When it comes to healing scars of the past and restoring life, Master Intuitive healers and spiritual coaches Veronica and Stephen Schultz can help their client’s break the spell of fear and take control of their lives if they are willing to invest in a positive change. They assist aspiring people in achieving personal breakthroughs and go from invisible, disconnected, emotionally crushed to becoming confident with more clear vision for their business and personal life.

The Soul Journey Experiences are rewarding and meaningful to their clients for many reasons. Veronica and Stephen are brilliant in their ability to change the energy, helping people feel happier and peaceful, while the Soul Journey Experience cuts the cords to fears, reconnects them to the Mother’s love and self-love. Through the Soul Journey Experience clients discover the old programming nuances that sabotaged their success in business and personal life, kept them stuck and disconnected, and lost with no sense of purpose. Their clients experience a complete transformation after they release all the emotional weight that was holding them back, they are given the tools to step into the radiance of who they are cutting through the cloud and confusion giving them the ability to discern what matters the most.

During the spiritual guidance provided by Veronica and Stephen, clients regain their peace of mind and self-worth and get a better understanding of their patterns that keep them from experiencing the full potential. They then can deal with challenges, distractions and learn how to make simple on-the-spot decisions in their professional life. When it comes to clients’ personal life they are able to transform relationships with a new perspective on their core values.

According to Veronica Schultz, the Soul Journey Experience creates a positive energy flow in a person’s life; releasing blocks, unwanted negative energies, vibrations, and emotions that tie and bind and that are attached to them and replaces them with liquid white light of love.

Stephen Schultz added, “You come to this world to remember who you are, what your purpose is, and to step into this purpose. A Soul Journey Experience shows you your path.”

The most important element of the Soul Journey Experience is discovering and healing of old deep wounds without lengthy, boring, traumatic coaching.

The best part of the Soul Journey Experience is that clients are equipped with tools and resources after the initial Experience. Once their Soul Journey Experience is complete, they are then eligible for the “Soul Journey Synergy” of their private group exclusive only to other Soul Journeyers, that offers techniques that they can use daily to let go of the stories inside of them, move into their gifting’s, learning to trust their own guidance and they will establish new thought patterns to ensure successful healing and transformation. In her interview with a publicity expert Tatyana Gann, Veronica S. said, “It is a humbling moment to see measurable results. We are grateful to share the Soul Journey Experience with our clients and to help them find success, heal from life’s traumas and then watch them soar and finally using their gifts that they kept on the back burner.”

Through a powerful fusion of healing techniques and exercises that include meditations, mantras, exercises to create a mindset shift clients can finally express their authenticity without fear, feel free and have more clarity, courage and confidence.

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About: Veronica Schultz and Stephen Schultz are the founders of JourneyAwakens.com the company that provides spiritual healing and transformational coaching to working moms, entrepreneurs, business professionals and small business owners. To be a part of their Facebook community, visit www.Facebook.com/HealingConversations

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How to stop being jealous and start moving towards our dreams



Hi there

As I was scrolling through my morning emails, I noticed an interesting subject that I would love to discuss further: How to Turn Jealousy Into Motivation To Achieve Goals.
As a life coach, I have witnessed many women being jealous of their successful peers. They become miserable, angry and ridicule every successful woman they meet.

I often ask myself, “Why do women do that? What does it for them?
My answer is low self-worth and giving up on the dreams but that it is another separate discussion.

I strongly believe that anyone can turn jealousy into the motivation, re-spark their passion and get moving towards their dreams. 
A wise woman can turn jealousy into the motivation, experience breakthroughs, and achieve new goals.
I believe that our belief system is responsible how we feel.
It is our deep beliefs system that blocks our goal achievement. It is our ego.

1. We are afraid to fail.
2. We are not worthy
3. I am brand new who would want me

This belief system can make us jealous and prevent from taking actions. Our ego does not want us see our true potential and be our best. It feeds on comparing ourselves to others, judging, being angry and ungrateful.

In my short article, I will describe how you can change it around in three short steps. They are not spiritual practices. They are simply your actions.
1. Look at where you are in life.

If you are a beginner at what you do, there is no point to be jealous of more successful women. Instead, reach out to them and build relationships with them, be of service and provide your fresh perspectives. Be grateful you have women you can look up to.
2. No success

If you are not successful yet or struggling with your business make sure you learn what they do. Watch them and make notes how they do it. Learning new skills is a humbling experience. It is about accepting the fact your need to grow and become the best version of yourself. Jealousy of their expertise is not too bad in my opinion. It can push you forward and get you unstuck. It will push you to take actions you never did.

3. Set your goals.

In goal setting, it is important to know what kind of goals want you to achieve so you avoid comparison and start being proactive in achieving your goals. You have to start by asking yourself a few goal questions that can be broken down into Goal questions, Reality questions, Option questions and Will questions.

What is short term goal?
What is the long term goal?
What do you need to deliver to your customers?
What does success look to you?

REALITY QUESTIONS to ask yourself the reality of your situation, skills, time issues, process and how you have come so far.
What is going on in your life now?
How busy are you?
What is working and what is not working?
Do you have extra time?
Do you need new skills to achieve this goal and what can you use now to get it done?

OPTION QUESTIONS– Remember you have options and plan B strategy to achieve the same goal.
What are the benefits and negatives of each goal?
What else can you do?
What would it take to achieve it?
What is good about this option?

WILL QUESTIONS– Once you understand your goals and believe in them you can start moving forward
When will I start?
What will I do first?
How likely will I succeed?

By answering these questions, you will focus on taking actions and be real with yourself rather than being stuck and jealous.

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Thank you
Coach Tatyana

Three big lessons you can learn from your haters and how to win your battles!


Can we love haters who challenge us and why should we love them? Once my mentor told me ‘Tatyana, love them!” For a brief moment, I thought she was so wrong. How can I love people who hate me even the ones who try to hide behind their masks.

With social media platforms such as Facebook Twitter and YouTube it is easier to post a nasty comment and react with anger and pain. We become quite negative about our haters on social media especially if they attack our business, our dreams and goals. We just give them a piece of mind! Sounds familiar?

But how do we handle it?

I have noticed that quite very successful entrepreneurs LOVE posting about their haters and how they stood up for their values and showed others how to handle the ones who were jealous of their success or how they should respond to the attacks on social media.

What If tell you one BIG secret?!   Haters are YOUR TEACHERS. They are not your enemies. They are NOT your friends. Just teachers.

  • They teach you how to respond with love
  • They teach you how to love yourself.
  • They teach you to recognize your hidden emotions.
  • They teach you about your self-worth.  Do you feel you have to prove you are MORE than them?
  • They show YOUR flaws. What if that hater is showing you something you do not like about yourself?

They teach us three important lessons so we can clear personal deep issues and have a better life.

Lesson 1. Swing effect

Kids love to be pushed on the swing.  I still remember my mom gently pushing me on the swing in my grandma’s backyard.  I felt free and happy. But then there were moments when kids I played with would purposely push me on the swing to upset me and If I asked them to stop, they simply ignored my demands.

Do you get my point? How do you respond to people when they push your buttons? 

As we deal with haters, no matter how strong we have tried to look in dealing with them, we still respond with negative emotions by acknowledging their presence. We try to prove we are much stronger than them.

But the key is not your strength..It is your peace and love in your heart towards the situation. You may say, “Yeah, Right…How is that possible?”

But in order to achieve that, you must become love, feel peace in your heart and create harmony within. You cannot give love if you do not own love. If somebody swings hate into your direction…send some love back. Love or hate…your choice. It will come to back to you.  What do you want to receive in life? Love or hate? I am sure LOVE.

Not everyone can respond with love. It requires practice.


What you give…you receive…Do you want to be embraced with a wave of love or wave of….toxic poop?

It is your choice…if they send negative energy….send love instead by staying calm and visualizing a ball of beautiful sparkling energy going back to them on the same swing.

Lesson 2. True Emotions

Notice what emotions have surfaced. Few days I chatted with a very successful coach on Facebook. She has tried to hide her true emotions after she was bullied by another successful woman.  She shared her feelings with others and encouraged others to ignore haters. She said she was perfectly fine, and she was not paying attention to her “bully”. However, I could see she has given all her attention to the one who upset her the most. She gave part of her power away and I had to explain to her that her bully was her teacher. If she did not have something that needs to be addressed, the bully would not be present in her life. Ignoring haters WILL not  change what is going inside of you. They will come back into your life until you learn a lesson.

The only way to stop all the madness is to recognize their value in your growth. Be grateful that you have been shown the areas in your life you could work on. You will be able to create space for something wonderful in your life once you clear negative emotions built up within you. YES, be grateful to your “hater”.  He is not your enemy…got it? He or she is YOUR teacher.

Work on releasing all the negative emotions. If you felt you have been attacked, work on the matters of self- love and trust towards yourself and others. I do EFT, meditations, journaling, integrated energy therapy and lot of prayers. I turn to God in prayer to reveal to me what needs to be worked on.

Do you trust or do not trust yourself? Write it down.

Do you forget or afraid to give love? Write it down.

Do you love being kind, caring towards yourself? Write it down.

Lesson 3. Stay cool

No matter what–stay calm.

In Russia we say “stay calm as a chilled cucumber! ” Yep. Do not react with your negative barf….respond with love by acknowledging their different or unique insights. Be open to see their point of view. There is always something to learn.

Remember it is only their opinion. But it all goes back to you. People become your mirror.  Ask yourself, “What do I need to work on in my life?” Try to stay calm as your face challenging people. They are in your life for a reason and often for a season.

No matter how successful you are, your tough love teachers  are not always going to be your friends. They are people who challenge you or people you deal on a daily basis, so you can learn certain life lessons, clean up and achieve more.

In summary, I want to give a piece of advice- be gentle to yourself as well. Make sure your self-care is top notch. Sleep 8-9 hours every night, eat vegetables and fruits, eliminate sugars and processed foods. Eat clean and drink plenty of water. Laugh more and take 30 min walks every day. It is basic but it will support you through challenging times.

If you are dealing with life issues that are affecting your relationships, career or your business let’s work together. Fill the application on my page and I will be honored to be of service to you. Click here to learn more.

With love


Coach Tatyana