baby here!!”   The doctor said there was no trace of fluid! My little baby boy was perfect. He was smiling at his mommy. I knew RIGHT then he was an angel from above with a mission to teach me and others lessons of life.  He taught me the most important one: faith and love right in that very hospital room.

The reason I am sharing with you a small chapter from my book  entitled “My Russian America” is because that so often we do not know how to trust, keep faith and learn how to love.

It was about trusting all the way to the end. Never giving up when we feel we cannot see the light or hear anything that resembles a solution. We often give up when things are unknowingly about to go in the right direction. Today, my little boy Daniel is my comedian and my supporter.  He loves to kiss me every morning and snuggle with me. His passion for life is felt through it all. His beautiful blue eyes are like deep ocean waves, always expressing love, joy and compassion.

Every time when I feel down, when things happen in my life , when business takes an unexpected turn, or when I feel I am losing faith, my little Daniel reaches out to me… and while sucking on his thumb,  he says the most beautiful words, “I love you Mommy… thank you for loving me.”

It was about NEVER giving up. He taught me how to remove doubts and replace them with love. He taught me how to laugh and to trust more.  He became the best teacher for me of unconditional love.  He is my little gentleman, which I adore and am grateful to God for giving me such guidance.

He became one of my biggest reasons to accepting the status of a “mompreneur”. He taught me how to face challenges with a noble attitude, to celebrate small victories together, to laugh when you feel like crying,  and to also laugh when I felt truly happy and how to be a child again. He has awakened my spirit, teaching me the true meaning of love. Loving myself, so I can be the best MOMMY for Daniel.

A Lesson we can all learn here: Never doubt yourself. Have faith when everything looks bleak. Fill your heart with gratitude.

Thank you Daniel for being my mentor…You are only 6 years old and your wisdom is beautiful!

Love & Hugs to you my little Daniel!

Your faithful student, personal chef (and sometimes drill officer),


Tatyana Gann is the founder of the Smokin’ Hot PR Ezine and Smokin’ Hot PR Boutique, providing publicity, online PR services and even private VIP consulting. Tatyana Gann is ready to bring you publicity tips, advice and PR services to help you gain more raving fans for your business and create smokin’ hot publicity! She has a simple formula for creating a publicity plan that brings results! Grab your FREE publicity weekly advice at: