Do you remember your first date?

How would you like to know the little secret to creating successful Facebook relationships with your friends and turn fans into loyal customers?”

A couple of days ago I was in the Pottery Barn store and I stopped by to check out new office accessories. A young lady was looking at the same chair and we started talking about it, its quality and how fun it would be to have one in the office. We discovered that we were both moms, business owners and our conversation lasted almost an hour. We really connected from the first time we opened our mouth.

Monica asked me what I did for living. I said,” I teach how to combine public relations, social media and bring you more online publicity, new connections and new buyers”.  She looked at me with a little bit of surprise and curiosity and said, “Do you use Facebook and how do you find clients with Facebook?” She also mentioned she did not want to start selling products from her gift shop to her Facebook friends. She was afraid to sound like a salesman.

How often do you feel this way? We start a business, we have products to sell, we create Facebook profile or a Facebook fan page, but we forget how to connect with our first customers.  We think we need to do something extraordinary to be successful. We hire the best expensive web designers, put fancy colors, widgets and then feel stuck. We forget to go back and learn about people!

What I discovered the store owner was a brilliant business woman. She was already using social media strategies in her store without using Facebook but we were able to see the power of Facebook marketing for her business to bring current clients and create the loyal customers community who will pay the premium price.

I asked her one FINAL question to help her to understand the power of social media: if she remembered her first date. She started laughing… I am sure it brought memories. I told her it worked the same  way on Facebook. You learn to connect with people first and show them how unique your service is to them! You find everything about THEM by being real and genuine.

(myself and my husband in San Diego, dating still, 14 years into our marriage)

Dating can teach you a lot about building Facebook relationships. Pay very close attention.

In my video above I am sharing Facebook marketing tips and mistakes people make on Facebook and Twitter.  I hope it can bring some clarity on how to become the best connector by using powerful social media and PR strategies that are simple, proven and fun!

Remember PR means PEOPLE RELATIONSHIPS. My friend, the author of the book “Putting People Back into Public Relations”, Deirdre Breakenridge, talks how social media and modern public relationships changed the way companies build business and how relationships with customers is #1 priority. It is a nice resource to help you to understand the world of PR and social media and how perfectly they intertwined.

Have an awesome day!

Tatyana Gann

Founder, PR 2.0 Mentor

What a slave cabin, PR and your profits have in common?

“How would you like your customers talk about your product, your company and your business?”

What a slave cabin, PR and your profits have in common?

While I was in Belle Meade plantation, enjoying the fall festival with my family, I came across the slave cabin.  I was thinking how people lived with no freedom of choice, no way out of the life they had. They were told what is best for them and what they need to do. They were property.

They thought different. They became used to the life they had and moved on living like that.  I am so grateful today we do not have slavery, but we still have people who are slaves to their old habits. When it comes to marketing, we often stuck in the past, use old marketing methods that do not any more sense. We forget the fact the old methods die and we need to discover something new.

Are you ready to have true freedom in your marketing? Are you ready to bring change in how you do things?

If you said, “YES”, then lets go and register for our weekly training classes!

Learn how:

  • How to use PR 2.0 strategies to share your message about your product, company and YOU
  • How to build positive publicity
  • How to remove negative publicity
  • How to repair your online reputation
  • How to create brand new leads and solid buyers
  • Why PR 2.0 is more effective than PPC ads
  • How to increase profits in a very short time
  • much more…

Reserve your seat today!

We are honored to serve you!

Tatyana Gann

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The Role of PR 2.0: Public Relations On Steroids+ Exclusive Interview with Pitchengine CEO Jason Kintzler

Announcing! Special Interview and PR 2.0 Training With Jason Kintzler, A Media Cowboy, CEO and Founder of Pitchengine, Tatyana Gann and Angela Giles!

(watch this video!)

Learn how you get on a first page of Google with just one story, PR 2.0 strategies that are simple and bring product awareness, traffic, leads and loyal buyers!

Ready to take your business to new heights? Watch video above and register for our webinar and hear a special interview with Jason Kintzler where Angela Giles and myself will be asking JasonKintzler the most difficult questions and answering your questions!

Who is Jason Kintzler? He calls himself a media cowboy, passionate about PR 2.0, social media and SEO.  He is CEO of Pitchengine , the growing PR 2.0 online room where brands become known!

Are you ready to keep everything simple? Lets be honest!

Then, you need to register for our webinar

Details: Monday Sept 13, 2010 8 pm CST.

Register here:

Here are some things we plan to cover and show you:
1. Important ingredient of PR campaign
2. PR Effective tools that are so simple that high school kids can use it.
3. Important factor of PR campaigns before you even create one
4. SEO tools without being SEO geek
5. You have a product, a book, ebook you want to sell but feel stuck and need an inspiration
6. If you believe you have exhausted all your marketing methods and feel sick on your stomack when you think of all the methods you tried
7. How to become super star with your local business in your community and want to bring it online but you never done it before
8. How to reach buyers directly without journalists and other media sources
9. How to build a new list of buyers but do not know how…
10. How it can rebuild your name after negative publicity

Let us show you how to craft stories that have the power, the electricity and works as a magnet to attract buyers and serious folks to you.  Let us show you how your stories can become MONEY MAGNET!

Register TODAY!

See you there!

Tatyana Gann

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PR 2.0 Consulting, Training and Writing Services

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Pink Hair, Tattoos and Cool Biceps.

What has pink hair, tattoos and cool biceps have to do with your online success?

You might have heard the rumor I am going to see the lady with pink hair, tatoos and cool biceps. Nope it is not PINK, the singer..

But…Who is she?

She loves controversy, life and her business.  She has built million dollar online businesses. She wants to reveal the wild secrets to creating 6- 7 figures in your business..

I am going to meet her next week and I  want you to join me…

Who is this mystery woman?

Her name is Sandi Krakowski. A unique woman, not a norm as she would say. She loves to laugh and believes in people. She speaks the truth into your mind and sees you the best in your business.

I met Sandi few years ago after responding to her ad in one business publication.  She called me right away and we had a great conversation. I was amazed at her ability to sell…

Well, she did not sell.  She spoke to me about me. She talked to me as if she knew me for  years.
She made feel comfortable…She made me smile. She made me think about my life and my kids.

She planted a seed of success in me and today I am here writing about my mentor, my friend Sandi Krakowski.

Wild right? Life brings us to people for a reason to teach us, to empower us, to take us to a new level..
It is an honor to know her, and I am passing this opportunity to you.

Why should you drop everything and get on the plane?

Be honest you will be crazy not to come if you are craving for knowledge. When you get an opportunity to get everything you need to be successful you deny it then, you dishonor your true purpose. Opportunities come and go and many events happen every year but I will tell you I have been to many events in my life and paid big bucks for them to only say “That is it? What else can I learn?”

My hunger for the right knowledge was not satisfied until I met Sandy Krakowski, the bold, controversial, funny and who totally knows what to do with your business. She learned from the best in the world and she works with the best people in the world like Mary Ellen Tribby with

And…If you come to her event September 17-18 and drive to Indiana, fly to Indiana or take a train, you will see her with pink hair, tattoos and she might show her cool biceps. The cool part is that she will reveal her 7 figure secrets blueprint and I am so excited to learn from the woman who practices what she preaches.

The online marketing mastery marketing event is not for everyone.   It is for people who want to think outside of the box. They are not your norm. They are creative, skilled and want to live to their full potential. Sandi wants to teach you. She is powerful with her thoughts and words. She knows how to read your mind to serve your business. She takes you to a level above mediocre mindset!

I learned that to succeed in life, taking action is the best form of showing you are truly serious about business. I am jumping on the plane on Thursday to come to Sandi Krakowski live event and spend weekend with her and amazing group of business owners.

Watch this special message and we cannot wait to see you there!

You will receive

  • CopyWriting Training
  • Attraction marketing
  • WordPress training
  • Social media marketing
  • E-Commerce strategies
  • Search Engine  Optimization Copywriting Training
  • List Building Strategies and more

Are you in?

Reserve your seat at the event with Sandi TODAY!

See you there!
Tatyana Gann


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Public Relations Myth #1: Public Relations Promotions Are Only For Ones With Fat Wallets!

Learn About The Public Relations Promotions Myths and How You Can Become Your Own Publishing Powerhouse!”

Do you get nervous when you start talking about running public relations promotions? How many times do you hear “I do not have a big company, I do not have a big budget and why do I need public relations campaigns?” Do you immediately think of big tall buildings, the office with big glass walls, busy looking faces trying to do something called “Public Relations”?

Just couple weeks ago I had an interview with two amazing online marketers, and we discussed the importance of public relations promotions and how small business owners, online marketing professionals have been viewing them. My friend told me when she thought about PR, she immediately thought about big tall buildings with billboards, offices with busy people working and being busy bees in the Public Relations department. We think of public relations as something really stale, boring, expensive and not necessary!

We do not realize that public relations is about people! In the book by Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge, “Putting People Back Into Public Relations” they say it very clear. It is about PEOPLE and lets put people back into public relations. Lets allow them to make decisions for our business growth. Lets talk!  Sadly, some do not get it and keep selling leaving the most important element is conversation with people! I interviewed Deirdre Breakenridge back in the winter, and we talked about power of public relations and what changed in the past year!

What has happened with the role of public relations today?

Free PR methods are gaining momentum. Today it is about engaging with people through stories, social media, videos and more. People are waiting to tell them a story and ready to listen! What about you? Are you ready to listen?

People are ready to listen to your story and engage into conversation with you, your business and products!

The truth is that every business owner should think of themselves as the OWNER. They own company. They want to go big in their business, but the moment they think about PR campaign they hide under the rock. They believe it is not for them. It is VOODOO! They overlook one of the most important elements of a successful business, they forget about the bridge that connects buyers and their product-Public Relations campaigns

Every serious business owner wants the best PR campaign. They want to build the name for themselves, they want to be known as expert. They establish a persona.  They become known as “someone who has done something very cool” in their community!  They get the celebrity status.

However, some business owners still today confuse the role of public relations in their business. They miss the whole point about power of PR for their business and leave it as an unanswered question with the hope that one day it will get resolved on its own.

Instead they must embrace the  possibilities of what PR can open up for their business, and see what changed and what still works the same!  They got used to old fashioned methods of public relations campaigns such as:

1. Television
2. Radio
3. Magazines
4. Events

They are still great PR methods that are being used up to this day and and major companies cannot live without them.  With one condition- a big fat wallet to pay for it! Just few days ago I was speaking to a man who owns jewelry store, and to be in one of fashion magazines the jewelry designer had to pay over 40,000 dollars for one page advertisement and pr campaign. Wow!

The bad your budget!

If you are a newbie where do you find such PR budget? That is what makes small business owners upset. They do not always have budget for PR campaigns. They give up and start looking at other options. They only use social media pitching their products. They give up. They move on..But…There is a better way!

Did you know free PR methods exist but you just do not know how to call them? You can use free online public relations strategies today known as PR 2.0 strategies that combine the power of public relations with social media, such as Twitter and Facebook platforms.  The wide  usage of videos, images, stories, blog content and interaction with the right people strategically can be and will be the essential part of free pr campaigns. You must put all together in one package and do it right!

In my recent interview with Jason Kintzler we were discussing the growing influence of PR 2.0 and how a business owner can share stories via PitchEngine, PR 2.0 publishing platform.  Each business owner can have free pr and become a publisher on its own and reach their customers directly without paying high dollar public relations campaigns fees.

Consider public relations campaign?

Here is what you need to consider and be clear about:

1. PR is the bridge that keeps the bond between customer and company, your product

2 PR campaigns do not always mean TV, radio, magazine ads

3. PR campaings today mean less money, more effective and fun!

4. They are about people. FINALLY! They allow you as a business owner to engage with your customers. Once you solve problem, the customer is YOURS.

5. You can learn to run PR campaigns on your own

6. Social media has always been a part of PR campaign and you are already using it.

7. Online PR rooms are easy to set up.

Online PR rooms must be a tool for an effective PR campaign. Build your name by telling what you are about and find out what matters to your clients.. Find connection between you and your client. Be a problem solver!

8. It is not quick deal. It takes time to run effective PR campaigns. At least 90 days.
Yes you can do it fast if you have right connections in place!

It is time to see new possibilities that PR 2.0 can offer in a world wide web for your business regardless the size of your company, the size of your company wallet and the tools you have! PR 2.0 allows you to awake creativity in your mind and use the most important element is your relationships with your customers. Natural, easy and simple!

Enjoy your week!

Tatyana Gann,

Mompreneur, Founder, PR 2.0 consultant

Pitchengine, your new engine of your PR 2.0 vehicle!

“Discover PR 2.0 Traffic Formula To Bring Leads, Cultivate Relationships, Increase Profits and Build Your Brand”

“Ready to have a powerful engine that  will create a buzz with your Public Relations campaign?”

Pitchengine, a PR 2.0 platform for public relations and social media professionals, has released a new publishing platform that can change the way small business owners, professional marketers look at new version of public relations traffic tactics, known as PR 2.0 campaigns. New Pitchengine publishing platform is offering social media optimization and search engine optimization in one place, the pitchengine platform.

I was excited to open my Pitchengine online PR newsroom, for very first time! I knew I was on the right track and it will be a revolution for PR 2.0 world! I have always been known as a person who does everything opposite of what every marketer is doing. I have always tried to be a pioneer of new marketing tactics and pitchengine platform was a perfect opportunity for me to show small business owners, professional marketers what it can do for their business. I wanted to show that you did not have to be a “big dawg” to use Pitchengine.

Here is what I discovered on my marketing journey watching what the founder of Pitchengine Jason Kintzler put together for major brands! It was truly breathtaking! I saw the growth of the PR 2.0 community reaching over 27,000 brands! In may 2009 it reached 350,000 visitors per month! Just imagine the online exposure each brand has received! Wow!

Here are some things to consider about Pitchengine:

1. Pitchengine is your tool to create virtual PR agency
Imagine owning your PR agency serving your company and also your clients if you are in service based business, a coaching business or even in network marketing industry! If you are a public relations professional you can own a public relations agency anywhere, assisting clients from all over the world. Personally, I can have my public relations agency here in Nashville TN but I can build my business from Starbucks in California or Paris…It allows flexibility!

2. Engage, Converse, Profit!

Did I say “Sell it”! Nope.. Pitchengine allows your to engage conversations with your customers, develop relationship through stories, videos, images. You can be sure you can increase your company profits because of credibility and authenticity you show to your customers. It can enable you to make your stories engaging, fun, exciting using images, videos and related links!  Add your youtube videos, pictures of your products,event. Builds brand awareness!

3. It is perfect SEO platform
With a new publishing platform from Zog Media , the leader in search engine optimization can double and triple the results of PR campaigns. Now you have social media optimization and search engine optimization blended perfectly.

4. SEO  Press Release Power
It still has the power of SEO press release to share stories about events, your expertise and your product. If you are a business owner. Only now they are called Social Media News Releases because of all features and extra benefits it does for your business, your marketing campaign.

5. Google love and Google Hug
You became linkable and likeable. You build links and people love your stories. They share. Perfect viral campaigns

Pitchengine is creating a revolution in PR world.It attracts small business owners, PR boutiques, PR agencies, large corporations and small size companies.  It connects customers and companies. It is an engine that fuels your PR and marketing campaigns. In my recent social media news release I have written for the biz owner Melanie Milletics, her story in Success from Home Magazine I used all Pitchengine platform and it brought great amount of traffic in less than 2 days! It was really amazing! Then when I heard news about new SEO platform with Pitchengine, I knew I found goldmine for my clients.

In my PR 2.0 Traffic Secrets-One On One Coaching, my students learn the Search engine optimization and social media optimization trics and tips and receive the PR guide for small business owners. Public relations is not about press releases or videos only. PR 2.0 is the missing ingredient in the success recipe for your business.

One thing to consider is that Pitchengine and its platform is only the hub for you to share stories, your product info and get your customers to trust you! You must have a goal for your organization, create a plan, have 90 days publicity campaign plan and go forward. Pitchengine is your long term marketing tool and it will give you consistent flow of leads, buyers and cultivate long term relationships.

Enjoy the day!

Tatyana Gann
Founder SmokinHotPR Public Relations Agency
PR 2.0 consultant and coach

“Facebook Like Button”, Online PR Traffic and WordPress Blog

Discover  how this little cute “Facebook Like ” button on your WordPress Blog can bring magic online PR traffic and give more  online publicity than you can handle!

Have you  believed that widgets and plugins could save our  business? If you asked me few months ago about all the plugins available today I would say “No way, I do not use all them.. I am not  a crazy geeky girl” ! Well, as saying goes “Never say NO” and it can bite your back…I became addicted to these cute little pluggins.. I think I get more excited to test them and see results… It is  like a toy for me. I love testing new things and I can say I am geeky! Why not? Girls can be geeky and technically savvy!

I was interviewing Mari Smith on the power of Facebook marketing  on Blog Talk Radio and she has shared the information about Facebook Like Pluggin that was creating a huge buzz ! Last week I saw a tweet that she made that it increased the traffic to the wordpress blogs.. Well, I decided to give it a try. I installed it and voila! In less than one hour I had 20 people liking my post. I thought it was pretty cool! It was easy enough!

As an ONLINE PR consultant, I believe that  Facebook “Like” Button can increase your online wordpress traffic and bring your more credibility. It brings viral traffic that allows others to spread word about your business or product on Facebook and even other content sharing sites. Everyone has facebook account especially if they are in a business. Just think for a moment what it can help you to achieve in Facebook country with over 450 million users?

Owning  WordPress blog is a must if you want to get a “GOOGLE Hug”… That is another time for the story why I call it Google hug and I will share a special video message with you later this week on this subject.

Google loves content. Companies are turning to blog platforms. They finally opened their eyes and saw the power of a blog, especially WordPress platform. I even converted my husband with his Kreadiv Blog, an educational plaform to inspire biz owners with creative design solutions.

Imagine publicity you can gain if you follow the basic rules:

1. Set up WordPress blog

2. Host it with Hostmonster or Hostgator

3. Install the most  important pluggins including Facebook Like Button

4. Start adding content that is rich and entertaining to a reader

5. Share it on Facebook and other sites

6. Make videos about your Facebook Like Button and results you are getting.

7. Track all the results

8. Your publicity campain must be 90 days to see the results

9. Write press releases how this button helps your business to grow

10. Enjoy the ride!

By the way if you want to know how to set up a professional online publicity campaigns for your products, see my Complete Success System.

Today I want to give you a special gift, my extended Father’s day special discount for all my 3 products including Complete Success Package from my Success Store.

You can receive FREE Shipping with my entire “Complete Online PR Success Pack” till June 22, 2010


Click here to view all products and my special secret online PR formula!

Have a great week everyone!

Tatyana Gann

c) Copyright 2010 Tatyana Gann. All Rights Reserved

Tatyana Gann is  a social media and online PR consultant, a mompreneur who resides with her family in Nashville TN.  She provides PR and marketing consulting to local business owners in Nashville TN and nationally.  Get instant access  to SmokinHotPR training newlsetter and receive FREE weekly online PR traffic tips and business advice to grow your online business

7 Magic Steps To Writing An Effective SEO Press Releases

“Learn How Online SEO Press Releases Can Be Your Magic Hat That Gives “Wow Factor” and Attracts Customers Raving About Your Product or Service!”

Do you still believe the myth that online press releases are only written for bigger corporations with HUGE advertising budget that need publicity? The fact that these companies write online press releases because they understand the power.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with a business client of mine couple weeks ago.  She asked me how press releases can increase sales and why she could not just use PPC and Facebook ads. It was a great solid question but I heard the hesitance in her voice and I asked her question, “Do you read stories and get information on google from the trusted sources?” She said “Of course, Yes”.  As you can see you all  search online and only trust experts that give your ENOUGH information to make a decision! Readers trust NEWS! What has happened with Online Press Releases in The Past Few Years?

Major Changes Occured.  Media Relations Changed. People Changed The Way They Communicate.

The major key is to understand a customer: how they think and what they search for online. Your magic wand must affect the touchy subject on your customer mind and bring SOLUTION that nobody could bring before. I have been reading what David Meerman Scott, one of the top PR experts, talks on the subject of  the  new rules of press releases marketing, and I totally agree that  search engine optimized press releases work because they take controversial subject, turn into story and give solution!

Would it be awesome to put this MAGIC HAT on and take your magic wand and bring tons of traffic to your site?

Here is my 7 Magic Steps Formula To Writing SEO Press Releases.

Step #1 Understand press release is about connecting with your  CUSTOMERS directly.  Media is secondary and serves as a big plus for your extra publicity.

Step # 2 The foundation is still there.  The core foundation is still present. I call it ” Big 5 Ws of Press Release”- (why, where, what, who, when)

Step #3 Think of the controversial topic about your product or service and reveal it. Give your thoughts on it and how you can provide solutions fast and efficient. You become the expert in your customer eyes and credible source of information for media.

Step #4 It is your list building method. Yes, you heard me right. Majority of business owners do not use it as a list building tool but more of announcement story.. WRONG! Give way special report, free consultation, coupons  and direct them right to your website. It is your call to ACTION.  Monetize your press release right way.

Step #5 Add videos and images. They are proven to increase opt in rate and awesome for SEO and help with first page ranking.

Step #6 Add Links to the related content within the body of your press release such as your blog, your Twitter or Facebook page and of course your business website you want to market. Show your customers where to go. (believe me people still need to be directed and people love orders)

Step # 7. Try a new kid on the block called Social Media Releases. They are a proven method for branding, adding buzz to your company online presence and give you an expert status.  They are found through social networking channels.  They never replace SEO online press releases but they can do magic for your business.  Few months ago I did an blog talk radio interview with Deirdre Breakenridge the author of awesome  book I recommend everyone to read called “Putting People back into Public Relations” and we talked about the power of social media releases as online PR traffic method to increase traffic and brand awareness.

One more thing to remember that good written press releases are going to stay in search engines for months, years and your customers and media will find you  when paid ads disappear and others run out of budget to advertise their product or service. I hope you get the point and ready to use my magic secrets.

c) Copyright 2010 Tatyana Gann. All Rights Reserved

Tatyana Gann is  a social media and online PR consultant, a mompreneur who resides with her family in Nashville TN.  She provides PR and marketing consulting to local business owners in Nashville TN and nationally.  Get instant access  to SmokinHotPR training newlsetter and receive FREE weekly online PR traffic tips and business advice to grow your online business

ABCs of Facebook Marketing

“Discover ABCs Of Facebook Marketing and What It Takes To Become Successful In Social Media by Mari Smith”

Confused with Facebook marketing? Ready to simplify your business and bring more customers into your online or local business?

I have a special gift “ABCs of Facebook Marketing” for you from my canadian scottish friend Mari Smith, an awesome trainer and creator of Mari Smith Quick Start Social Media Kit that I personally believe should be in the home of every business owners who uses social media for marketing their business. Mari Smith is all about people relationships and her strategies reflect her passion for building long term relationships, having fun and skyrocketing our income.

She was very gracious to come and be a guest today on my Smokin HotPR Blog Talk Radio and you can listen to the call and share with your friends and collegues . Mari Smith, a truly social media expert and known as Pied Piper of Facebook by shared with many listeners the common facebook marketing mistakes.  It was a truly amazing call and the great news that is available for a replay.

As you know I credit Facebook as my #1 source of FREE traffic for many reasons. After using Facebook for over 2 years I can see how it can be an awesome marketing platform but also to build long relationships and the proof is the radio show I did with Mari Smith, a sought after speaker and a social media trainer!

Mari shared ABCs of Facebook Marketing and why Facebook is not a network but a powerhouse of social media world.

  • It is a truly connected community of unique people with different talents and skills
  • Over 430 million users registered on Facebook
  • Allows to upload over billion images a month
  • Allows to share content (personal and others content) and participate in viral marketing
  • Her favorite tools to automate her social media presence and how to combine it with a natural presence.
  • Her top facebook applications
  • The power of broadcasting other people content to show your intellectual property
  • How to connect, delegate and evaluate content
  • Plus many more awesome tips

I urge to check out Mari Smith’s Quick Start Social Media Kit because it gives you opportunity to get started with Facebook and Twitter and make a quantum leap in your social media presence.  It is fantastic home study course of 8 DVDs, webinars, recorded videos and PDF downloads where she covers common mistakes and gives the right social media strategies. Her clients experienced great results and you will be truly impressed when you see them.

Make sure listen to the recorded Facebook Marketing Blog Talk Radio Podcast and love to hear your feedback and comments!


Tatyana Gann

Meet Mari Smith: Scottish Heritage, Lover of Turqouise and “Pied Piper of Facebook”.

How would you like to discover the simple and effective marketing methods to attract quality clients with Facebook pages and to generate huge monthly and even weekly profits?

What if you heard the facebook marketing tactics, strategies and tecniques directly from one of the best sources when it comes to social media education, resources, Pied Piper of Facebook, Mari Smith herself? Would not it be wonderful to find out how to market your products/services without a sales pitch? Would you love to know how to grow your business without spending a fortune on advertising?

When it comes to learning about Facebook and Twitter marketing, I immediately think of Mari Smith and her Quick Start Media Kit that so many people rave about. Even my husband who has recently been introduced to social media world knows already who Mari Smith is. She is truly a teacher when it comes to social media education.  She teaches step by step how to listen and engage into conversations on Twitter and Facebook. She is a  diamond rolodex of resources for Facebook and Twitter marketing. Mari has built a following of almost 68k people on Twitter and over 19k fans on Facebook page. Recently she became the President of International Social Media Association and you can get updates right on their Twitter website.

What amazes me personally about Mari Smith is her creativity and happy attitude toward social media interactions and business building! As an expert in relationships and internet technology Mari Smith has been able to share the truth what it takes to build a business by building relationships first and how to do it correctly.  Her recent article on Social Media Examiner about 21 creative ways to increase your Facebook fanbase was a tremendous value not just for a beginner but even more advanced Facebook page owner. It was awesome article  that proved the results that Mari clients are getting applying her simple marketing strategies.

“My clients typically experience a significant increase in traffic, subscribers, clients, affiliates, lucrative strategic alliances and targeted media attention. My clients and I have been known to land $30,000 single contracts and earn as much as $40,000 in one week, even $16,000 in one hour, directly from Facebook and Twitter.”

Mari Smith clients have experienced the awesome results applying her social media marketing methods and you are about to hear Top Facebook Marketing Taboos on Blog Talk Radio interview on April 29, 2010 when I will add  a spark to our powerful interview on SmokinHotPR Radio show.  Are you ready to enjoy WOW Factor more quickly?

Do you think you could reach more of your potential knowing the simple steps?  That is why Mari is coming to SmokinHotPR Blog Talk Radio Show to give a complete “Facebook Makeover” and I hope you are truly ready for an amazing hour of questions, answers and giving you clarity you deserve!

(photo is taken from Mari Smith Flickr site)

Mari will cover some of the following:

  • Top marketing mistakes every newbie and even seasoned marketer does when they face Facebook Challenge
  • How Facebook can help your marketing career
  • Why Facebook is the best community to share stories, news about your yourself, your products and much more.
  • What does it take to build the perfect business relationship on Twitter? What is the glue that holds all together?
  • What are some simple ways to generate profits using Facebook page?
  • How to leverage TIME!

Does it give you confidence to know that you will be able to go home after our call and feel less stressful when you log in to your Facebook page and be able to have a clear plan of actions you need to take? We do look forward to seeing you on our radio show April 29 at 2 PM EST and 1 pm CST.


April 29. 2010 2 PM EST

Call-in Number: (646) 716-8501

You can also listen to our call online and it will be available in archives for replays. We look forward to having you on our podcast on Thursday April 29 2010. Click here to listen to it online…

See you there!

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Bio: Mari Smith has been very active on Facebook since early 2007. called her “the Pied Piper of the Online World“.  She has appeared on the stage with Yanik Silver, Bill Glazer, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Joel Bauer, Brian Tracy, Joel Comm, Joe Polish and Paula Abdul.  She is a relationship marketing specialist and social media keynote speaker, trainer and Consultant.  Mari Smith is the President of International Social Media Association. As a special gift to you today, you can get an access to Mari Smith’s  free Facebook tips special report today. Click here to get “3 in 1 Facebook Marketing Tips”